LAP 25
Super Substance: Reactor Might!

A transport ship is carrying a precious cargo - a small, engine-like device - when it comes under attack from a hot pink pirate ship, the Excellent Queen! Its captain, Lisa Brilliant boards and demands the treasure to be handed over.

The transport chief refuses, but that must mean it's of incredible value, so she snatches it and leaves. While Lisa admires her prize, another ship watches her departure unseen. It's Bibirichi, and he's plenty upset - that was his target!

News of this reaches the Galaxy Mobile Platoon, and Dr. Stewart explains why this is a big deal - the object was the Reactor Might, an ancient device of unknown origin, said to generate untold quantities of energy, enough to destroy an entire planet. Its existence has been a guarded secret until now, and Lisa Brilliant wasn't expecting to find it. Hopefully she won't know what it is until they reclaim it... but first, they need to find her!

Tracking it won't be easy; space pirates obscure the electronic transmissions from their ships, so they can't be traced. Ryu has an idea, and hops into the Dragon Bird towards planet Cryton; perhaps Samurai Goroh can lend his assistance.

The Reactor Might doesn't go ignored by Black Shadow either, as his two minions Zoda and Miss Killer bicker for the opportunity to track it down. Black Shadow is generous enough to let Zoda get the job, despite Miss Killer reminding him of his terrible track record.
Elsewhere, Bibirichi and his gang are starving - they haven't had a profitable raid in ages, all because Lisa Brilliant keeps beating them to the punch! They receive an unknown transmission and put it up on-screen...

It's Zoda! He sends an open message to all denizens of the galaxy, offering a hundred-million space credits to anyone who reveals the location of Lisa Brilliant. This is just what the poor schlubs need! Lisa isn't far from their current location as they prepare to get in touch with Zoda.
Ryu finally arrives on planet Cryton, and drives towards the town once more.

Samurai Goroh is in the midst of grinding himself some tea when Ryu barges in to his abode, apprehended by Sasuke and Hakuun. Goroh permits him entrance, but asks he take off his shoes first. He knows why he's here, but cannot help him; he might know where Lisa is, but the traditions of their families forbid them from interfering with each others' work. Ryu pushes the issue...

... and nearly gets a blade to the neck. Goroh reminds him he's a pirate - he has no interest working with the police, and if he weren't an acquaintance, he would have slain him where he stood. Still, he respects Ryu, and asks why the two had never crossed paths before; Goroh is told of his stint in cold sleep, something he never knew. Ryu laments feeling like a relic, lost in a future where no one understands him.

Goroh points to items around his chamber: his sword, that vase, this caligraphy, all items that have been passed down from generations nearly a millenium ago. Compared to those, Ryu's still young - the first time he's been complimented on his age! Telling him he should live without regrets, the samurai urges him to quit the police and become a pirate... he'll tell him where Lisa is if he does.

Lisa Brilliant, meanwhile, is being hounded by Birichi and his scummy gang, when a Dark Million battle station approaches! Bibirichi's craft grabs a hold of the Excellent Queen, allowing Zoda to board and point a gun at her, demanding the Reactor Might.

The space pirate was expecting this, and the Reactor Might is already being jettisoned in an escape pod. It arrives at Samurai Goroh's abode, and he and Ryu enter his underground base to retrieve it. However, they receive a ransom from Zoda: hand over the Reactor Might, or else his wife gets it!

Ryu calls Jody back at headquarters to tell her he knows where Lisa is and is requesting backup; the Platoon board the Galaxy Runner while Clank tracks down where Ryu currently is.
He asks Goroh if he really believes Zoda's word, but the samurai isn't concerned about that; if he doesn't go, Lisa will die. That's all that matters. They board his spaceship, the Fire Needle...

... as the ground beneath the town opens up, revealing a launch pad for his craft to take off. They approach the Dark Million space station and dock, disembarking in their F-Zero machines.

The two are greeted by Zoda and Bibirichi, who demand he hand over the Reactor Might. Goroh refuses to until he knows his wife is okay. Zoda raises his pistol, and Ryu does the same... but they'll get nowhere at this rate, and Ryu and Goroh are forced to drop their weapons.

Meanwhile, Lisa looks out of her holding cell to see Bibirichi's men guarding the door. She pretends her cell is too hot, requesting some fresh air to be let in (and showing some boob while she's at it). The grunts blindly obey, and get clobbered for being such horny pups.

Goroh is still refusing to hand over the Reactor Might, despite suffering several blasts from Zoda's gun; he wants to see his wife. Ryu tries to reason with them, but the samurai holds him back - even if it costs him his life, he will never show weakness to an enemy. Ryu makes a dive for his gun, but Zoda blasts it away.

Lisa's calls from behind them, demanding Zoda to back down or Bibirichi snuffs it. Zoda doesn't care about the little peon - heck, he might as well dispose of him personally! Amidst the distraction, Goroh grabs his sword and knocks off Zoda's aim, but gets shot some more in return. Lisa rushes to her husband's side, but this has gone on long enough...

Ryu shows Zoda the Reactor Might before hopping in the Dragon Bird and driving off, forcing Zoda to chase after him. They race through the battle station's corridors before Ryu stops at the command room, calling Jody again - he needs backup, fast! The Galaxy Runner isn't far away, but Ryu's communicator suddenly goes dead.

Ryu takes a blast tot he shoulder, wounding him as he slumps against the wall. Zoda can't believe his luck - he's got his archenemy just where he wants him, and the Reactor Might in his hands! Ryu has the gun pressed against his head, Zoda anxious to see him sweat in fear, but he remembers what Samurai Goroh told him: no matter what, you must always stand and fight.

A surprise lunge knocks Zoda to the ground and his gun out of his hand, but he's not out yet! He draws his knife and stabs at Ryu who does his best to dodge, but while they're fighting, the Reactor Might begins to glow...

... unleashing its energy! The entire station's electronics begin to spark and a shockwave knocks the two against the far wall, as the whole place begins to fall apart.

Bibirichi and his men scarper, but Samurai Goroh hops in his Fire Stingray, despite his wounds, and races down the corridor. He finds the Dragon Bird abandoned and Ryu unconscious, and he carries him to safety.

Zoda awakens afterwards and lifts the Reactor Might, managing to seal it again. He makes his exit in a battle station, gloating over his prize - with this, Black Shadow will be at his mercy!
Goroh is reunited with the rest of his crew, and they escape on their ships with Ryu and Bibirichi's men just before the entire space station explodes.

While Bibirichi and his men are held captive, Ryu and Goroh have their wounds treated. Ryu awakes, and the samurai is disappointed that his first words aren't thanks for being rescued, but to report in to the Galaxy Mobile Platoon: the Reactor Might is in Zoda's hands now. Chase after him!

Exhausted, Ryu collapses to the ground. Goroh smirks. "If you join me, I promise you many days like today." Ryu declines; he prefers being among the living. The two playfully insult each other until Ryu falls asleep.

Burt's F-Zero Classroom: Burt introduces Samurai Goroh and Lisa Brilliant's spaceships, the Fire Needle and Excellent Queen respectively. The Fire Needle boasts a huge blade on its front, as well as other hidden (and unexplained) devices. The Excellent Queen can transform into a giant battle crustacean, and its pink colouration is Lisa's favourite colour. Goroh's Fire Stingray was actually designed by Lisa, while her Panzer Emerald is green because it's Goroh's favourite colour; he painted it that way to commemorate them reuniting.

Ryu's gun has writing on its side, though it's too faint to read. It's legible in later episodes, but seems to change every time!

The preview from the previous episode uses incomplete footage for when the Dragon Bird arrives on Cryton - the distorted bubble the machine arrives from is instead a glowing pink ball, no doubt a placeholder.