Super Mario World was the last of the Mario cartoons, and ultimately didn't change a lot to the formula. Yoshi and the cave people were added, there was no longer any real music used, and the episode count was dropped dramatically to a mere thirteen.

Because of this, it never quite got the same attention as The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, what with the lack of live action and former wrestlers, but neither did The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, unless the frequent mentioning but minimal coverage of Milli Vanilli's episode is somehow comparable to everyone going "omg lol" over Captain Lou Albano thanking Luigi played by an actor nobody seems to care about except the bad sound quality makes it sound like he's insulting him. The most Super Mario World has going for it in terms of internet hilarity is that YouTube editing fad. Which isn't all that hilarious. None of the things were, but still.


About the cartoon itself, since the storyline has been shifted from travelling the world and finding wacky themed adventures to get involved in and to them living in Dinosaur World, this means there's more you see of their everyday life, resulting in some really screwball plots. And of course, since they're settling down in this series, it would feel odd without having obligatory foreign residents, so there's the dim-witted cave people, of which the dickhead Oogtar is seemingly the smartest, but that doesn't really say a whole lot.


So yeah, you could say that aside from Yoshi and the cave people, this is the most uneventful of the Mario cartoons (hey you find a better word when you just want to end this quickly without consulting, but I'm easily amused and appreciate what people generally consider the least spectacular of something. I like it.


Yes, that's how I'm ending this. Why do you think I put off writing it for a week? Ain't because of the common cold, that's for sure.