Terror of the Seven Seas


Dr. Wily's gimmick vehicle of the day is a robotic whale, which he's using to follow a battleship. Mega Man, Roll and Dr. Light are keeping an eye on it in another ship, and see the whale which has sound patterns unlike any Light has ever seen, so Mega Man, donning his fancy new aquatic suit, goes to check it out. The whale releases a smoke screen through it's blow hole, and Wily uses the ship's slowed state to get his robots onboard. Mega Man shows up and somehow cuts all the wires with a single harpoon from a horizontal shot.

Mega Man gets inside the whale, only to be greeted by Bomb Man, whose attempt at throwing a bomb at him is foiled by Mega Man's harpoon stopping it from going anywhere. Wily chases him out by firing a missile at Light's boat, which is also easily taken care of by angling it downwards a bit into a coral reef, but during that distraction Wily took the battleship.

Light collects those who got away on lifeboats, and after a brief discussion with the admiral, join him on his ship, where they then collect another batch of people on a lifeboat.

At night, those very people turn out to be the Robot Masters in disguise, and while Bomb Man threatens the admiral to surrender, Guts Man catches the guards he summoned. Mega Man and Roll watch this happen and state the obvious by claiming "we've been had." Guts Man is knocked off the railings, and responds to that by kicking Rush off into the ocean, which upsets Mega Man very much who simply shoots him a bunch of times to knock him down, no fancy tactics.

Cut Man shows up, fires a blade through a porthole only for it to come out another and hit him in the back, finishing off with Mega Man kicking him into another one.

Elec Man pops up, knocks him down, and Roll tries to help him, only to be knocked off the ship with a cannonball. They then tie Mega Man to a missile, fire him at Light's ship, and follow the command to take the ship to "the island". Light, hearing the bad news, sends Eddie to save the day, who gives him enough energy to break free, sit on top of him and shoot the missile, only to be blasted into the sea and have to be rescued by Rush.

After being fixed up by Dr. Light, they look and see that the ship they were on has vanished, with Roll still on it.


We now discover what's happening to all these vanishing ships: They're stolen and used as part of Wily's "floating fortress of doom", a fate which is about to happen to the admiral's ship. Mega Man arrives on the scene, only to be attacked by eighty laser cannons, fifty missile launchers and two dozen beam-firing satellite dishes with fancy names. Despite that, he manages to get through with no trouble at all in under ten seconds.

He tries lasering a door down, only for Guts Man to punch straight through it, knocking him down to a lower platform where Bomb Man is. Flanked by both them, Guts Man with a door as a shield, they get out of that situation by shooting the door and diving out of the way as the shot bounces off and hits Bomb Man, making him drop his bomb and having it roll to Guts Man's feet. lol.


Roll is hiding in a line of chutes, and after blowing a guard through a door with burnt toast, sends Dr. Light the low-down on "this floating junk heap", only to be cornered by Cut Man. She disposes of him by sucking up his blades with a vacuum and then firing them at a girder, causing the inevitable.

After leaving the room, she's chased into a room by Elec Man and Bomb Man, where the latter of the two throws a bomb in, closes the door, and claim they trashed her and walk on, not bothering to check the chute she hid in.


Mega Man and Rush enter via the garbage hole, where they reunite with Roll, dispose of a guard, and thus alert Wily of his reappearance. Guts Man meets up with them in a hall, still wielding that door, so while they run away from him, Dr. Light explains to them how to destroy the fortress; a large enough blast of plasma power at the main generator will total it, but Mega Man alone doesn't have enough power, although he does have an idea. But first, he's got to make Guts Man fall off a ledge.


While Roll and Rush head off to set the ships free, Mega Man's journey to the engine room involves spraying Elec Man with a hose and taking his weapon, electrifying Cut Man and taking his weapon, and then sticking a blade in Bomb Man's bomb and not taking his weapon.

Proto Man finally does something in the episode, by having a no-weapons fight with Mega Man, which features lots of hardcore punches to the face and kicks to the face, until Proto Man decides to break the rules and blast Mega Man. This angers him enough to get a full running punch at Proto's gob, knocking him to the ground and making him ripe pickings for a weapon pinching.

This gives him enough power to overload the turbines, rendering Wily unable to do anything but simply tell everyone to leg it. Roll lets the ships escape, the brothers have a very heart-tearing and emotional conversation, and everyone simply gets their butts outta there as the place explodes. Our heroes then return to their ship for some whale watching, where Rush gets excited over seeing one, falls off the ship and gets blown into the air by water from its blow hole. Silly pup.

The episode starts off rather slow, but it eventually picks up with some excellent action scenes and some great gags. Bonus points because Bomb Man and Elec Man make an awesome team.

4 out of 5 deflated heads.

The fortress explodes in a pretty crazy fashion.

It flashes a little bit, then the whole sky goes like that, and it vanishes. There isn't even an audible explosion, but just a generic computer sound.