Avalanche Of Excitement

Now here! SECOND Alpha demo!
Atomic Bomberman Action/Arcade

"The Best Multiplayer Game Ever"
Next Generation March Cover Story
Rating Pending Now Exploding On Your PC! Designed for Win 95
The BLAST is BACK & More CHAOTIC Than Ever!

"Super Bomberman II is without a doubt, the finest multiplayer game yet"
Next Generation Sept. '96
"The ever-popular console hit Bomberman blasts onto the PC... we're looking forward to this one"
PC Gamer Dec. '96
#3 in Next Generation "Top 100 Games of All Time"
Sept. '96

Since 1989 Bomberman has been defined by gamers as the ultimate multiplayer game. Now "the man" is available in an enhanced 10-player multiplayer package, complete with 3D rendered graphics, new character animations, and a vast repertoire of spiteful canned and custom taunts. Keeping true to the original addictive gameplay, you better think fast as you vie for deadly power-ups, race against the clock, and blow your opponents to smithereens.

Atomic Bomberman AVI Movie (10MB)

(11.4 MB)

"Editor's Top Ten"
Ultra Game Players
    Key Features
  • Multi-player Battle Mode featuring original Bomberman combat for up to 10 players via modem or IPX network.
  • Play in Enhanced mode with new animation, deadly power-ups and challenging new levels. Or play in Classic mode to recapture the original Bomberman experience.
  • Level editor and graphic/sound importer allow users to build their own maps and Title sets and to create customized animations and taunts.
  • New animation, taunts and character personality traits makes gameplay addictive for players of all ages.
  • Built-in Microsoft Plus Theme that players can customize.
    System Requirements
  • IBMTM PC compatible Pentium 90 or faster
  • 16 MB RAM
  • Windows 95
  • 2X CD-ROM drive and 10MB hard drive space
  • 2MB VRAM required with SVGA support
  • 100% Sound BlasterTM compatible sound card
  • Joystick
  • 100% Microsoft compatible mouse
    (Subject to change)

The Atomic Bomberman SECOND Alpha demo is here!

This demo has expired and will require setting your system clock to a date before August 1st to run.

To install the Atomic Bomberman SECOND Alpha demo:

  1. Download (and install) DirectX 3.0 (or higher) from Microsoft if you don't already have it
  2. Download bm95demo.zip (8.8 MB) from our main FTP server or from our secondary one
  3. Create a folder of your choice (eg: C:\Interplay)
  4. Unzip the demo to that directory using a '95 compatible unzipping utility such as WinZip (Note: This will create a folder called Bombdemo)
  5. Double-click the BM95DEMO.exe file in the Bombdemo folder to start the game
For more info, please read the readme.txt

If you would like music in the game...

  1. Download bm95snd.zip (9.1 MB) from our main FTP server or from our secondary one
  2. Unzip the file to your directory of choice
  3. Copy SOUNDLST.RES into the "Bombdemo\data\res" folder and say yes to overwrite the old soundlst.res file
  4. Copy tune0.rss into the "Bombdemo\data\sound" folder
  5. Start the game and you should hear music

If you would like the whole package... (Demo + Sound Files)

  1. Download bm95adem.zip (18 MB) from our main FTP server or from our secondary one
  2. Follow the directions above for the SECOND Alpha demo

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