20,000 Leaks Under The Sea


A man named Mr. Peister is keeping an eye on his ore mining rig, which is all going well and on schedule until Wily, his usual three henchmen, and Wave Man and Dive Man come along. It should go without saying that even with cool little laser rifles, the robot workers are given a beating and everything is thoroughly trashed, so Peister calls his "old friend" Dr. Light and Mega Man.

And what are they doing? Making Rush do tricks for energy biscuits. They head out upon receiving the message, but although the Robot Masters are still causing havok, Wily is nowhere to be seen. After making no attempt to save some of the robo workers, Mega Man is targeted by Guts Man and his trapper nets, but our hero merely blasts him into a comically oversized clam. While Wave Man is giving a beating, Dr. Light explains Wily's plot is that he's taking over the mine to get the materials for more robots, but Roll and Eddie are the only ones listening and proceed to head out.

Mega Man is still doing battle, now with the addition of some piranha bots, which he uses to saw off Guts Man's arm. After disposing of them, what looks like a battle with Dive Man is interrupted by A GIANT SQUID. It throws everyone about and gets Dive Man and Guts Man caught in a net, and the former of those two fires a torpedo into one of it's tentacles, but Mega Man, worried about an evil yet innocent squid exploding, plucks it out and throws it back at them. Cut Man comes along and attempts to cut them out, but is foiled by a giant piece of coral. However, he simply cuts himself out, and Mega Man is low on energy; Roll, continuing to be useless, crashes her jet thing into the ocean floor, hurtling Mega Man and Rush forward and getting them tangled in seaweed.

Eddie pops him some energy, allowing him to get loose, hit Cut Man on the head with a boulder, and fling him into a cave. The three other guys show up to call him a "mega wimp", and are then shot onto a mine cart and sent into the same cave as Cut Man, shoving them all into a hole.

Back at the surface, Peister congratulates them for saving his rig (despite letting pretty much all the workers get exploded), and to show his appreciation, rewards them with a new swanky laboratory. Light and Roll are marvelling everything, but Mega Man is suspicious; and he has the right to be, for all the windows bar over, the door locks, the controls of all the tools don't work, and the food turn out to be holograms!

A gun comes down from the ceiling and sprays a beam at them, that causes them all to become weak and powerless. Mega Man, however, wasn't in the path of it, but once Wily starts explaining what's going on to them, he pretends to be. Wily says that he has captured Peister, the award ceremony was all a ruse, and this laboratory has sprouted legs and is walking towards the ocean! Wily uses this opportunity to leave them be and dig for more ore, which in turn gives Mega Man the opportunity to disable the beam, but that still leaves the matter of escaping, as the walls are reinforced with alloy armour.


How do you think they escape?


Think about it.













Times up. Are you ready?








"Look, Mega Man! It's that giant squid! The one you saved!"


"Try this. It's a marine transmitter. It converts speech to underwater sound waves."


"Help us! Bring us out of here!"


"It worked! He remembered! Hey, thanks, pal."

If you say you expected that I'll kick your face.

Mega Man heads out and goes to stop Wily, but first has a brief fight with Proto Man. Brief, not because Mega Man takes him down quickly, or someone else steps into the ring, or he has to flee, but because Wave Man sends a typhoon at them and blows Proto Man into the cave wall. He disposes of Wave Man in a single blast, pinches his power, blows Wily, Cut and Guts away; but what about Dive Man? He has his own missile returned to his face and his weapon taken.

Wily, furious with Mega Man always screwing things up, decides that if he can't get the ore, no one can, and proceeds to activate a self destruct mechanism in the laboratory and directs it into the cave. Everyone escapes, including Wily, and the lab explodes, causing the cave to collapse. Lucky to be alive, our heroes return to the surface, and after releasing the real Peister, he wishes to reward them, but Light declines. The obligatory ending Rush gag involves him contracting "robo fleas" and in his attempts to scratch them, scratches through the wooden boards and plummets into the water.

There's nothing all that bad about this episode, but there's not much in the way of anything great or magnificent either. The squid helping them escape was hilarious, though. Seriously, I mean, just how did that escape method work!?

3 out of 5 aquatic Lights.

Rush's energy biscuits have little buttons and D-Pads on them. It's the same in every other appearance of them, but I thought I'd mention.


When Mega Man goes to disable the beam, Light tells him to be careful, to which Mega Man replies "I'm always careful!". Explain all the times you let things fall on your head, then.


Wave Man is silent for the whole episode, and Dive Man's only line is an unfunny quip near the end.


Despite the fact Mega Man takes Dive Man's weapon, he never actually uses it.