Mega Dreams


Proto Man and the two bumbling lackeys start off the night by entering a closed toy store, trying out a new gizmo a doll. He fires a needle into it, and obeys a command by standing up. Guts Man is critical, claiming a lot of other dolls can do that, so Proto Man commands it to rip off his head and slam dunk it. And it does precisely that. Proto Man informs Wily of the gadget's success, and he emits a victory laugh.


Elsewhere, Mega Man and his chummies are at a bank or something, marvelling at a jewel called the Black Pearl that has a large history behind it, and was lost at sea until Mega Man found it in a sunken Spanish galleon. The mayor (who's a different one from all the other episodes) has chosen Mega Man to present it to the Spanish ambassador the next week, and that the entire New York police department will be there as security so Dr. Wily doesn't show up. Rush then proceeds to nearly destroy the jewel, allowing Mega Man to compare Wily's danger to his own dog.


At a hotel, three dolls are dropped off by Wily's bots, commanding them to take the security guard's keys and stealing the valuables of the occupants. One couple are awoken by the tipping of a perfume bottle, and the man is defeated in the most embarrassing way possible: By make-up. The doll then escapes on a remote control plane, followed by the two other dolls.

Mega Man, Roll and Dr. Light have a brief discussion over the newspaper report on what happened, and Dr. Wily plans to give the police "something big enough to choke on their coffee and donuts".


Mega Man, Roll and Rush are scanning the city for Wily's antics, and his robot dog senses evil. And that evil is just incredibly, incredibly low. He's shot needles into the toys that are being presented at a snobby rich kid's birthday party. And snobby rich people are there, having their jewellery being stolen. Cut Man and Bomb Man pile the pinchings into sacks, but before they can leave, Mega Man pops a potted plant on Guts Man's head and then shoots him into pieces. He attempts to shoot Cut Man, missing horribly, so Cut Man points out there's a chandelier above Mega Man, as well as a clown doll with shears.


He grabs a table and uses it as an umbrella, and shoots Cut Man and Bomb Man. They still scarper with the loot, using a bomb to cover their escape, and although our heroes give chase, they're tripped up by a remote control plane with fishing wire on it's end. Even though they experience the embarrassment of being outsmarted by toys, Rush manages to catch one so they can take it back to Doctor Light.

Wily scrambled the code of the control chip implanted in the needle, which makes figuring out how it works tricky, so they flip on the news to see that even more toy crimes are being committed. The mayor phones up and tells them that because of this, the Black Pearl ceremony will have to be moved.


Wily bets the ceremony will be moved, but Guts Man notes that they won't know where as the mayor takes his work home every night, and it's under tight security. Wily says he won't be showing up, but instead, a cowboy figure will be appearing. That night, Mega Man and Roll visit the mayor and hear of the new location, a small town very few people have heard of called Coopersville. They call it a night, and give the cowboy an opportunity to sneak in and record the map, Wily to see what's going on, and yammer on and on. And mention a little fatal surprise for Mega Man, as usual.


The train with the mayor, Roll, Light, and the Black Pearl is heading to Coopersville, and Mega Man is flying overhead keeping an eye out for things. The mayor claims that Light's device isn't necessary, but he suggests he finishes it just in case. A helicopter piloted by Wily's bots shows up, and Mega Man chases it into a cave, but Bomb Man blasts him from behind, causing a rockslide as he flees, blocking the entrance and trapping Mega Man. He climbs out, and approaches the helicopter with the remaining baddies inside, but it's just a bunch of cardboard cut-outs.


Wily nicely left a television there for him, with a message that the cave will be flooded with bombs. Bombs flood out of the Skullker and surround the robot and dog, set to detonate in two minutes, and Wily goes off to get the Black Pearl.

Back on the train, Light has finished his gadget, Wily's bots pile into the train, Roll tries to contact Mega Man but gets no response. Mega Man's sticky situation is resolved by blowing a hole in the floor and then blasting away the rocks blocking the entrance and running out with only two seconds to spare. So Batman.


The situation on the train isn't good, with the guards taken captive and Roll about to be thrown out the window, but Mega Man comes in and blasts Guts Man to pieces. Again. He finds Light and the mayor at the other side of the train, where Proto Man gives Mega Man the choice of chasing after him for the Black Pearl or saving his friends. Light tells Mega Man to give chase and uses his device to deactivate the dolls. On top of the train, Mega Man blasts Cut Man to pieces, and prevents Wily from taking Proto Man away in the Skullker.


The two of them jump off the train into the river and fight over the Black Pearl, and only then realise they're heading for a waterfall. That doesn't faze them, and they continue scuffling until Mega Man kicks Proto Man far away, and all is well. Rush shows up, Mega Man is glad to see his faithful pooch again, and they fly off into the sunset.

This is the last episode of the series, but there's nothing really final about it. We don't have a big, epic showdown, or even a conclusion of any sort, unless that sunset thing is meant to represent that. It somehow ends on more of a downer than Street Fighter, as instead of actually concluding, this is just another generic episode with little in the way of distinctive features. I think it was meant to be the start of a third series that never came to be, but regardless, not the greatest way to end the series. A shame. The most it's got going for it are some great use of lighting and shading, as well as above-average visuals.

2 out of 5 punk chicks.

When Proto Man is communicating with Wily in the beginning, he looks truly awful.

I mean seriously.


Another wonderful Wily expression.

Look at the joy in his face!


Mega Man is totally overpowered in this episode. All of his shots are incredibly explosive, and in the final fight with Proto Man he somehow kicks Proto Man numerous feet into the air from underwater.


Why is the mayor suddenly an entirely different person? He was the same guy all throughout the rest of the series, and now suddenly he's gone and replaced. The old mayor doesn't even show up as a throwback.