Bomberman Fantasy Race

Wacca Isl Beach Side

1st 300GB 1st 2:30:00
2nd 100GB 2nd 2:33:00
3rd 70GB 3rd 2:36:00
100 Coin Bonus 700GB Best Lap 0:50:0
TICKET: 200GB(J) / 400GB(E)

Wacca Isl Beach Side is where the difficulty really ramps up: The course is quite explicitly bendy, with few good opportunities for bomb dashing and a single flub can get your ass soaked. On the contrary, some people find the level rather easy, so to each their own.

The first level with two shortcuts, a Louie is highly recommended for this course, as solid control is an absolute must for the spindly paths and to weave around obstacles. The Tri-Louie is a must for the second shortcut, but one can get by just fine without it if you make good use of your skills.

[1] Five item panels.

[2] Two item panels, two egg panels.

[3] Alternate path time! It's only really a shortcut if you're a Louie, see. You can keep on down the path which will lead to [4], or you can jump on the ledge beyond the water near the rocky wall and that'll lead to [5].

[4] Palm trees that drop bombs. You'll be damaged if you collide with them but they should be no major hassle.

[5] Just across the moat to the gap in the wall and you'll come to a boardwalk with three egg panels. Perfect for a Louie. Useless for a Tirra.

[6] The alternate path reunites with the main route. The shortcut misses out on two item and two egg panels.

[7] Another alternate path route. You can go up the ship and grab an item panel on either side [8], or you can take a shortcut via the pillars [9], but you must have a creature with high jump capabilities.

[8] After falling down the other side you'll see a catapult. If you use this, be sure to pull into the curve and jump boost off the billboard, otherwise you'll land in the sea or crash into the board, and neither is desirable.

[9] You must have a Louie or Tirra with a jump rating of four; the Tri-Louie works wonders. Basically, turn left once you see the ship and you'll come across the four pillars. Leap at them and triangle jump between them. The Soaring Tirra, from my experience, is too slippery to achieve this, but the Tri-Louie can do it flawlessly. This shaves a fair five or so seconds from the time and is an incredibly useful shortcut if performed right.

Bonus Game

Although with the Green Louie you can manage 750GB from the time reward in the Bonus Game, getting all the coins will net you slightly more as the time bonus, though not as big, will add extra to it.

1st 3500GB 1st 2:00:00
2nd 700GB 2nd 2:03:00
3rd 300GB 3rd 2:06:00
100 Coin Bonus 3000GB Best Lap 0:40:0
TICKET: 2700GB(J) / 3400GB(E)

Here's how it generally goes: One racer zooms to miles ahead of the rest, and you will never see him again. The rest will surround you and begin hurling every possible bomb in your direction. You will lose.

The shortcut is awkward to use thanks to the very precise angle you need to bounce at or else you'll just careen around and land in the drink. The other path is only suitable for Louies, slightly. You can't buy Time Stops. Pretty Bomber, unless you're playing as her, will kick your ass if you're within any of her proximity.

I'm quite serious. I've beaten the course with a Hyper Louie before, but only by some serious flukes of Rocket Bombs, speed-ups and Time Stops. Victory can depend on what kind of computer racers you get, but honest to God, you are best just using the best Louie or Tirra. Even then it's still a hard time, but at least that's because of unfortunate timing of Poopie and Reverse curses. Just try and be as offensive as you can, dash whenever possible and never give up.

Bonus Game

As usual, the time limit has been shrunk from two minutes to seventy seconds. Enough time to get all the coins and nothing more; missing one will throw off the whole thing. Which is a shame as to get first place and all the coins nets you a mighty benefit.

page last modified: 22/12/2011