Atomic Bomberman


In-game artwork

Manual artwork

Gleaned from the PDF files and other resources.

Ripped from gameplay.

Title screen
size: 1.75mb / time: 1:16
Main Menu
size: 1.6mb / time: 1:08
Join Network Game
size: 597kb / time: 0:25


size: 1.4mb / time: 0:59


size: 679kb / time: 0:28

Draw Game

size: 694kb / time: 0:29

Green Acres

size: 3.3mb / time: 2:25

Classic Green Acres

size: 3.6mb / time: 2:38

The Hockey Rink

size: 3.3mb / time: 2:26

Ancient Egypt

size: 4mb / time: 2:53

The Coal Mine

size: 3.9mb / time: 2:51

The Beach

size: 3.7mb / time: 2:44


size: 3.5mb / time: 2:32

Haunted House

size: 3.8mb / time: 2:44

Under The Ocean

size: 3.25mb / time: 2:22

Deep Forest Green

size: 4mb / time: 2:57

Inner City Trash

size: 2.7mb / time: 1:59

SECOND Alpha demo

Download here (18MB Zip file).

Microsoft Plus! theme

Download here (2.94MB Zip file). Packed in with the Sold-Out Software release. Contains:

Probably not compatible with anything beyond Windows 98, mind.

Music references

"The mind of man rests on a delicate balance between reality - the world of light, and the other darker world below the threshold of consciousness... and it is from this world of darkness which comes the evil destructive forces in man's nature."

This quote from Mondo Keyhole is sampled in the Hounted House track, and appears to be a public domain favourite of the techno music scene.
The track for the Aliens level is named GIEGER.RSS, after H.R. Giger of Alien concept art fame.

Kurt Dekker

"Kurt Dekker poses for the hidden Atomic Bomberman feature that
puts his head on the character (Up, X, B, Left on controller)."
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The /DATA/SOUND/ folder contains photographs of programmer Kurt Dekker, showing him flying an N83127 helicopter, playing Magic: The Gathering, his LEGO creations, and enjoying various other activities.
Interestingly, the first image mentions a code that places Dekker's head on top of Bomberman, and there's an unused graphic file for that very purpose (), but there appears to be no other reference to it in the game data.

The Cutting Room Floor has a terrific page that makes this section irrelevant! It covers both preliminary and straight-up unused sprites and animations, and most infamously, a whole load of unused voice clips from Charlie Adler and Billy west that would've made a mockery of the ESRB's Kids to Adults rating for this game.

Screenshots can be found on this page!
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