Born To Ride


Mario and Luigi are actually doing some plumbing for a change and installing a sink, although their attempt at doing their job is a waste thanks to Yoshi eating the bamboo pipes, so in a hasty fit of anger, they tell Yoshi to just stay out of their way while they're working. Yoshi follows suit and runs away from home.


On his epic journey, he comes across a motorcycle gang social group who take interest in letting him join, especially after hearing he knows the Mario brothers, since they could kidnap them and sell them to King Koopa for plenty of kerching. So with minimal moral qualm, he becomes a Dino Rider and starts the evaluation course.


The "leaving mark on society" part doesn't go down too well, and despite frequently eating everyone and everything out of house and home, Yoshi is reluctant to throw a stink Bob-Omb at a house, so one of the Dino Riders throws it for him. Despite his ineptness, the Dino Riders accept him, and after he compliments them for treating him better than the Mario brothers, they claim they'll sort them out at the milk bar.

While Yoshi returns to tell them this, Peach scolds the Marios for being angry at Yoshi, but they shrug it all off and say he'll forget all about it.


"Yoshi the name, cruising my game."


"Hey, what's with the funny costume?"


"Hey, no costume! Yoshi Dino Rider."

Alternately: "Ayyyyy."


The Princess is naturally quite upset that he joined a motorcycle gang, but after hearing that they want to meet the Mario brothers at the milk bar, they head there with the sole belief that they can easily sort out this mess with no need for rational thinking or blending in with violent bikers.


Unintelligent thinking.


The Dino Riders reveal their plans to sell for brothers to Mario, and say quite loudly that Yoshi's a big moron and is only good for helping them be evil, loud enough for Yoshi to hear outside. Upset by both that fact and how his new friends betrayed him, he brings the Princess to the bar on his unexplained motorcycle, but they're too late and the dastardly dinosaurs have already left. Thanks to the world of vehicles leaving tracks on dirt, they're not stumped for any length of time. Never mind the fact there were at least five motorcycles outside the bar at first and the Dino Riders only have three, the problem is solved!


The Dino Riders have a dainty little picnic by a lava pool, and we're given an unnecessary but humourous gag about how their tastes are crap, while Yoshi jumps in and eats their ropes to not only save them, but lead us into awkward song time! Thus ensues a chase which involves beating up the bikers in highly violent ways, such as dunking them into lava and crashing them into walls. All for a good cause, though!


They arrive at a pipe and make an exit, although Yoshi is saddened to part with his bike, and plans to clean up his paint and Bob-Omb mess once he gets back, while the Dino Riders don't even bother entering the pipe despite the fact they were right behind them. I guess they wanted to remain true to being a motorcycle gang, and actually walking anywhere is just no good. Back at the house, the brothers finish up on the sink, only to find Yoshi eating bamboo again. However, he's only joking, and tells them to turn on the faucet.

It works.


And he laughs.

And laughs.


(and ends the episode)

Apparently the wheel concept from the second episode wasn't abandoned for a few thousand years.


The tar pit milk bar has some pretty strange rules.

No fish bones are allowed to drink there. Jerks.


I'm sorry, but I just have to show this picture again. If you were to draw Yoshi being hit on the head for eating a can of paint, there's no way it would look better than this.