LAP 13

Samurai Goroh and company are in their spaceship, the Fire Needle, plotting an assault on an approaching transport ship near planet Cryton. Thrusting the sharp bow through the transport's hull, they've made an entrance for themselves.

The automatic doors impede their progress, but they're no match for the explosives expert, Antonio Guster. A single grenade is all it takes to blast it wide open, and within they find a bountiful stash of gold bricks!

While the others begin loading up their loot, Antonio leaves to attend to some personal matters - something Goroh regards with distrust. He humours himself by blowing up the robot guards; meanwhile, Sasuke and company are stopped by Bio Rex, The Skull and Octoman - this is Zoda's treasure they're stealing!

Sasuke steals their guns away with a crack of her whip, and Tsukikage knocks the weapons away with a boomerang. Hakuun finishes the job with a boot to their faces, telling his comrades to carry on while he keeps these goons busy. It isn't long before they run for safety, having had enough beatings for one day.

The gold is loaded aboard the Fire Needle, but nobody knows where Guster is. He soon shows up, claiming they'll see what he's been doing once they leave. Goroh's crew chat amongst themselves, plenty chuffed with the riches they've acquired today... only to see the transport explode before their eyes!

Goroh is upset and grabs Antonio by the collar, who says he just wanted a bit of fun. Besides, they see Dark Million's escape pod flying away; so long as no one gets harmed, he didn't break the rules. The others believe he went too far, and Samurai Goroh orders him to take some time off. Guster mutters to himself; if it weren't for him, Goroh would never be the pirate he is today.

The destroyed transport makes headlines on the news, and Goroh is the number one suspect. Ryu knows Goroh and this isn't how he works; he would never be so barbaric. The other Platoon members suggest he's changed his ways, dropped his code of honour for something more profitable.
Zoda, meanwhile, is busy clobbering his lackeys for their screwing up so badly, but The Skull rises to their defence. It wasn't just an attack by Goroh; Antonio Guster was there!

He holds a reputation of his own as the "powder keg of the galaxy," but when he and Goroh work together, they're the "Dynamite Pair," the most fearsome pirate duo one could ever come across - at least, that's what Octoman has heard. This gives Zoda an idea...
Ryu drives through a warp gate to planet Cryton, hoping to find Samurai Goroh. He remembers when he and Goroh had their first encounter; after betraying him to steal back the medicine, he was given an offer to join his gang of pirates. "Sorry, I won't work with low-lifes" Ryu had retorted... and maybe he wasn't all that wrong.

While trawling the streets of the bandit town, Antonio Guster venting his anger at the cowardly runts lining the streets, he's found by The Skull, Octoman and Bio Rex. Thinking they're back for more...

... Guster opens his coat, revealing enough bombs to level a city. Are they feelin' lucky? Actually, they're here to offer him a place in Dark Million; his bomb-making skills put their work to shame. They take him aboard their ship to meet Zoda.

He, too, praises Antonio's explosive prowess - blowing up his transport is no easy feat, after all. He offers the man a mission: to eliminate Samurai Goroh. Guster is about to leave, but Zoda presses the issue: why did he work with him? Clearly Goroh was the lesser pirate, doing nothing but holding him back, or using him as a dogsbody. Antonio doesn't answer, merely calling Zoda a fool, and cracks out a grenade to gain passage to leave.

Ryu returns to the Cryton saloon and gets a seat at Samurai Goroh's dinner table. Goroh treats him hospitably, but Ryu wants the facts: did he destroy that transport ship? He trusted the pirate, but if he has no qualms with killing people, then he may think otherwise.

Goroh hesitates to answer, before stating that as a pirate, the lives of him and his men come first and they'll do anything to survive. Ryu is embittered by his response, and the samurai leaves. "I guess we'll meet again as enemies."
Lisa Brilliant pulls up outside to give her husband a lift back to their cavern hideaway...

... only to draw her sword upon him. The samurai is too quick, and swats her blade to the side. What is she up to? She too remarks that Samurai Goroh has a code against killing, and believes he's let Guster get away with murder long enough. Hearing Antonio's been given a time-out, she believes this is a good time to ditch him and make it on their own without him. Despite their quarrels, Goroh still considers him his right-hand man and a trusted friend. He would never abandon him. As far as Lisa's concerned, that's for the two of them to sort out, and she leaves.

A new F-Zero race is taking place on the Multiplex course, and on the practise lap Mr. Zero gives the audience a glimpse of what's to come: jumping grids, 90-degree hairpin turns, a ginormous loop, and even a minefield! The racers line up...

... and away they go! The Dragon Bird and Fire Stingray are tied for first, leading the pack for the beginning of the race. The jumping grid is passed with only minimal trouble, though the Iron Tiger is flipped on its back because of it.

Ryu is eager to defeat Goroh, and the two boost their way past the hairpin corner and the minefield (another racer getting obliterated by the detonators). They make their way to the long loop...

... only for a new machine to swerve ahead of Ryu and saddle up alongside Goroh: It's Antonio Guster in the Green Panther! The pirate is pleased to see his partner in the race, and tasks Guster with keeping Ryu busy.

Antonio, reflecting on what Zoda told him earlier, chooses to slow down and trigger charges he'd planted earlier, blowing up the track ahead! A little something he and Zoda had prepared in advance - the racers manage to evade it, though Jack's machine is knocked out of commission because of it. Goroh suspects this is the work of his partner, and Guster doesn't shy away from it - he's looking to prove he's the better half of the Dynamite Pair.

The Green Panther boosts to catch up, triggering more explosions to try and hinder the Fire Stingray; a few scrapes, but Goroh keeps on truckin'. The Galaxy Mobile Platoon, concerned that these blasts are occuring outside the minefield, look into who this pilot is and warn Ryu that he's the one responsible for the bombs.

Ryu is amused at the thought of one of Goroh's men trying to kill him, but he suddenly realises this has been internal conflict the whole time: Goroh never destroyed the transport ship, it must have been Guster!
A red flag is issued, bringing the race to a halt... but Guster, Goroh and Ryu are still racing!

Antonio is about to trigger a bomb that's sure to wipe the samurai off the map, only for Ryu to ram him into the walls, putting his machine out of commission. The Dragon Bird comes to a halt and Guster lifts the pilot out his collar, ready to sock him one for foiling his plan.

The Fire Stingray returns and Guster hurls a grenade at Goroh, but, surprise, the samurai slices it in half before it can explode. Antonio stands before him, the blade drawn at his neck, and notices his friend's hesitation. He encourages Goroh to kill him; he'll regret it if he doesn't.

Goroh sheaths his blade and tells Antonio to leave. The two part ways without another word. However, Ryu chases after the samurai - he did steal a buttload of gold, after all, and he needs to be brought to justice...!

But Lisa Brilliant arrives in the Fire Needle, giving the Fire Stingray and its pilot a quick getaway. Unable to stop them, Ryu vows to catch the pirate next time... and Samurai Goroh will be ready.

Burt's F-Zero Classroom: Burt tells us some more about Samurai Goroh, the prolific pirate who's wanted for theft in every corner of the galaxy, but has never wounded anyone. He apparently regards Captain Falcon as his nemesis, though Burt finds that laughable.

4Kids broadcast: This was episode number 11 to be broadcast, and was retitled Blow Out.

Samurai Goroh's bio has static plastered over the text crawl... for the reasons seen below. Guster gets a newly made text window.

Goroh no longer places his sword against Ryu's neck in the flashback, and instead... points at him bum awkwardly. Likewise, he holds his sword in Antonio's general direction, but not at him.

The Dragon Bird's CG model is placed atop the cel animation of it driving to the Cryton town.

This episode features a unique title card.

The Platoon's bio on Samurai Goroh is plucked from a news story regarding Sanko Soflan and property development. Antonio Guster's, meanwhile, appears to be something about Hokkaido University.

The chump who explodes on the minefield appears to be driving a green recolour of Leon's machine.

The Metroplex course is loosely adapted from the track of the same name in F-Zero GX - it features the distinct hairpin corners, a single jump pad and a minefield.