Brain Bots


Dr. Light is finished on a new robot, called Brain Bot, which he feels the need to explain by claiming he has a super computer mind. When turned on, Brain Bot proceeds to harass Rush, checking his memory and jaw pressure, and then adds wheels to his paws, which Rush isn't particularly fond of. Light then explains that Brain Bot is for a research centre in California, and his transportation there is meant to be top secret.


Mega Man, Rush, Roll and Brain Bot scoot off in a jet, and imagine Wily won't know what they're up to until they arrive in California. Just after she says that, Proto Man gets a signal on their jet and notices the new passenger, which gives Wily the idea of stealing him and using his intellect to create even more ideas to take over the world. After another example of Brain Bot being a nuisance by trying to fix the gyro stabiliser in mid-flight, Proto Man and the Robot Masters pile into their own jet and chase after our heroes.

The bad guys fire missiles at our heroes, all of which are avoided easily, where after flying through a forest, Mega Man fires a rocket that knocks out their weapons. Cut Man and Snake Man replace them by climbing out onto the wings and firing their weapons at one of their engines, damaging it. Mega Man is VERY ANGRY and goes out on Rush Jet and fires back at them, nearly knocking Cut Man and Snake Man off the wings. Guts Man states the obvious.

Dark Man damages Rush, the jet with Brain Bot has it's wing shot off, he and Roll eject, and then Mega Man sends the baddies spiralling to the ground with a well-placed shot. Mega collects Roll, but Brain Bot parachutes straight into the enemies' hands, and the attempt to chase after them is foiled by Rush still being faulty from the damage. Wily contacts Proto Man and tells them to bring the captive to his secret mountain hideout, meanwhile Rush's repairs are quite difficult and they need Brain Bot back.

And immediately after that scene, Rush is fixed and Light is sending over the "Land Blazer" to help them retrieve Brain Bot, who is transmitting a homing signal for them. Mega Man barges in on the Land Blazer and chases them onto a speedboat, where he then gives kids more reason to buy the toy by showing not only can it trek across land, but also water. Guts Man is distressed by this, and starts throwing bombs at him, but he merely avoids them all. He blasts them, shooting them up into the air and conveniently causing them all to land in the shore head first, allowing Mega Man to scarper with Brain Bot easily.


Mega Man has a plan, but before saying what it is, they stop for the night in a hotel, where the Robot Masters show up, trap them with Dark Man's power and kidnap Brain Bot again. Wily explains to him that they followed his tracking device, and proceeds to put a pair of headphones on him which are apparently a mass download device, which will copy his brain to Wily's master computer. However,


Brain Bot whipped up two "mini-morphing" devices, which made them swap appearances. He then proceeds to explain the whole tracking signal thing that if they could get Brain Bot's signal they could get his own; and the clincher is that Brain Bot is almost to California by now.


They naturally start a fight, where Mega Man avoids all the shots up until Proto Man blasts him into Snake Man. A poor choice, as Mega Man uses his power to destroy the master computer. Before he can make an exit, however, Dark Man traps him with a net. Wily, having got Mega Man where he wants him, falls victim to every villain's flaw: Killing their nemesis in a long, drawn out fashion that gives them more than enough time to escape or for an ally to show up and save them, what with tying him to a platform and lowering a big spiky weight down on him.

Wily makes his idea even worse by LEAVING MEGA MAN IN HIS BASE UNATTENDED while he chases after Roll and Brain Bot; if they had been there, they could've at least stopped him from breaking the constraints and shooting the console, stopping the weight. Wily tries to take care of Roll and Rush with a missile, being careful not to damage Brain Bot, but instead completely misses Roll and gets a direct hit on whom he didn't want to harm.


Nobody seems at all panicked, and Brain Bot isn't damaged at all and continues to fly away freely, until they catch him again in another net. His struggling ends him up landing on top of the Skullker and Wily can't shake him off before Roll vacuums him out of the net. Wily no longer seems intent on playing friendly, and starts firing lasers at them, so Roll persuades Brain Bot to use one of his suit's weapons. He fires a missile, and then decides to activate the homing signal on himself, which results in all kinds of hilarity.

After nearly destroying some houses, a truck and a turtle, he manages to fly towards the Skullker and lead the missile into it. The ship, in pure Looney Tunes fashion, falls apart bit by bit before finally crumbling into pieces, sending everyone plummeting into a barnyard. Despite that, they're still prepared to blast them out of the sky on foot.


Until Mega Man arrives in another of Wily's ships and starts firing rockets at them, which is just plain nasty. They retreat, with the remains of Cut Man and Guts Man hopping after them, and our heroes can finally head to California in peace. A scientist thanks them for their efforts, and Brain Bot does as well, wishing he could do something to repay them. Mega Man suggests that if he needs to go anywhere, call a taxi. Rush's input is merely a laugh. End.

It starts off rather slow and boring, but once they're out of the jets things begin to pick up. Admittedly, the action isn't all that amazing, but it just becomes so ridiculously comic along the way that it more than makes up for it, and everyone suddenly being absolute morons is the icing on the cake. It's also a fairly well animated episode, which is always a plus.

5 out of 5 fleeing Wilys.

Dark Man's first line sounds like a totally different voice from the one he uses for the rest of the episode.


There are numerous close-ups throughout the episode where Brain Bot lacks his lab coat.

Like so.


Dr. Light only appears in the beginning and after that only gives one line about sending the Land Blazer over.


Robots need sleep? Way to contradict what you said in Mega Dreams, Mega Jerk.