Bomberman Live

reference Game Detail Page

Microsoft's game listing page on Xbox Live. This archived page has more flavour text than the current version.

Hudson Entertainment page

A very wordy hype page for the game.

Official Bomberman Ultra website

Hudson Entertainment's Flash site for Bomberman Ultra, with a page for all the characters, a quick look at Bomberman's history, and a few small downloads. The Japanese version is the only page still intact, and it's missing the downloads and a few images.

Bomberman Live promotional video

JOHN "MASTER" LEE: So this is really the first time that we've actually joint-developed with Japan. We have Japan, we have the US, we have Canada, trying to corner-build this project from the ground-up. So it definitely was a coordination, a challenge if you will!

A very daft Hudson Entertainment mockumentary about the developing of Bomberman Live, from greenlighting to conceptualising to marketing.

Bee TV - episode 8

YOI TANABE: What kind of emotional investment did you make into this game? Because you've been working on this for quite a bit.

JOEL BRETON: Oh yeah. We've been working on this game for about a year, and a full team up in Vancouver is helping us out making this thing, so I had to manage and oversee the direction, make sure that everything's going smooth, and that's what an international super producer does, is to really make sure everything *laugh* ... make sure everything goes smoothly. And this one, we had to work between Canada, between here and the States, and then over into Japan.

Hudson Entertainment's videocast from 2007. Yoi Tanabe conducts a bizarre interview with Joel Breton (misspelt as Joel Brenton), featuring two whole seconds of early in-development footage and using the language barrier to comedic effect.

IGN: Bomberman Live has impressive sales

"We are awed by the enthusiasm and excitement of Bomberman fans everywhere," says Sabine Duvall, Vice President of Digital Download at Hudson Entertainment. "Watching fans have fun with Bomberman and each other in this classic, fast-paced action game has been truly rewarding. The success of Bomberman LIVE is a testament to the longevity of the Bomberman series, which has entertained fans of all ages on nearly all platforms and continues to do so."

Dated August 18 2009, by that time the game had sold 500,000 digital copies.

Destructoid: Bomberman Live add-on sneak peek

Destructoid gets an exclusive image of the Gonzo costume as part of their hype campaign.

Destructoid: KABOOM!!! Hudson partners with Destructoid on Bomberman LIVE expansion pack

Mr. Destructoid is announced for Bomb-Up Pack 2, and are graced with another exclusive image.

The Downfall of Hudson - A Behind the Scenes Look

Bomberman Live became the best selling Bomberman game Hudson had seen in over 10 years! The game was such a success that the Bomberman series took home a Game of the Year Award (on XBLA) where awards had been absent for a decade.

John "Master" Lee talks about how the US branch of Hudson pushed for Live's development, with John Greiner and Sabine Duvall as the movers and shakers.

Backbone Vancouver

Steve Snake
Josh Breingan
George Wu
Corey "Ozzy" Asbruek
Brook Jones

Additional Programming
Dave Innes
Jason Collinge

Aaron Parrott
Aaron Hempler
Matt Osness
Nirmal Gill
Shane Holmes
Ryan Slemko

Front End Art
Carolyn Cudmore

Additional Art
Jonathan Innes
Tiffany Baxter
Matt Murray
Chris Sharpley

Lead Designer
Glen Hamilton

Jarett Metcalfe

Glen Hamilton

Assistant Producer
Jarett Metcalfe

Associate Producer
Devon Detbrenner

Studio Head
Joe Bonar

Technical Director
George Phillips

Art Director
Chris Bourassa

Business Development
Jim Sink

Tom McGarry
Mike Coules
Edwin Maynard

Special Thanks
Dave Albert
Ivan Allan
Jeff Vavasour
Derek Tam
Mike Mika
Brooke Allan
Michael Jr
Rai Rai

Voice of Bomberman
Jessi Nicholson

Hudson Entertainment Inc.

John Greiner

V.P. Product Development
Sabine Duvall

Senior Producer
Joel Maximillian Breton

Peter Dassenko

Associate Producer
Andrew Plempel

International Producer
Dai Kudo

QA Lead
Andrew Plempel

Creative Director
Adrian Ludley

V.P. Sales & Marketing
John Lee

Director of Marketing
Mike Pepe

Associate Brand Manager
Amar Gavhane

Design Team
Joel Breton
Peter Dassenko
Andrew Plempel

Graphic Artist
Jonathan Casco

Special Thanks
Andrew Dassenko
Seiichi Ishigaki
Lisa Durkin
Lucas Breton
Ben Herman
Alexa Breton
Meredith Orr
Sanjukta Maitra

Translation Services
Langer Translations

Additional Localization QA
Daniel Yañez
Pietro Bonomi
Arnaud Bergerol


Executive Producer
Hidetoshi Endo

Kunji Katsuki
Masanori Wake

Technical Advisor
Kazuhiko Nonaka
Hiroki Toyama
Gen Suzuki

Special Thanks
Michihiro Ishizuka
Yasutaka Kakiseko
Masato Tobisawa
Shota Takahashi
Tetsuya Komatsu
Tsuyoshi Nakagawa
Takahito Nakagawa
Kentaro Muyayama

VMC Test Lead
Erin Davis

VMC Test
Joel Carpenter
Michael Knight
Stephen Bonaci
Paul Fraser
Jesse Albert
Nick Hauenstein
Joel Tippett

Xbox Live Arcade Team

-=Program Management=-
Scott Berfield

-=Microsoft Tead Leader=-
Chad Dylan Long

-=Release Management Team=-
Shu-I Chang
Victor Pearson (Excell Data Corporation)

-=Microsoft Test Developer=-
Michael Jones

-=VMC Test Manager=-
Noriko Fritschle
Michael Fu

-=VMC MAT Testers=-
Tyler Barrett

-=Lead Program Manager=-
Tony Harlich

-=Microsoft Test Manager=-
Matt Golz

-=Group Manager=-
Bryan Trussel

-=Product Planning & Business Team=-
Dave Schenone
Christopher Martin
David Edery
Erin Friesen (Kelly Services Inc)

-=Platform Team=-
Brian Ostergren
Trisha Stouffer

Craig Evans
Jeremy Wacksman
Peter Orullian

Kari Dilloo
Aaron Greenberg

-=Content Review=-
Peter Turcan
Brent Metcalfe
Jeyen Barham-Kaiel

Padraig Keaney (SDL)
Shinya Muto
SangJin Kang
Robert Lin

-=Special Thanks=-
Oliver Miyashita
Kevin Salcedo
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