Robosaur Park


Without a moment's delay from the intro, we've got an Australian tour guide right in our face, yammering on about this new Robosaur Park, and how the dinosaurs were built by our very own Doctor Light. He can't even say any words before Otto Raptor (I'm serious that's his name) the tour guide tells everyone to get into their vehicles and have a tour of the park, where Light finally gets to congratulate Otto on such good work. As you'd expect, trouble is brewing: elsewhere Toad Man rises from a swamp and begins reprogramming the dinosaurs to be evil and dangerous.

The tour reaches the "Mechasaurus", the most dangerous creatures in the park. One of them grabs Otto to applause and smiles from those in the car, until he warns them this isn't part of the show, further made obvious by seeing one of them munching on another car (evacuated, obviously). Mega Man starts blasting one of them, while Roll saves Otto with her vacuum cleaner, until a large amount of varied dinosaurs start charging in and funking up some shiz. After nearly being crushed by a tree toppled by a triceratops, Light comments on how he programmed the robots to be gentle, although his lament is cut short by a t-rex chasing after them. Mega Man thinks he's beaten it by getting it's neck stuck under the roof rack of a car, but it simply stands back up and throws him away. Smart.

Proto Man, Cut Man and Guts Man enter the park and follow their instructions to reprogram the rest of the dinosaurs, and give such words of wisdom to them like "extinct those stupid park visitors", "leave no prisoners", and "watch out for Bambi". Mega Man and his robo buddies try to fight the dinosaurs, but they fail pretty badly, so Otto suggests escaping into the swamp, but instead leads them straight into Toad Man, and are flanked by the remaining Robot Masters.

Light states the obvious ("We're trapped, Otto."), but Otto reveals he's on Wily's side, his reason being that mankind should've gone extinct, not the dinosaur. Following a suggestion by Guts Man, Toad Man fires an acid rain rocket into the air and the villains retreat into the Skullker, leaving Mega Man, Roll and Light to hide under the bonnet of their car, with the acid rain getting through Mega's titanium skin. Oh no!

Light and his power of problem solving saves the day, as Mega Man's buster evaporates enough of the swamp water to remove the acid rain cloud. Rush pulls his Scooby Doo impression to warn them of dinosaurs, but they simply Rush Jet out of there. Light claims there are too many dinosaurs for them to dispose of, so he calls the "robo commandos", briefs them on what's going on, and they send three helicopters of troops out to assist. Wily, using his magic everywhere screen sees this and laughs at them falling into his trap. His trap? The reprogramming of the robosaurs was just bait to lure the robo commandos in; his real plan is to use a virus that devolves any robot into "mindless cave bots", and use the commandos to spread the virus and take over the world. Good grief.

So the commandos enter and begin taking care of things, rounding up dinosaurs and all that, but Mega Man is suspicious of the simplicity of it all. He has the right to be, for at that moment, Otto fires the virus into the park. The leader of the commandos informs Light that the park is now secure, but he immediately grows hair, loses his good posture, and grows an ape mouth. Mega Man, Roll, and Rush suffer the same effects as well, but Light isn't too worried, and simply takes them back to the lab to see what's up.

Examining Roll, he sees that the virus is eating away at their circuits and changing them, and will eventually change them into the earliest and crudest robot forms. Light has a serum for the virus, but it'll only slow down the progress; Roll tells Mega Man to take it, and after doing so, he returns to normal, but are hit with an emergency message that Wily, his robots and the robosaurs are attacking the city, and the robot informing them of this is hit with a devolving beam from a converted robo commando.

They head out, and not only are the robot workers converted into cave bots, but the city is both being chomped on and secured by the evil commandos. Otto compliments Wily on being a good ally, but once he's out of the way Wily tells himself he has no need for him, and plans to dispose of him once the world is conquered. Mega Man, Roll and Rush manage to take out Cut Man and his dino by tying it's legs with a hose, but his attempt to ship Guts Man's dinosaur's tail to another state fails, when Roll and Rush, who were meant to start up the train the dino's tail was tied to worsen in state, and become full cave bots. Mega Man's state is any better, for the serum is wearing off, so he runs off.

Despite not being anywhere near Light's lab, and being chased by both Guts Man and Proto Man, he runs out of energy and flops on the ground and is immediately seen to by Light, who calls Eddie over from an alleyway to provide an energy recharge. While this sounds convenient, the virus is draining energy quicker, and before Light can give him his only antidote, Otto shows up and pinches it, and Light informs us all that if the antidote isn't provided to everything in an hour, the effects aren't reversible. Before Otto and the Robot Masters can make off with Mega Man, Eddie drops a smokescreen can and they flee, simply leaving the antidote with the bad guys.


Everyone shows up at the park, where Wily receives and antidote and plans to destroy it soon and the robo commandos prepare to spread the virus with their helicopters, but Mega Man shows up, shoots some bad guys, and turns everything into a game of fetch-the-antidote, but it doesn't change a thing except for Wily maintaining the antidote and flying off to dispose of it before it does any good. Proto Man, Cut Man and Toad Man decide to diss Mega Man, and he takes it lying down, but it's all a ploy for Toad Man to crack a gag about croaking and then stealing his power. He uses the acid rain to effect Wily's Skullker, causes the ship to rock and the antidote to fly out the window and explode, turning the acid rain into antidote rain.

With our heroes fully returned to normal, they start kicking some ass. Cut Man and Guts Man are flattened by a vacuumed t-rex, Toad Man is grasped and dropped onto Proto Man by a pterodactyl, giving Wily no choice but to simply whisk them back with some little flying robots; Otto is left behind and has his behind bitten by Rush. Mega Man, Roll and Light all exchange thanks and compliments and claim in a few days all the robots will be their former selves, and despite already being given a Rush gag, we get another one where he's chased away by a baby Mechasaurus.

The episode starts off good. Toad Man and his awesome voice makes some robotic dinosaurs become evil! They chase people! And then it pulls a Mega-Pinocchio and changes the story to Mega Man and company progressively becoming stupider, resulting in the episode becoming painful to watch because they fail at the simplest of plans. When the dinosaurs are on centre stages things are good, and you wonder why they couldn't have just had that. Screw storylines, just give us some action!

3 out of 5 surprised Wilys.

The DVD calls this "Robosaro Park", for some idiotic reason.


Robots turning into cavemen? Just ... what?


Toad Man sounds almost exactly the same as Bomb Man, except for ending all of his laughs with a ribbit.


When our heroes receive the emergency message, there's a robot and a police man telling everything to them, but they have no means of getting it to them.

When the robot is hit with the devolving beam, it shows that there's no camera or anything in front of them. I guess their way of communicating works the same way as Wily's magic screen.


During the city attack, you see robot bin men turned into cave bots. One rather odd scene involves a fat kid, his mother and a maid, just randomly standing in the street, and the robot maid is turned into a cave bot. And then the child cries in a silly fashion and his mother drags him away as the maid "ooks" back at him. It's truly bizarre. Aside from the whole robots into cavemen thing going on in general.


I found this hilarious.


And finally, I couldn't find a place to use it, so here's a picture I got that I thought was cool.