Electric Nightmare


Bright Man is at "the power company", and after dazing the two security guards, Wily in his Skullker barges in and plugs in an override device to the master controller, and he can now control everything that runs on electricity with a mere joystick!

Mega Man steps in with a snappy line, and proceeds to karate kick Cut Man, chop off Guts Man's legs, and with Bright Man left, decides to simply do another karate kick. Boring.


Dr. Wily puts his joystick to the test and uses some cables from a machine to trap and electrocute Mega Man. Not even Mega Man's titanium armour can withstand that many volts, and so he is destroyed, once and for all.

Turns out we were fooled! It's just Wily and his lackeys test running their scheme with some toys. Proto Man is frustrated because he wanted to destroy Mega Man, which he is reassured will be done soon, as they set to it immediately.

Elsewhere, at the World Robo Expo, Dr. Light is unveiling to the public his new line of domestic robots, including a nanny, butler/chauffeur and maid/cook. Roll expresses pleasure at Light having made a new maid so she can spend more time being a hero, but Mega puts her in her place by saying she should stick to housework. An explosion is heard, so Mega Man and Rush go to check it out.

He arrives at the power company just before Proto Man can plug in the override device, where they have a brief discussion over the differences from their test run, and then blasts Bright Man in the face. He then pinches his light bulb (not his weapon, but the actual bulb on his head) and Rush uses it to stun the other guys, but Wily can't stand no more of this stupidity and plugs in the override himself, but before he can finish, Mega Man fills his ship with steam, causing him to crash and escape in a dinky little escape pod. Wily claims he'll be back, but makes the odd decision of saying it a mile out of Mega Man's hearing range.

Back at the skull fortress, Wily continues insulting his creations, and says that he placed a spy in Light's lab, so Mega Man won't be much of a hassle. And over at the lab right now, Mega Man is cleaning himself in the bathroom when a mysterious somebody bars it from the outside and welds it shut, burns a hole through the door and starts pouring acid inside! Mega Man tries to bust out, but remembers Light reinforced the doors and walls with super steel to prevent any Wily attacks.

At the power company, Wily uses Mega Man's absence to attack again and plug in the override, and his first attack is against a poor security guard to tries to call in the army to help, only to have himself tied up by the telephone cord. Wily pulls a grin the same adjective as his name.


Mega Man's condition is worse still, as somehow he's complete submerged and not actually experiencing any damage! Dr. Light saves the day by wondering why anyone would bar the outside of a bathroom door, and then only pen-lasering it off after spending a few seconds thinking about this. After explaining to Roll what happened and Light claiming there's a spy afoot, the domestic robots come along and clean up the mess while our heroes receive an emergency message. All the electronic devices are going mad; desk lamps, barriers, even drawbridges! Mega Man is ready to go out and help the people, until he realises Rush is missing!

The maid lures in Rush with some energy biscuits and then slots a circuit card in his head, causing Rush to act like he's got fleas. Mega Man finds him, scolds him, and then rides him out to the scenes of destruction. However, on the way, Rush begins malfunctioning and flies all over the place, eventually crashing and sending his master sailing into some bins. Cut Man and Guts Man approach him, but despite Mega Man's desires to simply distract them and proceed with the city saving, Rush is acting up and keeps crashing. He ultimately takes care of the bumbling duo by dunking a trash can over Cut Man and getting a bin lad stuck on Guts Man's face, resulting in them bumping into each other and clobbering themselves.

Mega Man discovers the circuit card in Rush's head, and believes whoever put that there was also the one who tried to dissolve him.


He then sees people running out of an electronics store, chased by vacuum cleaners. He rushes inside, only to be attacked by exercise bikes, whisks, cappuccino makers, a tennis ball machine, and other such nonsense. Roll arrives on the scene as well, only for Wily to give her weird faces and be attacked by a robotic makeup artist. Meanwhile, Mega Man saves a guy from a soda machine and a lawn mower before he busts Roll out of the chair restraints, where she then saws off the legs of the robot and tears it's face off. Nasty.

Just about every appliance in the store gangs up on them, so they simply flee outside and into a subway train. A bad decision, as Wily's joystick is controlling it as well. They leap off with Rush's aid, only for the train to somehow turn completely around and drive back at them. So they go to where Wily can't reach them: The sewers. They walk home from there.

At the governor's office, he resigns his position over to Dr. Wily, who immediately pushes him aside and fills the over key positions with his robots. Dr. Light has just finished the device to fix all the problems, when Mega Man barges in and saves Light from the maid.


The maid rips off her outfit to reveal some kinda battle costume, and her dust collector becomes a gun, but she doesn't put up a very good fight, as Mega Man simply knocks her to pieces with a broomstick. Light presents Mega Man with the device to fix everything, all it needs is to be plugged into the super computer.

A task easier said than done, what with Wily having control over the whole city, search lights and spy cameras everywhere, and him dicking about with elevators and phone booths. He's surrounded by police robots, but since they're robots, has no guilt trips over dunking them into manholes and drenching them with fire hydrants.

He's stopped by Proto Man, and after a little bit of discussion over side switching, he blasts Mega Man into a van. Mega then uses the van's cherry picker to scoop up Proto and dunk him into a box. He rushes inside and plugs in the device, and across the city, all the rampaging machines return to their usual state. Wily has lost control, and Mega Man barges in to throw him out, but has to deal with Pharaoh Man, first. He blasts Mega out the window, Pharaoh has his weapon stolen, he punches the thief and then is blasted out of sight with his own weapon.


Wily flies off, stating he will return. Back at the lab, Light explains Wily can't take advantage of the electricity again because his device had a security system built into it, and Roll reprogrammed the maid into Rush's servant, who then demands walkies, only to turn into jet mode and drag the maid through the air. Good times.

This episode just doesn't take itself seriously, and therefore makes for an entertaining watch and frustrated fanboys who want Mega Man to be all dark and moody. It's outright cartoonish at some parts, and overall it's a good episode, although it's a shame Pharaoh Man didn't get more screen time. The series could've done with more Robot Masters that didn't have the typical raspy voice.

5 out of 5 displeasured govenors.

Before they enter the power company building for the first real time, Mega Man tells Rush to activate stealth mode.

Very classy.


Somehow, Wily's device is able to effect things that don't use electricity, such as hot dog stands, and make the contents of them fly around and such.


Right after Mega Man takes Pharaoh Man's power, he gets punched in the face.

It happens just so suddenly, and the fact it's followed up by Pharaoh Man being blasted fifty feet into the air is hilarious.