Ghosts 'R' Us


Our heroes have been sent on a mission to the Enchanted Forest to search for Oogtar, a little cave kid who's gotten lost, apparently. Yoshi adds another fear to his list, and this time it's ghosts, but Mario and Luigi console him that there aren't any in the forest. That is, until they bump into Wizardheimer, the most evil Koopa wizard of them all, whose lightning conjuring tricks frighten Yoshi to run miles away, and tells those still with him that he's the owner of the forest, and anyone inside is his prisoner. So he tells them to enter his warp pipe.


"Oh yeah, make us!"

"We're not afraid of you!"


"How do you feel about Bob-Ombs? Bob-Omb!"


"Those we're not so crazy about!"

For being the number one heroes of Dinosaur Land and the Mushroom Kingdom, the Mario brothers are very submissive.


Meanwhile, Yoshi laments on his cowardliness, wishing he hadn't ditched his friends at the sight of danger and had people to give him company. After an evil tree and a boulder with a mouth try to do so, he changes his mind, and after hearing a blood curdling scream, decides to leg it. But the silly goose doesn't know it's Oogtar, pretending to be the king of the jungle by wielding a rope, and ends up getting munched on by a Piranha Plant while trying to be cool, so after apologising, is saved by the ravenous reptile. After asking questions, Oogtar explains that "Oogtar not lost, Oogtar just not know where he is," and Yoshi remains relatively calm for the fact the cave kid's idiocy got the Marios and Princess captured.


We return briefly to the haunted house, Wizardheimer locks his prisoners, has his name forgotten, and explains why he's holding them prisoner in a sequence involving everyone getting in on the comedic act. Yoshi and Oogtar, however, encounter a Cave Caterpillar/Wiggler on their journey, and decide not to run, but "jog for health" away from it. Conveniently, they come across a block containing a pair of wings, which gives them enough confidence to merely turn around and eat the caterpillar.


Thus ensues a minute of Yoshi and Oogtar talking, the former being afraid of the haunted house and the latter proving he really is worthless.


"Whaddaya want, you prehistoric punk!?"


"Oogtar come to rescue Princess and plumbers. Get Oogtar to dungeon!"


"Whatever you say, cave rat!"


"Ooga bummer, man."


After finding a way into the haunted house via triangle block, it's awkward song time! Is it wrong that the thing that interests me isn't how awkwardly drawn the Boos are or how comically dusty the floors are, but the fact there's a Question Block just blocking above a table in the hallway? Seriously, that could be the next step in home decoration.


After the physics of ghosts are brought up by the fact a Boo slams straight into a door, Yoshi comes face to face with Wizardheimer, who tries blasting him with magic but is promptly defeated by his wand being munched on and spat out, unlocking the chains on the prisoners and allowing the plumbers to jump on his head. With one problem out of the way, Peach unnecessarily brings up another in the form of how they escape, despite the fact the door wasn't locked when Yoshi entered. Oogtar quickly solves it by accidentally hitting a block, revealing the key and opening the door. The Marios seem a bit too surprised. Probably why their gloves became skin coloured. Must be of those materials that change material depending on mood.


They arrive back at Dome City, where Oogtar apologises, and Yoshi states that although he's still scared of ghosts, he got by them "no problemo, plumber dudes," and hides his lying by whistling. HILARITY!

Gotta love how Wizardheimer threatens them in the beginning of the episode with Bob-Ombs, but never actually uses them, ever, even when his wand is chewed and exploded.