House of the Dead 2


While Ellis goes trying to find the other side of the vent, the girls chat about how hunky Ellis is, because heaven forbid women have any other conversation topics besides fancying men. That is mercifully interrupted by zombies banging on the door, hungering to get in.


Nightingale and Henson use some desks to barricade themselves at the small part at the back of the room, while Ellis runs into zombie Griffin, who doesn't want him sneaking bites on his meal.


Just as the zombies break through the door, Ellis finds the vent and cuts it open. Henson goes through first, making it through safely, while Nightingale has to go through second.


She struggles to climb through, zombies clawing at her feet, but she eventually makes it through just fine.

I'd also like to mention that the zombies are able to jump or clamber over the desk barricading the back part of the room, yet they were totally incapable of jumping or stretching when Nightingale and Ellis were on the pipes on the ceiling earlier in the movie. Just bugs me, y'know?

They make their way to the lab, which is just as dishevelled as it was before, but now mysteriously empty...


Except for zombie Lonny, who hops onto Henson's back. Nightingale shoots him off, but in shock, Henson backs away from the mess...


Only to walk into zombie Sarah's jaws. Ellis takes care of that little scamp, but Henson is left with a quite nasty bite on her leg. Unlike every other poor sap in the movie, she doesn't deny the very obvious bite and makes it quite clear to the others that she's a goner, but urges them to get the blood sample they came for.


They get the sample and Nightingale offers to carry Henson out of the building, but she's not keen on the idea - she's doomed and seriously doubts the infection can be reversed, and urges them to get out safely so they can get the sample to people who help out millions with it, rather than risk their lives for one. The two leave before she puts a bullet in her head.


The badly-made CGI missile is on its way, and Ellis and Nightingale aren't far from the exit, but only have a herd of zombies to contend with! Unfortunately, they've got no ammo and there's no time to go back for another gun...


So Ellis grabs a fire axe, Nightingale withdraws her knife and they prepare for a last stand.

It's not a very good fight scene.

Also, guys...


Giant windows? Giant windows with tables right next to them?


Giant windows that could easily be leapt through, or smashed with a thrown table, or even with the fireaxe?


Giant windows that are closer to you than the door at the far end?


Common sense?


Nightingale is forced to lie on the floor and swipe at the zombies' legs, but she tells Ellis not to wait for her, he should get out while he still can. He reluctantly complies...


Just as the missile strikes! What was once a thriving hive of the dead is now a badly CGI'd burning wreck.


Weary and tired, Ellis makes his way out of the area, noticing a member of the Special Forces with a bullet in his head, only to have a gun pointed at him. It's Bart! He demands to know what happened to the team and is informed, surprise surprise, they're all dead, but Ellis successfully retrieved the blood sample. Mission accomplished, right?


Bart demands the blood sample be handed over to him, and is a big ol' bossy boots about it. Ellis asks what his problem is, and Bart goes into unnecessary detail about how he had to cut off his hand to escape from the room and what a barrel of laughs that was, but hey, he got out alive so that's all he needs. Ellis comments that he has a bite mark on him, and in a needlessly dramatic manner, Bart says it was by a mosquito. It didn't have enough blood to cause an immediate infection, but it's just enough to make it so it'll happen eventually. He begins coughing hoarsely, but still remains in comparatively decent health.


Ellis isn't in the mood to listening to any more of his rambling, but Bart threatens him once more to hand over the sample. And in a remarkable moment of being easily convinced, he pops it into Bart's breast pocket and says he'll take him back to AMS where he can hopefully be cured. Bart isn't in the mood for that, no sir - he's interested in the millions of dollars he could get for selling this! Ellis only realises now that Bart's a bit of an asshole and notes that this sample could save billions of lives, but he raises a gun to our hero's head...


Only to get a few bullets popped into his own back. It's Nightingale! Yes, no explanation for her impeccable surviving skills besides "I didn't want you hogging all the glory." The two prepare to head back to base and--







They return to the explosion site after it's settled down in hopes of retrieving the blood sample, but all is not well. It's busted. The blood sample they retrieved is lost. Game over, man.


With no university to return to and another missile strike on its way, they see no reason to stick around. They find an abandoned truck nearby with the driver dead and legless not far from it, noting that the infection is spreading. They also mention that if either of them show any signs of being infected, they'll just shoot and ask questions later.


"So you think the blast contained it? Stopped the infection?"


"So it's just going to go on and on."

"Maybe. We'll just have to wait and see."

"Yeah. Let's just do that."


A news report crackles in on the radio.

"The city has been overrun. Attempts to stop the undead have been ineffective. The vice president has ordered a quarantine of the city from his undisclosed location. As attempts continue to stem the spread of the disease, we hope to have more details as they develop."


If there's one thing to compliment the movie for, it's that it doesn't linger on its wonky CGI scenes for too long.