Fire Sale


Kootie Pie, residing in her Ice Land lair, whinges to her minion Koopa about how it's just too darn cold in there, and gets this point across by yelling at him, strangling him, jumping on him, shooting him into the wall, and them putting his shell on backwards. The poor Koopa finally gets the point after a minute of this abuse, and scoots off to kidnap Mama Fireplant.

Elsewhere, Mario, Luigi, the Princess and all their buddies are attending a random barbeque, which is going perfectly well until Yoshi starts eating everything, which naturally upsets everyone even though none of them were eating anything. Luigi punishes the "ravenous reptile" by sending him off to Mama Fireplant to get some fireballs to start the barbeque again, much to Yoshi's distress, as he's frightened of water, even if there is a bridge over the lake surrounding Mama's house.


However, it just so happens that Kootie Pie and her Koopa arrive at Mama Fireplant's at that time, and after some dissing of all involved parties, the two of them take off with Mama, while Yoshi is outside the whole time fighting his own battle of crossing the bridge, oblivious of her screams thanks to the Koopa having his shell stuffed in her mouth. She eventually spits it out and calls for help, but Yoshi's a slowass mofo who arrives just after Kootie Pie and her Koopa escape in a convenient sewer grate.


Mario, Luigi and the Princess are brought in to solve the mystery, where Luigi demonstrates his unfunniness while Mario heads straight to checking the grate, and upon removing it he bumps into Luigi, who stumbles onto an ice cube and starts pinballing around the place before colliding with the others. After cracking another joke, they finally realise she's been kidnapped and taken to Ice Land, which Mario believes is where this grate leads, so like any brother would do, he chucks Luigi down the grate first before leading the others down. "Next stop, Ice Land!" proclaims Peach.

Except they end up in a sky land. Whoops.


Not long after they land on a moving platform does it flip over at the end of the line, dumping them onto another platform, nearly dunking Luigi over the edge. Mario goes to help him up, only for a wave of Paragoombas to fly by, missing them entirely. All is well!


Apart from the fact Luigi fell to his death in the process.


The Paragoombas return for a second attack, and despite the fact there were at least six of them at least, Mario only needs to bop two of them before "that's that", with the next thing on the agenda to remember that standing on air is impossible, so he tumbles downwards, dragging Peach and Yoshi with him, and they all conveniently land in a pipe, which conveniently again, leads to Ice Land!

After digging Luigi out from all the slush, the Princess explains the current predicament of Ice Land melting and the resulting flood and Mama Fireplant dying and yada yada. And in case you forgot from five minutes ago/several paragraphs ago, Yoshi reminds us he is afraid of water. Dum de dum dum!


Kootie Pie and Mama Fireplant argue, with the latter explaining if she isn't there, Dome City will freeze, but that only gives Kootie the idea of selling fire to them for muchos buxxos.

Awkward song time! Mama Fireplant sings and dances pretty good for a potted plant.

After the ears of every watcher are tainted, our heroes arrive and end up in a highly awkward scene. See, Mario walks forward first with a frown on his face and says nothing, and promptly steps on a Porcupine Fish, freezing him. Luigi and Peach merely give a half-hearted gasp before giving it a shot themselves, and meet the same fate while Yoshi explains what just happened, before claiming it's all up to him and he marches forward with his EYES CLOSED and GETS ACROSS UNSCATHED. Between the song and Yoshi's explanation, there's no dialogue, and combined with the fact Luigi and the Princess clearly see what happened yet don't bother to look where they're going, it all comes across very awkward. Plus Yoshi's pure luck just tops it off: There ain't no justice.


Never mind he was walking in slush just there, once he comes across pure water he becomes frightened, while Kootie Pie marches forward to yell at Yoshi for thinking of stealing what she had already stolen, until even she falls victim to the Porcupine Fish. Again with the convenience, the place starts collapsing, but still manages to have enough time before crumbling for Yoshi to get over his fear of water and reach Mama Fireplant, push her towards the exit and have her grab the frozen heroes and escape before the place is just a bunch of slushy ice rubble.


Back at Dome City, everyone, including Mama Fireplant, continue their barbeque while she says a speech that hints twice that she has the hots for Yoshi; meanwhile, Kootie Pie is encased in a block of ice on her throne while she moans to her Koopa, who appears to have no problem lying naked on a hammock in the middle of a freezing ice castle.

For some reason, I find it humourous how the episode is titled Fire Sale, even though Kootie Pie never even gets around to that part of her plan at all. If every cartoon series followed that style of titling episodes, they'd all just be called "World Domination" or "Damsel Kidnapping" or something.


Apparently DiC didn't understand that Goombas don't have bodies.

And for good reason, as that's just creepy.


Just thought I'd show an example of how awkwardly Yoshi can be drawn.


I had to make a stupid joke only residents of the UK would understand. I apologise. :{