Bot Transfer


The gang are flying to Switzerland to see the International Science Conference, when Guts Man and Cut Man attack! It's too dangerous for Mega Man to use his buster, but apparently high jump kicks, dropping luggage on them and ramming them with food trolleys is A-OK. Realising they're screw-ups, the two run to the back of the plane and head down a lift to the storage area. Mega Man and Roll follow after but can't find them, although they do see a curious device that they plan to take back with them to their hotel room and analyse.


At the Skull fortress, Wily rags on his robots for not only failing miserably, but also because they left his transport chamber onboard the plane. Those things cost money, you dumb dumbs.

Our heroes arrive at the hotel, where after some zany Rush hijinks, take the chamber into their room, while just across the street Guts Man, Cut Man and Snake Man arrive at the conference building with the other chamber, where Cut Man further proves his idiocy by triggering an alarm. Security guards battle with him and Snake Man, and Mega Man is called in as well for good measure, but when Proto Man shows up, apparently that's just too much to handle, and Mega is forced to surrender, or else two human security guards will be deaded.

It's a massage thing.

So what does Mega Man do? He surrenders, and once the guards are let go, decides not to and makes a run to a bus, which he leaps into and drives around in, only to realise two crazy old people are still inside. While Mega Man is showing off with his power slides and whatnot, the bad guys decide to take off and finish their plan another time, disappointing everyone.

Back at the hotel, Light is wondering what Wily wants (say that three times fast) to do at the conference building, then immediately changes the subject to saying he disabled the chamber he has, so Wily can't do any evil stuff with it.

Wily continues complaining to his creations, but he has an idea which involves Mega Man helping it succeed. And we're back at the hotel, where Mega Man receives a phone call from an old friend of Dr. Light, and is told to see him urgently. He obliges, despite it being midnight, and follows him into a building and is shown the other transport chamber, and while Mega Man is wandering where he got it, is shoved inside. It turns out to be Proto Man in disguise, the other Robot Masters reveal themselves, and Snake Man steps into the other transport chamber.

After some Technicolor magic, their circuits are swapped! Mega Man is in Snake Man's body and vice versa! Mega Man is naturally quite upset over this (and I can't blame him, it's not even anyone cool) and rushes off to get Dr. Light, but the villains merely laugh and claim he can't help him now.

He naturally has a run-in with the security guards from earlier, and although he manages to get away, he does have an APB put on him. Meanwhile, Wily explains his plan to his robots, which is to get the transport chamber from Light's room, put it in the conference room and then teleport in and kidnap the world's greatest scientists from there.

Mega Man eventually finds his way to the hotel and enters the room, although everyone, just as Wily said, refuses to help him. Even Rush is against him! Light goes to contact Mega Man, but he tells him he's right there, and claims Wily "did something to me". That doesn't save him from being battered over the head with a light and then falling off the balcony into a manure truck. Snake-Man-in-Mega-Man's-body enters, where Roll gloats about beating Mega-Man-in-Snake-Man's-body and Dr. Light finds it odd how "Snake Man" didn't put up any fight at all and kept saying he was the real Mega Man. Snake Man laughs about that, and when they all head to sleep, activates the chamber again.

Mega Man camps in a garbage heap until the conference is almost started, where he enters via the fire escape. Meanwhile, Snake Man brings in the transport chamber and the bad dudes teleport in. They then take over the conference and drag the people over using a flag as a net, while Light and Roll wonder what's up with "Mega Man". They somehow immediately come to the conclusion that Wily did it with the transport chambers, and Mega Man confirms that by swinging in, knocking Snake Man into the chamber and entering as well, but not before telling Roll the instructions.


Proto Man and the Robot Masters see this, and realise that for the third time in this episode they've buggered up, and throw away their captives. Mega Man and Snake Man step out, causing an unnecessary "who's who" moment while Mega takes the weapon of Snake Man, and it's only after he uses that weapon to chew off the blade atop Cut Man's head that they realise they're their real selves again. He and Proto Man flee while Guts Man stays to fight, but doesn't actually do anything, leaving himself open to a sandbag squashing his head.

The bad guys flee into the teleport chamber, and Mega Man makes sure they don't come back by destroying it. After Light restores order and finishes the conference, they return to the lab and disable the transport chambers so they can never be used again. We're cheated out of a Rush gag or any form of decent conclusion by Mega Man saying that the transport chambers were good devices used for the wrong purposes, but he didn't like being a snake.

A fairly solid episode. The Robot Masters' number blunders are pretty humourous, simply at the fact how many times things cock up for them in one episode, and the action is decent. It falls short of a 5 score because I honestly cannot stand Snake Man, and he's the centre of this episode.

4 out of 5 flustered Cut Men.

For some reason, my computer's DVD player kept interrupting this episode with slowdown and stuttering, so I had to review this episode by watching it on my real DVD player.


Honestly, why Snake Man? Why not someone whose voice isn't a pain to listen to, like Bomb Man, or someone embarrassing for him to get the body of, such as Top Man? Tons of potential!

The real answer is that Ian James Corlett voices both Mega Man and Snake Man, so he can basically talk to himself for the whole episode.


Near the end, when Dr. Light talks there are some bits that look he talked more but they cut it out. I can't confirm, but it's rather suspicious.