The Beginning


The episode kicks off at Kennedy International Airport, where we see some examples of the transportation here, involving hover buses, monorails, and jets, as well as robot luggage loaders. However, the Mega Man 1 robot masters pop up and start randomly destroying everything, beating up the robots and chasing away the poor passengers with terrible fashion sense. Wily comes along in his Skullker with Proto Man, claiming he'll rule the city if he rules the airport, and his plan is going perfectly.


After some jets, an ambulance, two police cars and an helicopter are demolished, they finally call for help from Mega Man. Mega Man gets ready to head out, but is offended by Roll going with him, saying she'll just get in his way. Rush becomes Rush Jet, green Eddie provides him with an "energy can", and they head out. Roll remains persistent, and follows him out in a helicopter thing along with a Metool (that's named by Roll at least twice but I can't make out the name. Dots or Doss or Doc or something).


Mega Man arrives on the scene, and the bad guys are commanded to destroy him; you can imagine how well that goes. After Bomb Man is blown up by his own weapon, Proto Man shows his sass by recommending "putting more brain chips into his robots", and the ship collects up the robot's pieces. Proto Man prevents Wily from destroying Mega Man with his ship, and wants to do it himself, because he's his brother, despite the fact Wily built him, and therefore must obey him. Proto Man ignores that and goes for Mega Man himself. Wily wishes he put more humble chips into him. lol.


The two share words of who is better, begin duelling, and Roll arrives, bringing Fire Man to pieces with her arm's vacuum cleaner. Cut Man and Guts Man, the Mega Man equivalent of Scratch and Grounder, take notice of her, demolish a monorail line and throw a train at her, to which Mega Man pushes the two down, pushes Roll out of the way, and has the train land on himself. Wily flies back, cackles over Mega Man's death without actually verifying he's destroyed, and flies off.

The robots resume blowing up everything while Roll, Rush and the Metool return to base with unconscious Mega Man. Wily laughs some more, and a poor airport worker blames this mess on Dr. Light, since he invented robots. Give the guy some slack, man.

Roll blames herself for Mega Man's condition, Dr. Light blames his programming to save lives, and Eddie blames himself for not giving him energy cans. Dr. Light tries his hardest to fix him up, and Mega Man's memory is shorting in and out, making him remember his past, and also utter "father ... I'm a little boy ...", which is quite disturbing in many ways.


Flashback (oh no!) to olden days, when Dr. Wily was Light's assistant, and began on their first prototype robot; a midget with Proto Man's colour scheme, and plan ahead for robots to take on numerous industrial jobs to help mankind. The big moment of activating their robot kicks off by it smashing through a wall, tearing away at a reactor and then getting crushed by it. Dr. Light states what we're all thinking by saying "there must be a problem with his computer guidance system." No duh, doc. No duh. He then suggests rebuilding it, but Wily is reluctant, as he programmed it and says the fault must be something else; Light still blames the guidance system, and says they should destroy the plans and start over. Wily says he will with a tone as sarcastic as he can muster while pulling a devilish look. Top job on remaining unsuspicious.


As if neither were evil enough, evil music plays and it fades to Wily sneaking to the lab at night and grabbing the plans. Light shows up, commanding him to stop, but Wily throws a spanner set of drawers in his works and flees, but not before claiming Light was jealous and sabotaged the system, and runs off screaming how it's his turn to have the spotlight.

Wily, in his underground lab or something, recalls how he was mocked and laughed at as a child but gives no reason why they did that, and says he didn't even have toys. He then swings Proto Man around like a rag doll despite being a 90kg robot, and says he can make his own toys now ... robot toys! And then he says what they'll do which we all know now don't we yes we do.


Three months later, Dr. Light builds Rock, his new robot prototype, and starts him up. Rock immediately introduces himself, Light says he is his creator and father, and tells him he modelled him to look like, act like, and feel like a human. "I like that" he says. Light then introduces Roll, who was made to do household chores, and Rock thinks she's pretty. Aw. They have a two second introduction, and are shown Cut Man, Guts Man and Ice Man, industrial robots. Brother, sister and father go to bed, but after a fadeout, Proto Man and Wily appear to steal the robots to be in his army.

Light catches Wily in the act, and Rock tries to stop 'em, but crashes head first into the three to be stolen. They activate and are told to stop Wily, but the mad doctor brainwashes them before they can do so. Roll's attempt to beat up Proto Man fails, and after Light is given some threats to be killed by his own brainwashed robots, Wily and his slime buckets flee, leaving Light with only one option: To express his concern for his robots to a Metool.


Wily binds Rock and Roll to tables, and tells him his plans to turn robots against mankind, to which Mega Man says is wrong. Wily continues being a drama queen by looking shocked and calling himself a bad scientist, and walks off laughing. Proto Man does the usual "join our side we'll be brothers in arms blah blah" speech he says a lot during the series, but Mega Man declines, so Wily goes to stick a screwdriver in their heads. Mega Man exploits his human abilities by lying to him about Light making an army of super warrior robots (not super fighting robots. I'm disappointed) that are heading this way, which the evil duo listen to intently. He warns them they're on the way now, and they're MEAN MACHINES.

Wily says robots can't lie and thus believes him, letting him out to show them how to destroy them. Which goes like so.


1) Grab hold of one of these, like this.


2) And you shove it at 'em, like this.


It doesn't mention the rope conveniently falling from nowhere and trapping them, though.

Wily is actually surprised at this trickery, and the two escape in a hover copter thing, nearly running over Proto Man in the process. Proto Man says they'll be back, and they'll be on their side. Wily grumbles.

Back at the lab, Light congratulates Rock on saving themselves, but Wily and Proto Man will be back, and the only way to stop them will be to convert Rock into a superhero as Roll calls him.


And it happens. As an "added surprise", Dr. Light introduces Rush, who shows off all his capabilities, including Rush Jet, Rush Jet Ski, Rush Bat, and Rush Comic Relief. Mega Man says they'll make a fine team, but Roll pipes up saying she got upgrades too; not lasers or cannons or anything, but a vacuum cleaner. Mega Man is naturally all "nuh uh" about this, although Roll says they'll make a fine team, and that echoes and echoes and echoes and Mega Man finally recovers.


They're glad to see he's alive, but Mega Man's priority is the airport, and not only does he let Roll come, but Eddie gives him two energy cans that gulps down at once. He doesn't even share. They set out, and back at the airport, Wily has made his own brand of airplane, which apparently means the mayor must surrender. Mega Man flies in, the robot masters attempt to destroy him, and Cut Man is the first to go down, with his weapon stolen, he has no choice but to flee from a heat seeking blade which can smash through iron gates, brick walls, and cut a whole damn airplane in half. Cut Man seeks refuge in the Skullker despite Dr. Wily commanding him not to, but the blade follows him inside and it causes a ruckus in there. lol.


Ice Man is the next to go, but with far less originality; he's just frozen into an ice cube. Elec Man is taken out by Roll and Rush; Rush picks him up and drops him into Roll's electric whisk, where he spins until he dismantles; his parts hop back into the Skullker. Guts Man takes a shot, throwing a helicopter at our hero, but Proto Man finally gets to battle, taking Guts Man's ability with him.


He manages to sock Mega Man into a hangar, but Mega Man gets the jump on him by swinging down from the rafters and kicking him into the engine of a jet. It's turned on, and Proto Man is sucked through, but instead of being cut into pieces, he's simply flung through the other side and back through the wall of the hangar. Beaten, Mega Man wants to bring him back to Dr. Light to be made good, but Wily teleports him into his ship, swears revenge against the blue bomber, and zooms off.


Dr. Light's non-robot master industrial robots clean up the airport and repair it, and the mayor expresses thanks to Mega Man, but he says everyone deserves credit, even Rush, and tells him to fetch a battery biscuit, but the stupid dog leaps up and clamps his jaws onto the wing of a harrier jet. Everyone laughs, and the credits roll.

A very good episode. The animation is possibly the best in the series, the action is decent and the plot isn't too stupid, even though it doesn't actually specify how Proto Man and Mega Man are brothers if they're built by different people. Great start to the series.

5 out of 5 frightened fatties.

When Wily simply wants to laser Mega Man (or whatever it is, he doesn't actually say but he goes to hit a button on the console), Proto Man doesn't simply clutch his hand, but he smashes that part of the console. Look who's moody.


There's a cute brown rat in Dr. Wily's presumably underground lab that seems out of place. It's design is so different to everything else which at least tries to be realistic.


The trains that tumble down after the monorail line is cut all crash onto the ground, and you don't see anybody getting out. That either means they were empty, or the people inside died. Ouch.


Mega Man gets up to the hangar rafters in record time. He's knocked in and within at least five seconds he's shown up there. That's very quick for him to recover from the fist in the gut and to get all the way up there.