Unused Graphics

There’s barely anything unused graphic-wise in Metal Slug 3, which is a shame.

source: ?

This lift appears in an unused area in Mission 2. Not much to say about it, really.

source: 91784

Thanks to Division 六 for this find: the mini-gun soldiers were meant to jump, apparently, with an alternate idle animation to make it transition smoothly too! As it stands, they're strictly ground-bound.

source: 156011

Bonus icons exist for the Slug Mariner, Slug Copter, Slug Drill, Elephant and Ostrich... and the Slug Flyer and Camel, leftovers from Metal Slug 2. Using the level select you can complete a stage with the Slug Mariner and Slug Copter, but no such luck for the rest, hence the dodgy palettes I had to scrounge up.

source: 186651 (Marco), 196792 (Tarma), 203365 (Eri), 210305 (Fio)

A variant of the underwater death animations, only without the oxygen tank on their backs.

source: 279176 (Marco), 283095 (Tarma), 286818 (Eri), 290254 (Fio)

The player characters walking and jumping in their diving gear, carrying Heavy Machine Guns. Since you don't carry weapons across from the previous stage, this can't be seen in-game.

Source: 278500

It appears that once, the CEO/president guy, actually RAN. He didn't get carted off by the men in black, but he RAN. Shocking. Palette unchanged from the tile viewer.

Source: 118148

Not unused but merely obscured, as the Japanese soldiers carrying the tanks have full sprites and everything.

Source: 118148

An unused idle animation for the Japanese soldier, similar to the pose used when they turn.

Source: 121103

Division 六 found these crawling animations for the Japanese soldiers! There's no crawl-spaces in their hideout, nor any reason for them to crawl, so... they're unused!

Source: 144324

The large Rebel U25U submarine opening its side hatches, with additional animations for its top hatch open or closed. Presumably for a torpedo or bomb attack, but none of the graphics located near it hint at what exactly. Thanks to Division 六 for finding and ripping these!

Source: 155438

A different monkey with a palette I couldn't find, thus the horrible banana colour.

Source: 297272 (Marco), 298772 (Tarma), 300690 (Eri), 302387 (Fio)

Zombie players warping down a warp tube. There's no warp tubes in Mission 2, though it seems there was meant to be. Cheers to Division 六 for this!

Source: 293293

Another finding by Division 六: an alternate sign for the Japanese teleport chambers. It reads "exit" (出口), natch, but you're never seen teleporting out of their area.

Source: 308315

Here's a curious one pointed out by Division 六: you can make the zombie soldiers fall down or turn around, but they never stop advancing... in Metal Slug 3. In Metal Slug 4, however, they can't walk through item boxes so this animation can finally be seen!

Domino, Spriterminator, Ivo and Division 六 found these on the 10th Anniversary site; they're not all strictly graphics from MS3, but I'm grouping them as such.

There's a fair amount of leftovers in the graphics data, though.

Marco shooting backwards (MS1)
Tarma shooting backwards (MS1)
Frozen players (MS2)
ending leftovers (MS1)
unused cat (MS2)
level select (MS2 NGCD)
bus (MS2, Mission 4)
cars (MS1, MS2)
baby (MS2, Mission 1)