Mega X


Doctor Light begins the episode by showing a film crew a plasma factory, used to power Mega Man's blaster, Roll's household appliances (which she then needlessly demonstrates by accidentally sucking up the camera man's hat and wig), and just about anything. Walking past a stack of "lightanium rods" with enough plasma to power the city, Rush notices a Batonton flying in and filming the rods. Uh oh! Wily and his bots are, naturally, planning to steal them and power up his "super blaster", and sends a fleet of skull jets in to attack.

Back at the factory, Rush nabs the Batonton and brings it to his master, who then presumes Wily is up to something. And just after he says that, the place is attacked.


Mega Man, Rush and Roll set out to take care of the jets, while Light activates the factory's defence system: A pair of giant robotic pincers. Surprisingly, they actually demolish the whole fleet, so Wily (with the most crazed expression ever) sends in the skull tanks, where the first wave are also destroyed easily, by spraying some oil on the ground and having them all slip and crash into each other. A second wave just drives right over the first and continues firing, and Mega Man and Roll prove useless at harming them. So what does our blue hero do?


Jumps in the air and fires a hole in the roof of a tank.


Throws the drivers out.


And blows up the other tanks. They don't even try to stop him, they just sit there idly for him to destroy. Even Wily's other robots are dippy.


Guts Man, Cut Man and Snake Man parachute out to fight him, and begin by tipping over his tank, which is followed up by Mega Man blasting Guts Man through the chest. Snake and Cut begin firing away, and a blade knocks our hero against a wall; Snake Man's snakes then begin chewing on pipes above him, which he evades and then throws one of them at Snake Man, which redirects his snake at Cut Man, chewing him to pieces. lol. Mega Man then shoots Snake Man, sending him to pieces in one shot, and after a brief argument between the heads, they're picked up by a magnet on Wily's ship and fly off.


Back at his fortress, Wily laments over his need for the plasma, and Proto Man tells him straight that he'll never get it. You show a lot of faith, Proto. Suddenly, a time portal opens up, and two mysterious figures walk towards them. "Dr. Wily, I presume," says a voice. Stammering, he confirms that's who he is, and asks who they are.


It's Vile and Spark Mandrill! Mavericks. Reploid hunters. They want to bring lightanium rods back to their time (the future), and wants him to assist them. Wily backs up to his desk and hits a button, calling in his robots, but Spark Mandrill just electrically kicks their asses through the door they entered from. Proto Man is impressed, but Wily is shocked asks what these badasses want with him. Vile lays more smackdown by calling him a "useless human", but says he knows the layout of the plasma factory; Wily then tells him of his super blaster, and says he'll give them the layout of the factory if they give him lightanium for his cannon. Vile agrees, downloads it into his memory by slamming his fist into the console, and makes an exit by blasting a hole in the wall.


At the factory, Roll notifies Mega Man of two robots attacking the factory, and Mega Man whips up a crack by saying "it looks like they're not here for the free tour". Mega Man heads after them in the Land Blazer with Roll and Rush following him, but he doesn't get far before Vile dubs him "target practise" and knocks his silly thing over, sending Rush to pieces in the process. Spark Mandrill then destroys the Blazer, and Mega Man fights back, but again, does no damage, though this time it's explained because of their armour that won't be invented for centuries. Pwnt. They try and make a runner, but Spark Mandrill sends a wave of electricity that knocks them against a rock and paralyses them, and Vile prepares to put them out of their misery. How'll their escape this one?


Commercial break, first. Get yourself a hotdog.


And how do they get out of this one? Mega Man X pops up. He chases away the two Mavericks and then just picks up the electricity surrounding our heroes and throws it away, just because he can. They have no clue who he is, but he's on their side, so they may as well help out, despite the fact their attacks did nothing to them. The most Mega Man does is sit behind him as he fires shots at the fleeing bad guys and comments on his heavy fire power and how ruthless he is, considering he's doing more damage to the factory than the baddies, and destroying at least a dozen trucks. However, he doesn't catch them, and Light comes out to see if everyone is alright, and asks who the tall guy is. X answers by stating his name, and claiming Light created him. Brain melter.


Back at Wily's fortress, turns out the mad doctor himself saved Vile and Spark, and they resume business. Vile informs him of X, who followed them through time to stop them, and expresses anger by shattering the monitor. Wily then forms a plan on another monitor, suggesting they destroy "this dam", which will flood through a path and eventually the plasma factory, causing the defence system to shut down and everyone to flee, making it easy pickings. Vile compliments him by saying it's not a bad plan for a puny human. Enough with the insults already, he had a hard childhood. :{

At Light's laboratory, X shows his creator and his older creations a data disc while explaining he hunts Mavericks, he was found in an abandoned factory by Dr. Cain, and that Sigma, the leader of the Mavericks, wants the lightanium in his time as it's worth billions and wants it to use in his war against the humans. Despite this, there's still good and evil, but with the lightanium, evil might just win, and so they team up to send those jerks back where they came from.


At a junkyard or some place, X uses an infrared scanner to follow the Mavericks' footprints, and notices heat trails in the air, belonging to Wily's ship, where they finally realise that they have assistance. Heading to Wily's fortress, the scanner reveals it's deserted, but heat trails are heading to the west, where the dam is located. Wily is already at the dam in a helicopter instead of his usual skull ship, and are about to "crack that dam open like an egg" in Vile's words, but before they can do that, Mega Man flies in on Rush Jet, accompanied by X on a sky cycle, who destroys their fire power, causing enough damage for them to lose altitude and about to crash. Vile utters another classic line, demanding they land on the dam, our heroes land as well, and X tells Mega Man to stay there and leave everything to him. Naturally, Mega Man can't accept that and wants some action too.


Vile and Spark Mandrill leave the copter, and X then follows Mega Man's tradition of horrible insults. Spark Mandrill goes off to fix the copter, and Vile and X have a brief duel, and after Vile is knocked into a wall, Cut Man chops down a pylon for Guts Man to hit X with, but Mega Man knocks it out of Guts Man's hands. Boring. It doesn't even crush anyone. X then aims his blaster at Vile, although Spark Mandrill knocks him down with an electricity shot before he can do anything. He announces he's finished the repairs, helps Vile to his feet, and they return to the copter and fly off, though not before Vile fires a bunch of shots at the dam, destroying it and washing both Mega Mans away with it. How'll they get out of this sticky situation?!


Get yourself another hotdog, or maybe a burger this time.


X and Mega are still washing away, and Vile tells his human to take them to the plasma factory. X then grabs onto a conveniently placed bush, and Mega Man and Rush hold onto him as they pulls themselves ashore, to which the obligatory Rush joke occurs as he knocks a fish out of his ear. X's sky cycle has washed up against a bush, and despite X's uncertainty if it works, it works. Just you see.

Above the factory, the bad guys are drawing nearer, and Wily mocks Light's security system, which then turns to screams as the pincers rise from the water and begin attacking them, but they're quickly sorted out by the villains from the future. Vile blasts a hole in the roof of the factory, and the copter sends a claw in to pick up the lightanium, to which Wily rejoices, but they're attacked immediately after.


The heroes continue shooting at the copter, with Vile and Spark Mandrill on the sides shooting at them, but it doesn't really go anywhere as they just fly away to a random forest, where Vile informs Sigma via a communication link that they've got the lightanium, but before they return to their time, they aim to destroy Mega Man X. A time portal opens up, Wily finishes his super blaster, Mega Man and X approach the scene, and the cannon fires at them, knocking them out of the sky and causing a surprising deal of destruction. Wily laughs about this, as expected, and is surprised when Mega Man pipes up, as expected.


Mega Man blasts a hole through the platform, causing Cut Man to fall on Guts Man, and X tackles Snake Man and steals his power. Vile and Spark Mandrill attempt to scarper into the portal with the lightanium, until Mega Man begins distracting them. They try firing at him, while X chases off the robot masters and destroys the super blaster with a super charged snake, leaving Wily and his robots escaping in the helicopter, in despair. X turns his attention to the Reploid hunters, knocks the lightanium off it's tray, and after a five second goodbye, leaps over and pushes the Mavericks into the portal with the tray.

The portal closes, and Mega Man says to Rush that he's glad there's a real hero protecting the future. This hero destroyed six innocent trucks, you jerk.

Mega X is interesting in the fact that yeah, durr, there's Mega Man X characters, but the animation is more similar to the first two episodes of the series, as not only is it more fluid and of higher quality than the episodes around it, but the traits of those early episodes are carried over: The characters having the shine in their eyes and Roll being more girly-girly and useless.
It's an awesome episode, simply because all the action isn't shoved to the side we can learn more unnecessary plot, and also for the fact there's lots and lots of explosions. Hardcore fans will probably nag that X's personality is changed significantly, even if it is for the better, but seriously, it's meant to be entertainment, not mister exact-to-the-source-material.

5 out of 5 badass Viles.

Vile claims the armour they have won't be invented for centuries, and Light says X has travelled back in time several hundred years into the past; yet the X series is meant to take place in 21XX, only a single century after the original series, set in 20XX.


On X's data disc, he shows them images of the person who found him, Dr. Cain. Cain isn't seen in X1 (although he is mentioned numerous times), but is in X2 and X3, and looks totally different from here. In the games, he's a beardy old man in a blue coat, whereas here he looks like Gordon Freeman.


Sigma, the head honcho and big cheese of the X series, is spelt as Cigma in this.


X's personality is pretty funked up. Here, he's depicting as doing anything for justice, even if it means a hefty amount of unnecessary destruction. In the games, he's a pacifist who fights only because he has to. At least, that's what he's like in the new games. In the first three he just beats up robots like nobody's business. Vile's personality is so much better than in the games, where he uses tons of exclamation marks.


Spark Mandrill says a whopping four lines in the episode. "The copter is repaired," "they're back," "you've got your chance now," and a grunt.


You have to feel sorry for Proto Man and the Robot Masters. They're brought along with all the places Wily and Vile go to, but don't do anything of actual use at all.


The part where X is searching for where the villains went is Roll's last sighting in the episode, and Light vanishes after X shows him everything.