Story spoilers are hidden beneaths [brackets].

A Formula One driver turned cop from 21st century New York, who died while trying to capture Zoda. Ryu Suzaku's efforts were rewarded by being revived in the year 2201 to do what he does best: drive fast cars and catch crooks! He begins as a rash, hot-blooded sort, but his duties and the concern of his friends leads him into becoming a more responsible hero. [Turns out he's the destined saviour of the galaxy. Whodathunk?]

A prolific racer whose background is a mystery; who is his true identity? What's his day job? Whatever the case, Captain Falcon is a renowned pilot who's claimed many a victory for himself, and although few people notice it, he's constantly working behind the scenes to eliminate Dark Million threats. He appears to be testing Ryu Suzaku, but is he friend or foe? [He's a triple threat of secret identities: he's Burt Lemming, Andy Summer and Berserker!]

An accomplished policewoman with a strong sense of justice, especially after Zoda killed her brother and left her mortally wounded. Jody Summer is captain of the Galaxy Mobile Platoon and is respected by her troops, though she can be a little too stoic for her own good.

An F-Zero idol who's a favourite among the ladies, Jack Levin is a hotheaded boy racer with an ego the size of a planet. Although none too impressed with Ryu at first, the two become friendly rivals and stick with each other through thick and thin. A talented racer, though his overconfidence often gets the better of him.

An F-Zero fangirl, Lucy Liberty joined the Galaxy Mobile Platoon after Ryu saved her life, allowing her to become more hands-on with the sport by piloting her own machine and assisting Clash in repairs. Her optimism and cheery attitude help motivate the group - and Ryu, who is oblivious of Lucy's affections for him.

Dr Stewart: a former cyborgs specialist, now the Galaxy Mobile Platoon's resident medic. Calm and collected, his skills on the operating table and on the race track are renowned. He's assisted the Platoon innumerable times, and his skills even catch the eye of Dark Million.

A talented F-Zero mechanic, Clash works exclusively for the Platoon and is forever fixing up and tinkering with their machines. Although a gruff old fellow, he's got a heart of gold and lends his advice to anyone who needs it. As Lucy's mentor, he highly respects her skills and does the best he can to help her.

EAD is the alleged muscle of the Galaxy Mobile Platoon, who's also a robot. Don't worry if you forget, he'll remind you every time he shows up. A loyal and dependable team member, though he does occasionally see his mechanical nature as a hindrance. Kate Alen, of all people, ends up having a special relationship with him.

The director of the Galaxy Mobile Platoon, though nobody's quite sure how John Tanaka got the role. He's cowardly, self-serving, and constantly throwing his team under the bus to save his own skin. He's still their boss, though, and his intentions are usually in the right place. ...usually.

The big cheese of the Galaxy Mobile Platoon, if not the entire Mute City police department. A stern fellow with a passion for justice, the chief expects the best from the Platoon and is rarely disappointed, though director Tanaka can test his patience at times.

The brain of a former Galaxy Police member reborn in a robotic body. His memories may be hazy, but Mighty Gazelle is one good police officer, busting criminals like nobody's business. Everyone in the Platoon loves him - even Clank! But for all the good he does, his programming can be a little temperamental, to put it lightly. [Yup, it's Clank da inside that tin can.]

Black Shadow is evil emperor of Dark Million, and a force to be reckoned with. A dark and vicious individual; although he sates his appetite with petty terrorism and wanton carnage, he clearly has higher goals in mind. Until then, keeping close tabs on Ryu Suzaku, Captain Falcon, and even his minion Zoda are enough to keep him busy.

Once the criminal kingpin of New York, Zoda was reawoken in 2201 to be Black Shadow's toadie, though he aspires to reclaim his old legacy someday. Although a comical character, he can be quite the manipulator, goading people - even his own allies! - into actions that'll benefit him... especially if defeating Ryu is the objective. [He's actually a weapon designed by Black Shadow solely to kill Ryu... and he don't like it!]

Miss Killer appears to be a new addition to Dark Million's numbers, though claims to be Black Shadow's eternal servant... and at the same time, she looks exactly like Ryu's girlfriend! Loyal to her master and vicious to everyone else, neither the heroes nor the villains know enough to get close to her. [She actually is Haruka Misaki, frozen in time and brainwashed.]

Created from Captain Falcon's DNA, Blood Falcon is Black Shadow's go-to minion for a number of missions. Brash, violent and gifted with brute strength, he's more wild animal than man. And best (or worst) of all, he can revived again and again due to the nature of cloning. How can the Platoon stop a threat like this?!

A squid-bloke from planet Takora, the conniving Octoman is no stranger to dirty tricks, both on and off the race track. Despite his criminal activity, he's revered back home for being the only racing representative from his planet.

A reptilian roughhouser, Bio Rex is never seen without Octoman by his side, the two serving as Dark Million's go-to flunkies. His F-Zero machine is a force to be reckoned with, but he himself never gets a chance to prove his strength.

Dark Million's resident spy. If there's people that need to be followed or information that needs to be learnt (or leaked!), Baba's the man for the job. Although competent enough, he does have a rather high opinion of himself.

A practicioner of magic and the dark arts; anytime one of Dark Million's plans calls for a curse or a hex, they call upon The Skull. He may look spooky, but he falls to pieces the moment anyone threatens him.

A former soldier turned mercenary, Pico hires out his assassination and sniper skills to whoever foots the fee; as such, he's commonly employed in Zoda's schemes. Aloof, focused and highly skilled, he's one dangerous customer... though he's a bit of a buffoon when John Tanaka is involved.

Ringleader of the Bloody Chain gang, Michael Chain is no stranger to playing dirty; perhaps because he's shown crashing more times than anyone else. He's mean and nasty and not someone you'd want to run into.

A space pirate with quite a reputation - his heists are legendary, but Samurai Goroh's code of honour is what sets him apart from other thieves. Boasting a kickass sword and bristling with samurai spirit, even do-gooder Ryu Suzaku holds immense respect for the man, and vice versa, the two lending each other a hand when their paths cross.

Sasuke: A spunky ninja girl who cracks at foes with a whip.

Hakuun: An intimidating bald bloke with a staff; the muscle of Goroh's flunkies.

Tsukikage: A green-haired fellow who pilots the Fire Needle; wields a boomerang.

Genzai: A pointy-eared alien who doesn't actually do a whole lot.

A fellow space pirate married to Samurai Goroh; they may be in the same line of business, but they run their operations separately. Lisa Brilliant is perhaps a less honourable bandit than her hubby: stealing, vandalising and double-crossing all to get what she wants... but hey, if it gets results!

One of Goroh's oldest and closest comrades, though their relationship has gotten strained in recent times. Where the samurai strives for honourable actions, Antonio Guster is in it just for the thrill, a chance to test out his demolitions skills. And if someone offers him a better outlet for that, who's to say where he could end up?

A soul-singing diva and an accomplished pilot, Kate Alen is one talented lady... though the pressures of showbiz have left her bitter and distrustful. An encounter with EAD helps change her tune, allowing her to open up after developing a friendship with Ryu and the robot. Her manager, Gordon, is forever concerned with her wellbeing.

The envoy of justice, the protector of peace: it's Super Arrow! As F-Zero's resident superhero, this bombastic individual aims to protect the world from evil and injustice... though his passion clearly surpasses his talent. His intentions are always pure, even if he is easily duped; Ryu is seen as a trusted friend, though he doesn't share the sentiment.

Super Arrow's faithful wife. Despite her husband's failings, Mrs. Arrow is always there to support him and lend him assistance, be it scouting out courses for him or tending to his injuries after he conks himself on the head. Her racing isn't much better than his, though she may have a better sense of justice.

A galaxy-famous deliveryman; it doesn't matter what it is or where it's going, Roger Buster and his partner Draq will get it to its destination in record time. A real people person, Roger loves getting to know his patrons... and if they guilt-trip him enough, gosh, he might just lend a helping hand or two!

Roger Buster's business partner, often saddled with the paperwork. Draq is a well-meaning big guy whose friendship with Roger means the world to him, and if anything were to threaten that he'd sacrifice anything to mend it - consequences be damned! Still, he's a reliable fellow who'd do anything to help a pal in need.

A newcomer to F-Zero, apeman Billy has undergone horrific training at the hands of Dark Million; he was lucky to survive. Or, at least, so he says. Lying aside, he shows no criminal intent and aspires to become an accomplished racer.

After his family were slaughtered by wild animals when he was a child, Beastman found his true calling: to hunt beasts! When he sets his eyes on a target, he won't rest until it's no longer a threat. Despite his objective to protect the populace, he's not much of a people person. You could even say he's a bit of a lone wolf, har har.

Two conmen from a race of aliens where siblings are forever bonded to each other, Gomar (left) and Shioh (right) seek to become the galaxy's most terrifying villains! How they plan to achieve that is unclear, but in the meantime they're pretty good at scalping hapless customers and telling a good fib or two.

Silver Neelsen has been racing in F-Zero since darn near the dawn of the sport, though he hasn't the best record to show for it. Once a competitive racer, he lost that edge after the death of his friend Anthony Ropkin, and has been waiting for the day he can reclaim that spark.

James McCloud: a drill sergeant for hire with a military background, this aloof individual sells his unique brand of training to whoever asks for it... but that only makes them more predictable, earning him easy victories. Despite his mercenary ways, Ryu Suzaku ends up holding great respect for him, and the two learn a little from each other along the way.

He may look like an unassuming teenager, a kind and soft-spoken kid... but come the full moon, Leon reveals his true nature as a wolfman! Although well-meaning and largely domesticated, this blight upon his bloodline causes him to lose control and give in to his primal rage, making him the target of the ruthless Beastman. During his short stint in Mute City he carries a torch for Lucy Liberty.

Burt Lemming is the manager of Falcon House, a café dedicated to Captain Falcon which serves the best coffee Mute City has to offer. A former F-Zero pilot himself, he's always there to offer input on any problems the Galaxy Mobile Platoon are facing, and has a special bond with Ryu. That said, nobody knows where he goes in his off-time. [He's off being Captain Falcon, that's what.]

Clank Hughes is an orphan with a knack for technology and stuck on a dead-end planet; his father Roy Hughes is believed to be a Dark Million underling. At first hiring out his talents to the likes of Zoda, he eventually straightens out and lands a job in Falcon House, becoming pals with Burt and Ryu. Being a kid he's prone to whiny outbursts, but there's a good future lined up for him. [Roy was secretly reborn as Mighty Gazelle.]

Although long gone by the year 2201, this former race queen still holds a powerful influence over Ryu's life. When he was at his lowest, Haruka Misaki was there to pick him up and give him confidence, enough for him to become an accomplished racer! However, Ryu died before she could ever learn Ryu had planned to marry her. Her life after that is a mystery. [She got frozen along with Zoda and became Miss Killer!]

The enigmatic announcer for every F-Zero race. No, seriously, it doesn't matter where it's held or for what purpose, Mr. Zero and his little green UFO will show up to commentate. Is he hired by the F-Zero committee? Who knows! He's mad about the sport and has been keeping it up for over seventy years - how does he do it?!

Alias is sweet little F-Zero fan who happens to be wheelchair-bound, and that must open up everybody's hearts - whoever he meets, they're tripping over themselves to help him with his treatment! He eventually improves enough to stand unaided, and becomes pals with Clank. One of his ancestors was Rose, a New York policewoman who was friends with Haruka, and vital to preserving her diary for Ryu.

The sleaziest of space pirates, the kind of jerk who'd steal a man's identity and ruin it just to make himself rich. Bibirichi and his crew have numerous run-ins with Samurai Goroh and his wife, though he's not even close to their level; it's only with the help of Zoda he could ever get close to him, and even that criminal has no respect for him.

A mega-rich entrepeneur who holds a great stake in the F-Zero committee, and sells munitions on the side. Not only does Don Genie own a stable of accomplished racers, he boasts a sweet palace where he holds his own personal death races. Obviously not a man who holds life in high regard. [He ultimately turns out to be a front for Black Shadow, and one of his 'shadows'.]

A figure clad in mystery, and a sweet-looking cloak. As Don Genie's personal racer, Berserker is a calculating and intimidating figure both on and off the race track, but his actions don't appear villainous. Have we seen this guy somewhere before? [Surprise, it's Captain Falcon in a coat!]

A mysterious figure clad in armour - or is he a machine? Deathborn is the man behind Don Genie, he has great interest in the affairs of Captain Falcon and Ryu Suzaku, but chooses to watch from behind the scenes. [He doesn't even exist. He's one of Black Shadow's shadows.]