The Strange Island of Dr. Wily


The usual four baddies and Wood Man are on a strange island, inhabited by a tribe that lived there long ago but were buried by an eruption, and are now just dead stone statues. Well, until Wily tinkers with a radiation generator and pops micro-transmitters on them, where he explains to Guts Man that they'll be under his control, and he'll be unstoppable.

Checking up on our one-man-army Mega Man and his amigos, Dr. Light has made a weather control system, which can both check on and create weather. Everyone congratulates him, and Rush's stupidity floods the floor of the lab, but a camera angle change later and all the water is gone. Light notes the severe weather conditions around the South Pacific, and wants to personally check it out, so they zoom out in a fancy hover jet.

While Wily tells Proto Man of his plan to make the stone bots take over military bases, Light's jet approaches, so the stone bots are commanded to destroy those intruders. After noting that the island isn't charted on any maps, they're attacked by waves of the stone bots, who are defeated very easily but they act like they're a force to be reckoned with, so they make a run for it. They then see the Robot Masters approaching them, leading even more stone bots towards them.

They're unsurprised by this, although Wood Man is surprised for a different reason, and everyone is surprised at the stone bots suddenly turning against Wily and his goons. One of them tries to kidnap Roll, though that's easily brought to a halt with some well-placed karate kicks, and they make another runner, only to be surrounded. Even Wily and his bots are facing the same situation. Whatever will they do!?

Mega Man sorts things out by shooting down a tree, squashing enough of them for our heroes to run back to the jet. They find Wily and his lackeys there, fighting off the stone bots with limited success, and Cut Man really proves himself to suck in these kinds of situations. While Wily is knocked out by a stray stone bot remain, with Mega Man's assistance they take out enough of them to have enough time to enter the jet, taking unconscious Wily and his robots inside with them.


Of course, Mega Man threatens if they try any funny stuff Wily's history, but their suggestions to simply leave are for naught; that generator Wily used has created a radiation dome around the island: They're sealed in! When Wily comes to, he explains what his plan was, and Light states if they destroy the radiation generator the dome will fade away and the stone bots will cease functioning. Light and Wily form a temporary partnership until this escapade is over, but when your name makes it obvious to the world that you're always up to no good, I think it speaks for itself what happens in private.

The robots trek over to where Wily had the generator, and see the stone bots nicking it. They give chase, although Mega Man goes for a wiser approach by following silently on Rush Jet, trying to shoot it without alarming the stone bots, although Guts Man whacks him with a tree and claims he just got in the way of hitting the stone bot. Proto Man settles the argument and they move onto the village, where there's no sign of a stone bot or radiation generator, but there is something else.


Somehow, Mega Man found and translated this stone tablet, which has the whole history of the tribe's civilisation, and explains that they believed their power came from the island's volcano. Thus, they think the generator is magic, and it'll reactivate the volcano and bring them back their power. They all head on to kick the stone bots' asses, while Roll returns back to Dr. Light on Rush to tell him of what they found.

The stone bots are climbing the volcano, with our "heroes" behind them, but when they lose sight of them, the stone bots start dropping boulders on them, although they're easily sorted out with some plasma power. Stone bots then approach them from behind, and are also easily defeated with rubble from a blasted cliff. With those distractions out of the way, they can finally get around to getting inside.

Elsewhere, Dr. Light receives the news and states that if the generator is dropped into the volcano, the eruption could destroy the entire island. The need for fast action is hampered by Dr. Wily exiting the jet and soldering the door shut, although Roll has a tin opener, which will get them out in no time some time.


Inside the volcano, they're noticed by the stone bots, resulting in a scrap, where the only notable thing is that Wood Man slices the arm off a stone bot by throwing his leaf shield at it. Wily arrives, finds the generator and sees that the problem was that it overheated; tinkering with it puts the stone bots under his control again, where they all release the bad guys and go after Mega Man, who gives Wily the insulting of a life time.

Light, Roll and Rush enter, only to be shot down by Proto Man and about to be terrorised by Wood Man. Mega Man knocks him down and steals his weapon, and after finally realising that the stone bots are useless, Wily ups the odds by bringing several giant statues to life. The generator overheats, so they all turn against Wily again, leaving them no choice but to flee. "That's the smartest thing you've said all day" snarks Proto Man.

Light and Roll make an exit as well, leaving Mega Man and Rush to take care of all this. They fly around and annoy the large statues, gloating over them being slow, only for Mega Man to get battered into a wall and then picked up and squeezed. Rush bites into its leg to distract it, and Mega Man blasts its arm off, letting himself free. He hops back onto his dog and blasts the generator into the lava pit in the middle, deactivating all the stone bots and reversing the radiation effects.

He reunites with Dr. Light and Roll, who are glad to no longer have the stone bots or radiation dome, and that they can finally leave this tropical paradise. That's the joke.

It's a decent episode and an interesting change to the formula. However, as a result of the Robot Masters working with the good guys, there's very little action. I mean, there's action, but it's not very satisfying because the stone bots are crap. On the bright side, Wood Man is incredibly awesome and I can't believe Snake Man got more appearances than him.

3 out of 5 angry Mega Men.

Don't you think they'd feel the slightest bit of conscious over the fact that even if they are fossilised cavemen brought back to life with computer wizardry, they're still people and are being shattered to pieces with every attack?


You don't see Wood Man escaping with the other Wily bots. :{