The Mega Man In The Moon


This episode has no dilly dallying around the premise, for Mega Man and his buddies as well as a girl with horrible fashion sense named Tina are in the stands for a rocket to be blasted into space, piloted by Tina's father. We're not even two minutes into the episode and Guts Man, Cut Man and Crystal Man show up with a "good afternoon", and proceed to slam cargo carriers into lockers and trapping them under big hollow things. Two astronauts silently converse with Crystal Man, and they begin their plan by herding themselves into a single container and being put on board by the astronauts. Dastardly!

it says "McINTYRE" y'know

The astronauts are approaching the rocket, and Tina hugs her father and wishes him good luck, but he doesn't reply, and when telling what happened to the others, claims that he's never been like that before. Mega Man, ever the hero, simply climbs up a girder on the elevator to the rocket, unaware Tina is also climbing the ladder up. When the astronauts continue up the elevator, he enters the rocket and opens one of the containers to find the astronauts, unconscious! He sets out to stop the launch, but as expected, the Robot Masters burst out of their container.

Cut Man and Guts Man deal some solid hits, but it's Crystal Man who manages to knock him off the frigging tower. Despite being relatively unharmed, he's got his foot stuck under a convenient handle on the floor, and Proto Man, revealing himself to be in one of the astronaut suits, wishes to press the ignition button to fry his brother. Wily has no complaints there, but before Proto Man can deal his impersonal death, Mega Man busts himself out, at the expense of the rocket blasting off without him. Relaying the events to his chums, turns out Tina is missing too, but they're more interested in heading to mission control.

At mission control, telling one of the guys there of Dr. Wily being a bad guy reveals something dreadful: The rocket is transporting the lens of a "sun-focused super laser" from a space station to a moon base. Dr. Light creates a solution to stop Wily, by making Mega Man a jetpack. And within seconds, he's in space.

On the rocket with the bad guys, they're five minutes away from the space station, so Wily goes to brief the Robot Masters, who are playing cards, but Cut Man is an unfunny jerks and takes the term "cut the cards" literally. Wily throws that stuff out and explains about the lens, and how with it they can have control over Earth and yadda yadda yadda. Tina just so happens to have a personal space suit and is listening in on all this.

Mission controls informs those on the space station of Wily approaching, who claim they'll be ready and fire lasers at the rocket, but when the Robot Masters come along they're all pwned thoroughly, even in the stupidest ways possible; one of the cool space ships is destroyed by having it's tip cut off, a bunch of security robots are knock off the walkway they're on with a girder, and some more security robots ignore Crystal Man's suggestion for them to leave, so he explodes them. After busting the wall down, Wily and his goons marvel at the lens for a bit.

However, upon trying to carry it away, they realise it's protected by a force field that won't deactivate without a code, so they go to consult the astronauts about it. After a bit of trash talk, threatening and out-of-proportion mouths, Mega Man pops up and takes out both Guts and Cut Man with the help of an electric generator, but Tina then makes the stupid decision of coming out of hiding and running into Wily's arms, which gives him the opportunity to threaten some more by saying he'll blast her into space if Mega comes a step closer. He obliges without complaint, jets off, and the astronauts are brought in for the code. They get the lens and the astronauts and blast off, leaving Tina stranded on the space station.

Mega Man returns, only to receive a message from Wily saying he planted a bomb on the space station, powerful enough to destroy all of it, and challenges the blue bomber to find it in under an hour before it detonates. Tina finally realises she's stupid and never should've got captured like that, but Mega Man isn't cynical, and proceeds to warn mission control of the danger. Mission control raise everybody's hopes by stating there's no bomb scanning equipment onboard. Roll suggests using Rush, and the matter of getting them up there is solved by a dangerous experimental rocket.


Wily arrives at the moon base, where the robots, as usual, demolish everything, and manage to trap two guards under a satellite dish, giving Cut Man the opportunity to be unfunny, and even Guts Man fails at hilarity by parodying The Shining, of all things. With the base cleared out, they install the lens on the super laser, and prepare to rule the world.

At the space station, they've only got three minutes left, and Roll and Rush finally stop dragging their asses and arrive, at the expense of a crude joke involving Rush being space sick. Somehow, that joke is worked into the plot and everyone's all "oh no we're goners", but despite the huge amount of disgusting burps and grunting he does, Rush finds the bomb with only ten seconds to spare. With no time to defuse it, Mega Man simply throws it out of the base, and all it does it knock him down. Either Mega Man is a really good thrower, or Wily was over exaggerating the power of the bomb. With that danger out of the way, they head to the moon.

The laser is complete, and Wily begins threatening the United Nations with it, but they claim they won't turn anything over to him. He demonstrates it's power but evaporating a huge body of water outside the building, and saying he'll aim it at entire cities if they don't give him control of their defence systems.

At the moon base, Cut Man spies Mega Man on the radar, and is promptly shot down by the laser, causing Wily to do his "Mega Man is dead you have no chance to survive" routine, and Roll complies by landing her ship. Tina makes a run for it, while Roll fends off the Robot Masters, and I won't bother mentioning how that ends up.

At mission control, they assume Mega Man is beaten, but Light claims he is not, and gains an idea for defeating Wily after seeing they're able to see all this with a space telescope. But first, Light calls Tina for her to reach Mega Man and activate his auto repair thingmajig. And she does it with no trouble at all! Crystal Man shows up, and keeping with tradition with the rest of the episode, fights fairly well, up until Mega Man steals his power and blasts him, taking his arm in the process, where Crystal Man just lies there and says he'll get him another time. Meanwhile, the U.N. hand over control to Wily, Light says they will not and he'll stop him, the laser is powered up to fire at a city, and Mega Man is at the moon base.

Mega Man, following Dr. Light's instructions, fiddles with the space telescope to aim it at the lens, which will cause the laser to reflect back at the base. And it does! The laser is totalled, the bad guys flee, and Mega Man makes no attempt to stop them, instead opting for shouting to them "don't forget to write". Tina is reunited with her father, Mega Man thanks Tina for her assistance, her father thanks Mega Man for saving everyone, and we all learn to love and care.

For some unknown reason, I always remember The Mega Man in the Moon as a sub-par episode, despite the fact it's not bad at all. The action scenes are good, Crystal Man is portrayed greatly, and it's not incredibly dull like The Big Shake. I think it's the fact Tina keeps bumming up every simple plan makes me go "argh" internally and hate the episode when I'm not watching it. But it's good!

4 out of 5 space commanders.

The menu on the DVD calls this "The Mega Man On The Moon".


Wily keeps pronouncing the super laser as "supah lasah".


Roll does round about nothing in this episode. She stands around for half of the episode, drives Rush into space, and then is captured on the moon and doesn't get out until the end.