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European manual

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from page 11, "Story"

A dark shadow makes its way toward the star system that Bomberman calls home...

Once-peaceful animals have become victims of brainwashing, suddenly turning unpredicably violent. Meanwhile, a mysterious army of mechs has launched a wide-spread invasion of the galaxy.

Now begins Bomberman's new adventure - to restore peace to the galaxy!


The galaxy is at peace. When, suddenly, a darkness clouds over all of the planets!

A familiar silhouette appears from the darkness before vanishing. Bomberman flies by and is shocked at the sight, and begins doing something about it.

Spook World

Bomberman encounters Bagular in the Spook World.

So you're the fool who's been trying to stop me!
How impertinent... I'll crush you right here and now!

Bagular is defeated, and teleports away.

Hmph...Not bad... But that's all for today!

after Electro World

A wormhole opens up in the space between the planets, revealing a new planet: Mech World.

Mech World

Bagular appears again at the end of the world.

We meet again, Bomberman! I've analyzed your data.
Now you're completely hopeless. No different than a child.
Hm...? Still think you can beat me?
Hahahaha! You've got guts. Let me remove them for you.

Bagular and his mech are damaged, prompting him to flee.

This isn't over, Bomberman! Next time I won't pull any punches!

Bagular flees from Mech World in a UFO, and docks on his new hideout, Future World.

Future World

Bagular is encountered once more.

Very impressive, Bomberman. I didn't think you'd get this far.
But your luck ends here.
Your petty tricks are no match for my power! Allow me to show you...

Bagular is defeated once more, and flees another time.

Ungh... Not bad... But too little too late!
That's all for now... But next time you're mine!

after Future World (missing keys)

Bagular's UFO flees the planet, and heads towarsd a suspicious red glow...

Even YOU can't chase after me beyond this point!
Farewell, Bomberman! Bwaahahahaha!

after Future World (all keys)

Upon collecting all keys, a message prompt appears.

9 Key Items collected. Bagular's Spaceship can now be selected on the WORLD MAP.

Bagular's Spaceship

Bagular appears for a final confrontation.

How did you get this far? I've just about had it with you!
Now I'm furious! Don't you know I'm Bagular--Emperor of Darkness!?
This is the end, Bomberman. I'll grind you into space dust!

Bagular is defeated (how many times is that now?), and this time doesn't make a sneaky escape.

No! Wipe that smug grin off your face! Bomberman...Bomberman...

Bomberman flies out of Bagular's Spaceship just before it detonates.

No trace of it remains. Bomberman flies home.

Hudson page

A colourful Flash page flaunting each and all of the game's features. Sadly, the downloadable wallpapers and trailer are long gone.

Hudson Entertainment page

A similar spiel, only this time it's in English and with a lot less colourful imagery.

game credits

Transcribed from the European game.
Yukihiro Kobayashi

Takahide Otoizumi

Associate Producer
Kazuyuki Makishima
Tatsuo Masuda
Noriyuki Saeki
Hiroshi Kurimoto

Game Designer
Takafumi Sugano
Yoshikazu Takahashi

Lead Programmer
Hidetaka Yajima

Takashi Noshiro
Ryohei Hukutome
Iku Takahashi
Kenichirou Obara

Lead Graphic Designer
Syouichi Kawamura

Graphic Designer
Hirotaka Nakayama
Daisuke Katou
Takahito Tatezawa
Tadashi Miura

Character Designer
Tatsuya Otani

3D Designer
Masakazu Echigo
Masahide Inaba
Osamu Tsuchiya
Shinya Nakayama
Masahiko Yamada

Sound Producer
Hideki Sakamoto

Technical Advisor
Masato Tobisawa

QA Lead Tester
Tsuyoshi Nakagawa
Takahito Nakagawa

Software manual
Kazue Maeda

Advertising Staff
Kentarou Murayama
Takurou Uchida

Special Thanks
Kazuhiko Nonaka
Katsushi Takagi
Osamu Kunimasa
Syouta Takahashi
Tetsuya Komatsu
Chika Ishida
Hisao Hasunuma
Mitsuo Hasunuma

Produced by

Published by
Konami Digital Entertainment Group

European manual credits

President Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH
Kunio Neo

Head of European Product Management
Hans-Joachim Amann

European Brand Coordinator
Richard Jones

Special Thanks
Christopher Heck
Martine Saunders
Andreas Voigt
Ella Siebert
Nicolas Dyna
Sonia Aparicio
Martin Schneider
Wolfgang Ebert
Rebecca Varoli Piazza (Halifax)
Hiroki Muraoka
Masumi Horiwaki
Su-Yina Farmer
Véronique Lefour

Manual & Packaging Design

Manual Translation
MSM (Munich)
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