Incredible Shrinking Mega Man


Cut Man, Guts Man and Dust Man barge into a museum and take care of the guards, where they then start wrecking the place in search of gem stones. Mega Man receives a message about this and zooms over, and begins by kicking Guts Man through a wall. Cut Man and Dust Man are dealt with by a chandelier and an ancient coffin, respectively. Guts Man then gets up and traps him under a bookshelf, and while he's down, finds the gem stones and prepares the shrink rays.


He throws the bookshelf away (not at his foes, stupidly) and is promptly shrunk, where his shots don't even effect anyone. With that disadvantage, he flees, but Cut and Guts don't spend much time looking for him as Dust Man reminds them of the gem stone they need to return to Wily.

Back at the lab, Roll is worried about Mega Man and Rush, so Light checks up on their transmitter signal, only to see it's incredibly weak. And at Wily's ship, he goes on to explain what this gem stone and shrink ray allow him to do, and then starts off by shrinking Washington small enough to fit on a glass plate. They then drive off to New York for the next target.


While they're driving there, it turns out Mega Man snuck aboard the car by hiding in Cut Man's leg. He climbs up onto the seat and sees what they've done, and edges closer to the shrink way to give them all a taste of their own medicine, but Dust Man notices him. Cut Man takes away the shrink ray while Dust Man tries to suck them up, and when that is foiled by clinging onto a seat belt, decides to shoot them; he just shoots through the backseat. Guts Man slams on the brakes, launching the robot two into the front seats where Dust Man plucks them up and drops them in the glove compartment. Cut Man then prepares to open it up and chop their heads off. Oh no!

By unexplained means, Mega Man and Rush got from the glove compartment to where it shows the speedometre. Cut Man pops a blade into it, much to Guts Man's complaint, where our heroes somehow pop out of the steering wheel, activating the air bag, and escape out the whole in the backseat while they're distracted. Now that he knows what Wily's goons are up to, he tries to contact Dr. Light, but the range of his communication has shrunk down with him. So he resorts to the classiest way of communication since the dawn of time.


A pay phone.

He gives the lowdown to his peeps, and vamooses; in the meantime, Wily has already shrunk New York and Chicago. While they all plan to rendezvous on Wily's island (!?), Proto Man unleashes some Batontons with micro-motion detectors. Mega Man arrives at New York to see it's vanished, but notices three cars parked near a boat, only to see they're all big-time buyers of stolen stuff, and after comparing them to a food stuff (which is fitting, since they're all fatties), follows them onboard the boat.

At Light's lab, he's finished not only a laser that can reverse the effects of Wily's shrink ray, but also a retriever device that will help Roll find Mega Man. On the boat, Mega Man is attacked by the Batontons, and even though is buster is too weak to harm them, he sorts them out with a fire hose. The Robot Masters then arrive on a speed boat, where Cut Man is knocked off with the hose, though Dust Man prevents him from using it anymore by shrinking it. Guts Man drags his buddy back on board, only for Mega Man to steal his shrink ray and get punched into the ocean. You know what that means.



They quickly dispatch of the shark with the shrink ray, and then fly off to Wily's island, where they discover that Wily is auctioning off the cities! As the crooks sail away with a city each, Wily says to Proto Man that with the money he makes off this, he could build his own cities, populated by robots under his control.


Back at the mainland, they all drive off and Mega Man follows, reaching the car of the dog lady and throwing the driver out. Roll arrives and saves the day by vacuuming up the lady's wig, which is enough embarrassment for her to run away crying. She then reverses the shrink ray, but Mega Man decides not to return to normal size just yet in case there isn't enough juice to restore the cities.

Roll then drives the car and gives chase to the Robot Masters' van, where Mega Man flies in, takes Dust Man's power, using it to suck up and spit out the screws of the car door at Cut Man. He pinches the gems of the shrink rays and flies back to Roll's car, where while Guts Man shouts insults at the Mega Dweeb, forgets to actually drive the car and flies off a cliff.

For the last two cars, Roll merely drives up the middle, causing one of them to scrape against the railings and flip over, while the other cruises along the wall and crashes into a boulder. They simply let them escape as the cities are more important, and there's still one last gem stone to get.

And that's Wily's. He's about to shrink another city, gloating as usual, when Mega Man comes along, aims the shrink ray back at the ship, and they parachute out just as it miniaturises. With the ship too small to support the ray, it falls off into Roll's hands. The day is saved!


The cities are returned to normal and the crooks were captured by the police, so all that's left is to restore our heroes to their regular size. And quite conveniently, there's enough power left in it to do so. Mega Man and Roll hug, while Rush attempts to be funny by licking them. Boring.

Incredible Shrinking Mega Man is simply non-stop action from start to finish, and honestly, who cares if the plot's a bit moronic? Aside from Dust Man being made into yet another raspy voiced stock character, this episode is pretty much perfect.

5 out of 5 fretting thieves.

The DVD adds a "The" to the beginning of the title.


Mega Man calls the boat "the Hydro Fort". Way to be unnecessarily creative, Mega Smarty Pants.