Bomberman Fantasy Race

Bakuzan Ski Course

1st 500GB 1st 4:00:00
2nd 200GB 2nd 4:03:00
3rd 100GB 3rd 4:06:00
100 Coin Bonus 2000GB Best Lap 1:20:0
TICKET: 450GB(J) / 900GB(E)

A genuine introduction to hazardous terrain - you've got ice that multiplies your speed at the cost of your control; there's snow that bogs you down considerably but keeps you firmly in control of your creature; and there's water, now looking barely different from the course itself. More reason to be careful and wary.

There are very few opportunities for bomb dashing, if any at all, so you'll have to rely on your own competence for this one. With two jumps that can cost you the whole race if you flub them and lots and lots of bends, it's highly recommended to take a Louie for this one. Make use of your dashing whenever you can and be prepared for devilish tricks.

[1] Five item panels. After this you've got ice on the path except for the left (where there's snow) and to the right (which is water). The ice speeds you up considerably at the expense of your control, so try and take advantage of it.

[2] A catapult. Recommended as the snow isn't good for stopping and turning on, though you may hit a pillar if you're not careful. You can get an egg panel if you stay on the snow.

[3] Two item panels, two egg panels.

[4] A spiral path upwards. Bomb dashing isn't recommended here, obviously.

[5] Jump! Time it badly and you'll have to repeat from [4] so you may as well just restart the race. Jumping at a certain time may make you soar over the four item panels, so look out.

[6] Another spiral path with an egg panel.

[7] Jump!

[8] An egg panel.

[9] Four item panels.

[10] A slope that you have no choice but to slide down. You have two options; sail down it and head for the cave after you land at [11] (you can also get an egg panel near the cave but that's risky), or you can slow down, walk at an angle so you fall towards the wall and close to the wall of the slope and you'll get a shortcut [12].

[11] Two items and two egg panels.

[12] The only shortcut the course has, and it's a tricky one. You have to fall off the slope in such a way that you don't move very far from it, and hug the wall at the same time. This will land you near a cave where you can trim off a bit of time.

[13] A catapult on a hairpin corner, though the shortcut from [12] will miss it. Highly recommended to use, but be prepared...

[14] As there's another catapult on the other side! If you got the first you've no choice but to get this, or else you'll just crash into the wall like a doofus. Using it makes you grab one of the four item panels.

[15] Worth a mention: There's two pillars before the starting lane. They're not fun to get caught behind.

Bonus Game

The Bonus Game has the coins laid out in particularly dangerous ways, close to ledges and on treacherous patches of ice, so it's good to take it easy. Since your reward is much larger than what you would get if you aimed for time, it's definitely worth it.

1st 5000GB 1st 3:30:00
2nd 800GB 2nd 3:33:00
3rd 400GB 3rd 3:36:00
100 Coin Bonus 4000GB Best Lap 1:10:0
TICKET: 4500GB(J) / 9000GB(E)

If you want to succeed here, you'll need precise timing, great aim and access to the right items at the right time.

See, the shortcut in this level is far too cumbersome for an oaf like me to use efficiently in the heat of a race. So, basically, hit an enemy at an opportune time and hope they flub up badly, whether by falling down a gap or into the sea. The problem with this plan is that the Rocket Bomb is terrible, and will rarely hit anything on the icy patches nor the spiral pathways. Which, sadly, is really the only legitimate way to get ahead of them without a Time Stop. Of course, just using a Black Louie saps the challenge and makes it much more tolerable, though Tirras can actually be advantageous here for a change, as there's no real need for precise tight cornering.

Bonus Game

Surprisingly, the timer remains at two minutes for this course's Bonus Game, so collecting all the coins shouldn't be as painful as in the other courses. 4000GB is quite a bit higher than 700GB, so yeah, aiming for coins sounds like a good idea.

page last modified: 22/12/2011