Bad Day at Peril Park


The episode kicks off with little Bobby being hounded by an evil robot hound. He climbs up a tree and mocks the mechanical mutt, which then topples the tree with it's teeth, causing him to hide elsewhere and be spotted by some robots, who give chase. We then cut to some fair where a robo canine competition is taking place, and naturally, the fat posh lady with the robot poodle does fabulously and Rush fails everything.


Bobby rushes in and warns them that he was being chased by humans that were turned into robots, but they don't believe it until they barge in. Mega Man is reluctant to shoot them for fear Bobby was telling the truth, but he has no problem kicking them into the back or exploding bridges they're on. Rush deals with the robot hound, and Roll chases away two more human robots by using burnt potatoes as hockey pucks. Bobby thanks them again and tells them that the amusement park Fun World is doing all this, but they're still doubtful of the robots being humans until Rush retrieves one of their belts, which has a driver's license. So they plan to head over to Fun World.

A robot human informs Wily of this, who then flies over there in the Skullker. Dr. Light, Bobby and his creations head over to Fun World in a helicopter and claim the world is in danger over what's happening, but Ring Man pops up, damages their propellers and puts them in danger. Mega Man heads out on Rush Jet to sort him out, but is knocked off, and in a remarkable accomplishment of death-defying, uses two stray rings as rocket boots of sorts, which he returns to Ring Man's shuttle and sends him crashing into the sea. Mega Man quips, Ring Man doesn't respond, and he leaves him there.

They reach Fun World with Rush keeping the copter airborne, and they prepare to check all the rides to see how Wily goes about doing the robotizing thing, but before they can do that, a young madam in a goofy outfit presents them with souvenir rings; Bobby declines, although Light takes one, even though it doesn't fit his sausage fingers. While the girl contacts someone secretly, our heroes come across two guys in a kangaroo and duck outfit. Rush is suspicious, and rips the tail off the kangaroo, revealing Guts Man's ass!

He reveals himself, and the baby kangaroo turns out to be Cut Man, thus resulting in a fight between them. Cut Man cuts down a monorail above Mega Man, but he simply blasts a hole through it, exits through the door and blasts him into Guts Man, into a strength test machine, causing the bell to fly off and total Cut Man's noggin.

Roll reveals the duck to be Hard Man, and then knocks herself down trying to kick him, giving Hardy the chance to throw her into the get-the-ball-into-the-jug game, and ultimately allowing her to shoot tennis balls in his face.

Guts Man knocks Mega Man into a rollercoaster, and Cut Man cuts down an upcoming part of it. Somehow, the rest of the coaster just falls off while Mega Man's section flies into the air, where he then holds onto a convenient cable before falling into the log flume ride and then onto the park ground. Cut Man and Guts Man, thinking they've destroyed Mega Man, are promptly mowed down. He reunites with his comrades, and now the plan can finally commence.

They've only two rides left to see, and they still haven't seen hide nor hair of Wily or his robotizing gizmo. Ruining the element of surprise, we see that Wily is in the last ride, Fright Island, who then sees Mega Man is on the monorail, and he'll have a surprise for them lurking in their next ride.

Those little whirly saucer things detach from the ride and zoom towards the monorail, firing lasers and somehow all being controlled by a single joystick. Mega Man obliterates them all, so Wily brings out the big guns: Speeding up the monorail. They jump ship above Ice Mountain, just before the monorail flies off the tracks and explodes. After climbing up the mountain and entering a tunnel, they're intercepted by Hard Man and Proto Man, but the short fire fight between the robot brothers is interrupted when Hard Man wants some of the action.


He throws a boulder at Mega, who simply destroys it with a kick, but then somehow punches a plasma shot back at him and throws him away. After bragging about how tough he is, Mega Man pops a shot in his mouth, causing him to look silly and then implode. Proto Man shows up and blasts him, but Mega Man takes Hard Man's power using his remains and blasts him away. Not long after Bobby congratulates him is he abducted by Guts Man in a yeti outfit who then skis away, and it's only when he's half a mile away that they decide to actually give chase, putting Rush into "snow mode".

They arrive at the docks to Fright Island, where Mega Man claims he needs to get in undetected, so he dons his aquatic gear and enters the ocean, only to swim straight through a security beam. Wily notices this, and deploys a big, disgusting eel thing against him. Light, Roll and Rush head out to help him, but are merely tipped over and scooped up by the monstrosity's tail and about to be eaten, but Mega Man saves the door by shooting a harpoon through it's head and dragging it into some rocks. Due to an explained explosion, Wily thinks Mega Man is dead, but by some unexplained means he disabled the creature and he, Light, Roll and Rush got over to Fright Island by riding inside it. Hmm.

Light notices that his ring is now flashing pink, and flashes brighter when aimed at the pipe, which leads to the room where the people are robotized! Well, actually, it's just a pretty pink laser that shoots their heads and then Wily tells them through a speaker that they're robots under his command. Bobby is one of the victims. While our heroes go to do something about this, the victims don identical black jumpsuits, march into a room and have armour placed on them. Light then realises the rings are used for what comes through the speaker to alter the brain wave patterns, not actually making the people into robots, but making them think like ones.

Wily notices via his console that some people aren't wearing their rings, and sees on the camera that Mega Man is hiding in the room, so he commands his "robots" to find and destroy him. Bobby and his parents do so, but Mega Man fires a harpoon to tie them up and takes off their rings, returning to normal, though he's got a lot more people to tend to, including Cut Man and Guts Man. He simply kicks all the people down, drops from the ceiling on Cut Man and bondages him to the floor, but is beaten into a corner by Guts Man. Despite the fact his buster is working fine, he decides to pick up a spare gun for the robots and fires it at Gutsy, knocking him into and destroying the brain wave machine.


Everyone is returned to normal and wander why they're in such crazy getup, Dr. Light tells them to take off their rings, and everyone flees to the boats as the castle starts crumbling inexplicably. Wily escapes in his Skullker, Bobby is reunited with his parents and praised by Mega Man, and it's all a happy ending. Today's Rush gag is him crying over it being so happy. Aw.

Aside from Hard Man, his woefully low amount of screen time and a few humourous moments, there's nothing outstanding about this.

3 out of 5 imploding Hard Men.

Apparently all the humans who became robots had butt chins.


Even after Mega Man takes off his aquatic gear, he still has the harpoon weapon.


Ring Man's appearance is rather puzzling. He just shows up in this shuttle, says a mere one line of dialogue, is shot down, and then isn't seen for the rest of the episode. At least Hard Man is seen twice before he sadly implodes.


There are some weird looking people in Fun World.

I mean, they don't fit in with the regular art style at all. Look at that bottom right kid on the second image!