Bomberman Fantasy Race

Star Express

1st 1000GB 1st 3:00:00
2nd 300GB 2nd 3:03:00
3rd 150GB 3rd 3:06:00
100 Coin Bonus 2000GB Best Lap 1:00:0
TICKET: 750GB(J) / 1500GB(E)

Star Express quite explicitly makes use of traps and hazards to deter your progress, whether it's just a simple sharp turn you can come a cropper upon, or UFOs raining pain. Handling your speed is a great skill to make use of to evade all these obstacles, particularly decelerating, braking and jumping

Using a Louie is yet again recommended, for their cornering and jumping capabilities come in great use thanks to the winding corridors and electricity traps. The one shortcut is easy to be unaware of yet a great use once it comes to your attention. Not to mention that this is a course where Rocket Bombs actually work slightly well half of the time, and keeping up with the competition should be relatively painless.

[1] Four item panels.

[2] Two egg panels and two item panels.

[3] A danger zone! There are electricity rods all over this path. Stick to the corners and jump over them. They switch off periodically, so obviously they're not a threat then. The Time Stop will render them harmless, but a Tirra's egg effect won't.

[4] Two egg and two item panels, as well as a catapult. There's no reason not to use it, so use it!

[5] Two item panels and one egg panel. Also, shortcut time! If you don't want it, just head onwards and you'll go to [6]. If you want it (and it's easy to get so there's no reason not to), go to [7].

[6] One egg panel.

[7] You'll see four red arrows near the right wall. Beyond them is a tunnel! Pop through that and you'll have shaved off a bit of time you would've spent circling around to area eight.

[8] Four item panels. The shortcut rejoins the main path again just after them.

[9] An egg panel, but you're best just turning and ignoring it.

[10] Watch out! There's a Hige Hige Bandit in a UFO shooting electricity here. Run into a blast and you'll get shocked like you would when crashing into a Trap Panel.

Bonus Game

The coins are laid out fairly straightforward, not to mention reap you a wonderful 2000GB bonus for getting all one hundred of them, so aim for that rather than time if you want the big bucks.

1st 6000GB 1st 2:30:00
2nd 1000GB 2nd 2:33:00
3rd 500GB 3rd 2:36:00
100 Coin Bonus 5000GB Best Lap 0:50:0
TICKET: 6000GB(J) / 12000GB(E)

The problem with stages like Star Express is that, quite simply, they're too wavy and erratic for a real strategy to be employed. Of course, hitting enemies with Rocket Bombs is nice, but the terrain is just too all-over-the-place for there to be any certainty to whether it'll work or not. If you focus on speed only then you run the risk of mostly sliding along walls unless you've got the control to balance that. It doesn't help that the single shortcut isn't even a very effective one.

The only real strategy I found reasonable success with was simply going fast, fast, fast. Buy the Roller Shoes, ignore the shortcut if you can't enter without slowing too much and just keep up the pace so long as you're not scraping into walls. Hope that you get plenty of Time Stops and don't look back. Even with the Black Louie it's tough to get second place, but good timing can net you victory.

Bonus Game

The Bonus Game's timer is a minute and a half, which is actually a surprisingly generous amount of time to collect every coin.

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