Early Footage

These screenshots were all from an arcade flyer at ArcadeFlyers.net. In the game, the rocket chutes are much closer together, with the second one in place of that second sand bag heap.

The poster on the building is quite different; in the game, it looks like some kinda kung-fu movie, but in the flyer it appears to be arty-farty, with those symbols and whatnot.

The left and middle towers have opened, and have shot missiles, but the one on the right has yet to open. In the game, they all open at once and take a while before they start shooting missiles.

Obviously, you donít fight two Allens here in the game, nor are there two whales, although that does look rather awesome. And maybe it's just the resizing and cropping, but Marco's Heavy Machine Gun bullets look rather thin there, like the monkey bullets from MS4.