Mega Dreams


What better way to start off an episode with some triumphant music, and then follow it up with Dr. Wily sending Cut Man and Guts Man into the mayor's dreams? If you're still unconvinced, this takes place inside a silly van, Elec Man talks in his silly raspy voice, Dr. Wily calls the dream machine "the greatest invention of all time", and says the mayor will be his "little poppet" once his plan is underway. And he transmits them in by firing a purple disc of energy from a satellite dish into the mayor's ear. Genius.


So what crimes do the robot duo commit in the mayor's brain? They turn him into a kid, shrink him, make his room downright creepy, and act as parents to persuade him into revealing his "secret passcode" to Dr. Wily, and in a sleepwalk, sets out in his car to do so, while in his pyjamas. Mega Man, Roll and Rush, exiting the theatre after seeing "The Last Drag" (apparently a kung-fu movie), they see the the mayor driving off, but before they can give chase, Elec Man and Bomb Man show up to cause some mischief, but are quite promptly blasted into the sewers. With Bomb Man's fuses dampened, they can't really fight back, so they scarper.


Elsewhere, Wily is now sending Cut and Guts into the police chief's dreams: He's elderly and walking the streets alone, and is confronted by punkass Guts Man and biker jerk Cut Man. They lift him up and threaten him with some blades, and demand to know the name of the head of security at the space research centre, to which he complies. Mega Man and co. arrive at the mayor's office, where they see him fast asleep on his chair with the phone in his hand. Waking him up, they hear him mumble about getting the security code before being shocked at the sight of his vault opened with the contents missing. The phone rings and Roll answers, and is told that the police chief was seen heading towards police headquarters ...




He sets out to find him, but the chief is under a train track with Wily's bots and has given them the name. Mega Man shows up and starts fighting them, shoving the chief to safety, but Bomb Man blasts him up onto the tracks, and then Elec Man electrifies them, preventing him from moving, just while a train is heading straight for him! Instead of something sensible, he blasts the track to separate it, flinging him to safety, quenching the electricity, and forcing the passengers to bail out. He does comment "I hate doing that", but that's not enough, Mega Man. NOT ENOUGH. >:U

Proto Man tries to blast him from below the tracks, but Rush comes to the rescue by knocking him down with a bin, and Elec Man is shot into a box, leaving the bad guys to flee.


After returning the police chief to his home, we're reminded of what's going on by Mega Man contacting Dr. Light, and Wily announcing to himself that he's driving to the space research centre with the security code and the guy's name. Light gets the upper hand by actual advancing the story, thanks to his little searcher bots which lead Mega Man to Wily.

He stops them at a bridge for a fight, and it begins by him clinging to a rafter, Bomb Man climbing up it for no reason, and then falling off and squashing Elec Man. Cut Man chops the rafter, and Guts Man goes to catch him, but Rush bites his leg, distracting him long enough for the rafter to fall on his head. He and Rush flee from Proto Man's and Elec Man's shots and climb up the raising bridge, and with a super blast, KOs all five of 'em, and they depart on a sewage boat.


At Light's lab, after something involving downloading photos Rush took of inside the van and looking at a map, they realise Wily's next target is the space research centre. He's already there, has entered with the help of the security codes, and has placed the dream transmitter in the cargo bay of a rocket. They return to their current hideout in a cave, and worried of Mega Man showing up, Wily sends Proto Man into the head of security's dreams, but not before digitally altering his appearance so he will look like Mega Man!


The security dude's dream involves him being in an evil looking control room, when a giant Mega Man busts in (what is it with the giants?) and claims he's going to destroy the research centre, just for the fun of it, but the undershirt-wearing head of security can't accept that, and despite the fact he's in the middle of that sleeping daze the mayor and police chief were in, he's able to quite demandingly tell his troops to destroy Mega Man. And they obey, which is unlucky, as Mega Man just arrived and urgently asked to see the head of security. After being blasted at, he surrenders, is arrested, and taken away in a jeep.




Our robot hero hears it, and shoves his way to the wheel, swerving enough to throw the drivers out and then he and his dog leap out just before it explodes. Bomb Man reveals himself, but is promptly blown up by a kicked bomb and has his weapon stolen just as the rest of his posse show up. He and Rush grab an end of the fence, steal Elec Man's power in the process, and trap the remaining bots inside, using the electricity to prevent them climbing over. But bad news, the rocket has taken off! They head to the security centre to warn the crew onboard, and find the head there. He snaps him out of his daze, tells him what's going on, but the head informs him that the ship is passing through the radiation belt, and communication is blocked out!


The blue bomber calls Dr. Light and tells him of this, and they yammer on about what evilness Wily could get up to if he gains control of the space station, and what they're going to do. Thanks to Light being the master of pushing the story along, the photos Rush took allowed him to make a duplicate dream machine, allowing our heroes to enter the astronauts' dreams. Meanwhile, Wily has got the dream machine onboard the space station, and transferred his robots into their dreams.


The astronauts find themselves imprisoned in a castle, and three giants in cloaks covering all but their feet are doing the usual threatening business, until "Sir Mega Man" busts in on Rush Monstrosity and deals some pain: He turns Guts Man's sword into a dragon that burns his cloak, revealing him to be regular size, and returns Cut Man's blade to him, shredding his cloak. While he wrestles with Proto Man, he tells the astronauts to find the dream transmitter and destroy it, and they do so with a simple throw to the ground.


The robots are transported back to Wily's dream machine, where Mega Man simply kicks Proto Man away, blasts the dream machine, totals their van by crushing it with some rocks from the cave ceiling, destroys his dream viewer, and lets them escape. With everything happy again, Mega Man and Rush return home and have a game of Checkers, where Rush is being beaten rather badly (he may be a robot dog, but he's still a dog yo), but Roll sleepwalks in, takes Rush's move and annihilates all of Mega's pieces. Mega Man then remembers that robots don't sleep and everyone laughs at him.

The episode starts off good, with some great moments both in comedy and action. Then it suddenly involves a space launch and brainwashing people from above and it dawned upon me that the episode had turned crap. Which is an unbelievable shame, as the episode was round about perfect up to that point, where it swan dived into mediocrity with all the charm and humour of the previous half abruptly vanishing.

5 out of 5 shocked Mega Men for the good not-space half.


1 out of 5 mournful Bomb Men for the crappy space part.

This episode has lower video quality than the other episodes on the DVD; the colours are a lot more drab, there are some marks and scratches, and a few small animation errors.


The only error worth noting is in the second dream transmission.

 In one shot the chief of police how he looks in reality, instead of his elderly dream self.


When Wily uses the dream machine for the last time, Bomb Man is among those transmitted into the dreams, but he isn't there with Cut Man, Guts Man and Proto Man, and only reappears after the dream transmitter is destroyed.