The Day The Moon Fell


It's a robot shakedown! Proto Man, Cut Man, Shadow Man, Quick Man, Guts Man and Dark Man enter some laboratory, steal a bunch of state-of-the-art scientific equipment and take off with it in the Skull Copter. Mega Man pops up and starts harassing at them, but even his fancy evasion doesn't save him from Dark Man sending him spiralling to the ground. He admits his screw-up and returns to Light's lab.


Naturally, Wily is building something big, but his robots just think he's crazy. I can't blame them, because what he's making is a "Gravitron", which he'll use to "reach out and grab THE MOOOOOOON." Proto Man somehow doesn't understand this, so Wily elaborates: He'll pull the moon out of it's orbit, causing tidal waves, big earthquakes and huge storms, anything to cause chaos. After returning the moon to it's original place, he'll be begged to rebuild the earth, although what matters most is that he'll finally top Dr. Light. He sets to it straight away, immediately causing drastic wind, huge waves and heavy rain.

Dr. Light is swamped with distress calls from all over, and Mega Man naturally blames Wily. A bridge is destroyed by the weather, so Mega Man lands down and tries to rescue a school bus from falling over, but is running out of power to push it back. Rush, quite conveniently, has Eddie packed inside his chest, so he supplies Mega Man with energy, the bus is safe, and he contacts Light. The good doctor informs him that all this madness is thanks to the moon, and as it gets closer, it'll screw up the weather moreso. He tells him that the gravitational beam is coming from Wily's fortress, so our heroes go to pay him a visit.

Proto Man wants to head into the underground shelter, though Wily says they'll go there later, but an intruder alert butts in and the bad dudes are sent to check it out. Mega Man and Rush sit on the roof of the base trying to figure out how to stop the beam, but that train of thought is interrupted by a Batonton attack. They're doing fine until Quick Man knocks Rush off the roof and Dark Man traps Mega in an electromagnetic net, but he grabs onto Quick Man's leg, takes his power and cuts himself out. He claims he'll be back, and runs off with his dog.

Wily laughs some more over his apparently unstoppable plan, we're treated to some shots of destruction, and Light has built an imitation of the Gravitron but it isn't working due to it lacking a certain little device Wily has but they don't. A monitor then explodes for no reason and Rush is blamed for it, and lava starts seeping into the room. They block up the hole with some plasma power and freeze the remaining lava, and Light looks up his files to see if he can see how to build this device, and comes across an old video of himself and Wily in their younger days.


It shows them working on the device, and while Light is away checking some readings, Wily pinches all the data and removes it from the computer, and when they return later, Wily claims they were burgled. Light takes it pretty well and just says they'll move onto better things. This is apparently the first time he saw the video, as he's grief stricken, and of course still worried that their Gravitron doesn't work. But Wily's does, so the blue bomber and his pooch return to Wily's fortress again. Elsewhere, Proto Man suggests returning the moon to where it was, but Wily wants more destruction before moving on.

Mega Man arrives with his stealth suit and enters through the ventilation shaft, but as he tries to pinch the little device, it interferes with his suit and exposes him. Guts Man immediately starts smothering him, and Cut Man tries to slice him, but is kicked away. Shadow Man throws a shuriken, but it hits Guts Man, and although Quick Man knocks the device out of Mega's hand, he just gets shot in the face as a reward. The blue bomber sets off with the device, and Proto Man's bad aim explodes the Gravitron. Wily commands his lackeys to not let him get away.


Mega Man arrives at Light's lab, hounded by the Robot Masters in the Skullker, so he decides to dick about with them, a holographic projector to make numerous copies of himself fly around and get shot at. He lets this carry on for two minutes before shooting Dark Man, taking his power and rounding up the others back into the Skullker. Light finishes the Gravitron, plugs in the device, and the moon is returned to where it belongs. Rush howls, and we're supposed to find that funny.

This one is interesting, as the fight scenes don't begin because Wily followed Mega Man, but because Mega came to Wily. On the downside, there's only like three of them in the episode, and it's only in the last one where something is achieved. It's a shame, as the three guest Robot Masters are awesome and should get more screen time.

3 out of 5 brownnosing Guts Men.

Bridges have been ruined, tractors buried, buildings collapsed and other disasters occur, and instead of going about fixing them, Light and his creations just sit about looking at the moon through a telescope. Thanks a billion, jerks.


Mandi said it, and I'll say it too: Just why does Dr. Light have videos of Wily committing crimes that he never saw before? Maybe he's like those people that buy DVDs and don't watch them until months later.