Taisen! Bomberman


[this game saw large changes throughout its updates, including limited-time content, so information may not be accurate to past revisions or missing bits entirely!]

The goal of all modes is to defeat all enemies within 120 seconds to complete the stage. In Online Battle you battle other Bombermen, while in Single Battle you fight against enemies, monsters with unique behaviours and traits, as well as computer-controlled Bombermen. This section will largely cover Single Battle unless otherwise specified.

The Single Battle consists of 100 levels in the vein of traditional Normal Games - to complete the stage you must defeat all enemies, which have unique behaviours and traits, and will hurt Bomberman on contact. Every fifth level is a Vs. Bomberman stage, pitting you against one to four CPU opponents.
Item panels are not carried across between stages. Before battles (in both Single Battle and Online Battle), you can equip Items to start the match with various buffs. They are limited-use items that are awarded for completing Missions, or can be bought using Diamonds; see Items for info.

You are given 120 seconds to complete each stage, and you lose once the timer reaches 0. You are awarded Stars based on how quickly you complete the stage; 3 Stars for less than 30 seconds, 2 stars for over 30 seconds, and 1 Star for over 90 seconds.
If you have 30 Stars, you can enter the Bonus Battle (ボーナスバトル) via the map screen. In these stages you are fully-stocked on Bomb Ups, Fire Ups and Speed Ups, and are unharmed by explosions or enemy collisions. The goal is to collect as many coins as possible in 30 seconds, by blowing up enemy treasure chests which scatter coins upon defeat.
You cannot play the Bonus Battle if you have 9999 Coins.

If you lose during Single Battle (to an enemy defeat or time-up), you are given the option of exiting at the cost of a Heart, or you can pay 9 Diamonds to continue; this will instantly revive you with a Barrier item and reset the timer (though it will not reset the Stars awarded). You can only continue once, and losing a second time will forcibly return you to the level select.
You have 5 Hearts, and one is used whenever you lose or exit a stage without completing it. Once all Hearts are gone, you cannot play Single Battle until one has refilled, though are you given the option to instantly replenish one by watching an advertisement video. One Heart will refill every 30 minutes, or you can instantly refill them by paying 9 Diamonds.

Characters can be unlocked by completing Missions or Vs. Bomberman matches that feature a Chance Battle. Characters have unique skills and varying stats, determining their maximum stock of Bomb Ups, etc. See Characters for info.

A congratulations screen is displayed upon completing Battle 100, though the Single Battle will continue by repeating its stages again, with faster enemy behaviour. According to the manual there are 5000 stages in total, or 50 loops.

Online Battle

Play a battle game against friends or random online opponents. See Online Battle for info.

Practise Battle

A single-player score attack mode. See Practise Battle for info.

Names are sourced from the help manual. Items found during gameplay are referred to as Battle Items (バトルアイテム); negative items like Bomb Downs are referred to as Minus Items (マイナスアイテム).

Bomb Up / ボムアップ

increases bomb stock by 1.

Bomb Down / ボムダウン

Decreases bomb stock by 1.

Fire Up / ファイアーアップ

Increases bomb blast radius by 1 tile.

Fire Down / ファイアーダウン

Decreases bomb blast radius by 1 tile.

Speed Up / スピードアップ

Increases movement speed by 1.

Speed Down / スピードダウン

Decreases movement speed by 2.

Super Bomb / スーパーボム

All bombs become Penetration Bombs, their explosions penetrating through soft blocks and item panels. Every character has a unique graphic for their Super Bomb, though it is purely cosmetic.

Bomb Kick / ボムキック

Walk into a bomb to kick it; it will stop only upon hitting a wall, obstacle, or enemy character. Kicked bombs will erase any item panel in their path, except for Skulls.

Glove / グローブ

Press the Bomb button while on top of a bomb to carry it, and press again to throw it 3 tiles ahead. Thrown bombs will erase item panels if it lands on top of them, or bounce to the next available tile if on top of a Skull or hard block; if it travels off-screen, it will loop to the opposite side of the arena. If a bomb lands on an enemy Bomberman it will stun them for a second. Picking up and throwing a bomb will reset its detonation timer.

Barrier / バリア

Protects the player from attacks, and will push aside Skull items on contact. In Single Battle it lasts for 10 seconds, while in Online Battle it lasts for 5 seconds by default. Its effect can be extended by Levelling Up certain characters; see Characters.

Skull / ドクロ

Reverses movement controls; in Single Battle it lasts for 15 seconds, while in Online Battle and Practise Battle it lasts for 7 seconds. Its effect can be shortened by Levelling Up certain characters; see Characters.
The curse can be spread to enemy Bombermen on contact. Collecting a Barrier will remove the curse and eject the Skull item. The Skull item cannot be destroyed or erased, and the only way to remove it from play is to collect it; if struck by an explosion or moving bomb it will only move 2 tiles. A kicked bomb will stop on contact with it, and a thrown bomb will bounce one extra tile.

Mystery / ハテナ

Grants a random item, including Minus Items and Skulls.


Only found in Practise Battle. Adds 15 seconds to the timer.

The following items are currencies, used only on menus.

Coin / コイン

Found in soft blocks, and earned from defeating enemies, completing Single Battle stages or clearing Missions. Comes in silver and gold variants, worth 1 and 5 respectively. Used to buy Tickets for Online Battle and Friend Battle. Coins earned through Single Battle can be multiplied by Levelling Up certain characters; see Characters.
You get a substantial First Time Clear Bonus (初回クリアボーナス) upon completing a Single Battle level for the first time, while repeat plays offer a lot less. If you have less than 100 Coins, one coin will be added every 30 seconds until it reaches that number. Maximum of 9999.

Diamond / ダイヤ

Earned for completing Missions, or purchased via microtransactions: diamonds could be bought in lots of 10 (120 Yen), 55 (600 Yen), 115 (1200 Yen) or 250 (2400 Yen). [src] Used to revive after death, refill Hearts, or purchase items.

And the following items are referred to as Items (アイテム), or Luxury Items (豪華報酬) in one press release.

Power-Up! / パワーアッブ!

バトル開始時に、 ボム・フアイアー・スピードが、 全て+1されます。

Grants the player an additional Bomb Up, Fire Up and Speed Up for one match.
A pack of 3 costs 7 Diamonds.

Hit Slot! / 当たりスロット!

Runs three slots at the start of a match, with the chance of winning a Bomb Up, Fire Up, Speed Up, Coins (Single Battle) or BP (Online Battle).
This item was replaced by Power-Up! in Version 1.1.4.

(image source: IMP GAME)

Kokoni Item! / ここにアイテム!

ソフトブロックに入っているアイテムの位置がわかります。 バトル7クリアで使えるようになります。

Highlights soft blocks that contain items with orange circles for one match; soft blocks containing Minus Items are marked with blue circles. Roughly translated as "Here's the Items!"
A pack of 3 costs 7 Diamonds.

近くにバリア! / Handy Barrier!

バリアが、 スタート位置近くのブロックに必ず設置されままた 「バリア」 の位置もわかります。 バ卜ル9クリアで使えるようになります。

Hides additional Barrier items inside soft blocks near the player's starting position.
A pack of 3 costs 7 Diamonds.

Battle Ticket / バトルチケット

1枚で 「オンラインバトル」 が1回遊ぶことができます。

Allows one free play of Online Battle.
One ticket costs 100 Coins, or a pack of 10 costs 9 Diamonds.

Friend Battle Ticket / フレンドバトルチケット

1枚で 「フレンドバトル」 が1回遊ぶことができます。ルームを作るとき 「全員分払う」を選ぶと2枚消資します。

Allows one free play of Friend Battle; two tickets will allow all players to join a room for free.
One ticket costs 200 Coins, or a pack of 10 costs 9 Diamonds.

The Single Battle page (for maps and enemy/item data for each stage) can be found here!

Online Battle (オンラインバトル) is unlocked after completing Stage 4 of Single Battle; as of Version 1.1.3, you must complete a practise battle against 3 CPU opponents in the Mini-Mini arena before online matchmaking is accessible.
Online Battle pits the player against up to 3 opponents in a random arena. In Friend Battle (フレンドバトル), you can set up or join a private room with a custom 5-letter entrance code required to enter; if you host a room, you can choose the Stage and set Bomb Blast Guide on or off.
To play the Online Battle or Friend Battle, you must use the appropriate Battle Ticket, which can be bought for 100 Coins, earned for free by watching an advertisement video, or bought in packs using Diamonds.

On the battle menu you can select your Character, select an Item in your possession, and if in Online Battle, you can also use the Bet Up (ペッドアップ) feature. I assume this would've allowed you to bet Coins on the match outcome, but there's no surviving documentation of it as far as I can tell!
In Friend Battle you can set up private rooms, choosing what arena to fight on and setting Bomb Blast Guide on or off. The room is accessed by entering a unique alphabetical code. You can use 2 Friend Battle Tickets to remove the cost of entry for other players.

Battle Points (バトルポイント) or BP are awarded for participating in Online Battle, even if you win or lose, though the amount awarded is greater for how high you place. Amassing BP will increase your Ranking, rising from 11th rank to 1st rank. You must maintain consecutive victories to keep your ranking; if you lose too many times, you will be demoted to a lower ranking.
During Events, earning BP could win exclusive prizes that could not be won via other means. See Events for details.

Battle Game includes a unique feature for crudely communicating with other players: Stamps (スタンプ). Four Stamps adorn the right side of the screen, and tapping them will display that icon above your Bomberman's head. They range from simple smiley faces to the very image of gut-wrenching anguish, as well as a textual "Hello!" if you want to be friendly. There are 24 Stamps which can be selected in the Options menu.

If you are defeated, your last position will be marked by a ghost which can still emote using Stamps. If other players are still participating, an Exit button will appear to return you to the menu.

Once the timer reaches 40 seconds, the game enters Sudden Death and hard blocks will rain down, filling the 2-tile outer ring of the arena and crushing anything in their path.

In Online Battle, stages are chosen at random with no input from the player. In Friend Battle, you can choose which battle to fight on, with varying degrees of gimmickry. As of Version 1.1.7, there are 16 arenas.

[this list is relevant only to Version 1.1.7. it's possible some stages have gone: see Unused Materials!]

Random / ランダム

Chooses a random arena.

Ordinary / いつもの

The typical gridded arena. No gimmicks.

Windmill / ふうしゃ

Adds partial walls to the four sides of the arena.

image source: IMP GAME

Zigzag / じぐざぐ

Adds an outer ring of hard blocks with an uneven pattern inside it.

image source: オーメンズ11

Farm / たんぼ

Removes all hard blocks except for a five-tile wall on the left and right, and two blocks on the top and bottom.

image source: オーメンズ11

Circle / ぐるっと

The players start on the outside, with the inner portion of the arena filled with soft blocks.

image source: うめ/UME Games

Hidden Blast / かくれてドカン

Features tunnels that obscure enemies and bombs from view... unless Bomb Blast Guide is enabled, of course.

image source: IMP GAME

Conveyor Belt Loop / ぐるぐるベルコン

A conveyor belt moves counter-clockwise in the centre, moving players, bombs and items with it.

Side-to-Side Warp / さゆうにワープ

The arena is split into two vertical halves, with two warps that take you to the respective warp on the other side.

image source: IMP GAME

Mild Spikes / ぴよぴよトゲトゲ

Spikes will raise from pits of sand every 6 seconds, stunning any player who touches them for a second.

image source: うめ/UME Games

Eerie Darkness / こわいよくちやみ

An arena cast entirely in darkness. Only bombs, explosions (plus the Bomb Blast Guide if enabled) and your character are illuminated.

image source: IMP GAME

Expansive Open-Air / ひろびろはらっぱ

No hard blocks, only soft blocks.

image source: IMP GAME

Items Galore / アイテムざくざく

All items are sitting out in the open, and soft blocks contain nothing.

image source: @XZwFMLFCOLnbnai

Kick de Bomb / キックでボン

Likely features the Bomb Kick item in abundance and arrows to redirect kicked bombs.

[does anyone have any footage of this stage in action?]

Runners Circuit / はしれサーキット

Features Speed Up/Down Tiles (スピード最大/最小) that change the player's speed when walked upon. If Speed Up, will increase Bomberman's speed to maximum when walked on. If Speed Down, will reduce speed to 0. Bombing the panel will toggle between Speed Up or Down.

image source: IMP GAME

Pothole Magma / あなぼこマグマ

There's no cover in this arena: instead of hard blocks there are holes the player cannot cross, but explosions can!

image source: うめ/UME Games

Mini-Mini / ミニミニ

A small 9x7 arena. The time limit is 90 seconds.

時間内に敵ボンバーマンを何体倒せるがな? チャレンジしてバトルの腕を磨こう!
(腕に自信のある人は 「 爆炎ガイドOFF」でチャレンジ!)

How many enemy Bombermen can you beat in the time limit? A challenge to improve your battling skills!
If you want a real challenge, try it with the Bomb Blast Guide disabled!)

Introduced in Version 1.1.4. A score-attack mode where you must defeat as many Bombermen within 180 seconds. You can choose to play the game with the Bomb Blast Guide enabled or disabled; There is no online component to this mode, the goal is simply to beat your high score.
Reaching certain high scores qualifies as a Mission and awards additional Characters upon completion; notably, this is the only method of unlocking Light Bon and Pastel Bon.

Enemy Bombermen begin with very simple AI and no items, but slowly increase in tenacity and power-ups as you progress. When one is defeated, a new one will warp in. Unique to this mode are Clock items that will add 15 seconds to the timer when collected.

If you are defeated, you can instantly continue by watching an advertisement video. If you are defeated a second time, choose not to watch the video or time runs out, the game is over.

Additional characters can be unlocked by clearing Missions and Events, or by encountering Chance Battles (チャンスバトル) in the Single Battle. On a Vs. Bomberman stage, a Chance Battle is forecast by the silhouetted Bomberman on the menu, and a Character Bomberman will be among the CPU opponents. Completing the stage will unlock that character.
If you lose and quit, the character will "run away", and you will need to wait for a new Chance Battle to appear; Chance Battles are only encountered on new stages, you will not encounter one when replaying a completed stage.
Some characters can only be unlocked via special criteria; see below.

Characters have differing maximum capacities for Bomb Ups, Fire Ups and Speed Ups. All characters except Shirobon have a Special Skill (特殊スキル), a passive buff that increases their reward from both modes, or alters the time certain items are in effect. See individual character for percentage.
If you unlock a character already in your roster, this will instead increase their Level (レベル). With every Level, the effectiveness of their Special Skills increases, and at certain thresholds their maximum item capacity will also increase.

Special Skills include:
BP Up (BPアップ): Increases BP gained in Online Battle. Maximum of +60% or +40%, depending on the Character.
Coin Up (コインアップ): Increases number of coins earned in Single Battle. Maximum of +24%.
Barrier Time Up (バリア時間アップ): Increases duration of Barrier's effect; maximum of +50% (10.5 seconds).
Skull Time Down (ドクロ時間ダウン): Decreases duration of Skull's effect; maximum of +50% (3.5 seconds).
Power Bonus (パワーボーナス): Increases the character's starting item stock by 1; Fire Up at Level 16, Speed Up at 18, and Bomb Up at 20... I think? There's no clear documentation on it!

If unlocked through a Chance Battle, you can freely use that character for three days. After that period the character is locked and you must pay 200 Coins to unlock them for 24 hours, or 9 Diamonds to unlock them for a week. Shirobon is exempt from all features mentioned here: he has no Special Skills, cannot gain Levels, and has no expiration date.

Credit goes to Bomber Yaroze! for all character data, and thanks to Plasma Captain with help on transcriptions!

Shirobon / しろボン

Bomb Up: 6 | Fire Up: 6 | Speed Up: 6
No Special Skills.

いわゆる「いつもの」ボンバーマン。 自慢のボムで、 今日もバトル! ボディカラーの違いて「くろボン」 「あおボン」 「あかボン」等のタイプがある。
The so-called ordinary Bomberman, still proudly bomb-battling! Comes in a variety of body colours, including Black, Red and Blue.

Gunman Bon / ガンマンボン

Bomb Up: 6 | Fire Up: 6 | Speed Up: 6 / 7(LV10) / 8(LV20)
BP Up: +3% per Level

爆速の早撃ちガンマン。 銃を抜くよりも早く、ボムが歓を吹っ飛ばす!
A gunman who shoots at explosive speed. Can blow foes away with a bomb faster than any quickdraw!

Pretty Bomber / プリティボンバー

Bomb Up: 7 / 8(LV20) | Fire Up: 6 | Speed Up: 6 / 7(LV10)
BP Up: +2% per Level | Barrier: +2.5% per Level

自称「ボンバー界のスーパーアイドル (はあと) 」の、 キュートな女の子。 高飛車な性格だが、 意外とツンデレなー面も。
A cute girl who's the self-proclaimed super idol of Planet Bomber. Can a bit of a tsundere with a domineering attitude.

Muay Thai Bon / ムエタイボン

Bomb Up: 5 | Fire Up: 7 / 8(LV20) | Speed Up: 7 / 8(LV10)
BP Up: +2% per Level | Barrier Up: +2.5% per Level

孤高のムエタイ使い。 必殺キックが、ボムを紛々に粉砕するという噂も。
A solitary Muay Thai practitioner. Legend says his kicks can even shatter bombs.

Apron Bom / エプロンボン

Bomb Up: 7 | Fire Up: 6 / 7(LV20) | Speed Up: 6 / 7(LV10)
BP Up: +2% per Level | Skull: +2.5% per Level

エプロン姿がカワいいボンバーマン。 好きなものは、 チューリップと風車とボムとわ・た・し★
A Bomberman wearing an adorable apron. Her favourite things are tulips, windmills, bombs, and herself.

Wild Bon / ワイルドボン

Bomb Up: 7 / 8(LV20) | Fire Up: 5 | Speed Up: 7 / 8(LV10)
BP Up: +2% per Level | Skull: +2.5% per Level

太古の世界で生きるサバイバルなボンバーマン。 野生のボムパワーで、バトルフィールドを焼き払う。
A survivalist Bomberman from ancient times. Can set battlefields ablaze with his savage bomb power.

Gourmet Bon / グルメボン

Bomb Up: 6 / 7(LV10) | Fire Up: 7 / 8(LV20) | Speed Up: 6
BP Up: +2% per Level | Coin Up: +1.2% per Level

ボンバー界の美食王。 ボムでこんがり梗がれた黒炭ウェルダン・ステーキが六好物。
The king of Bomber cuisine. A particular favourite is steak cooked well done on top of a bomb.

Inspector Bon / 探偵ボン

Bomb Up: 6 / 7(LV10) | Fire Up: 6 | Speed Up: 7 / 8(LV20)
BP Up: +3% per Level

トレンチコートをまとっ存紳士。 この世のあちゆる事件や試を、あざやかに爆破!
A trenchcoat-wearing gentleman. Blow open the cases and investigations!

Cannon Bon / キャノンボン

Bomb Up: 7 | Fire Up: 7 / 8(LV10) / 9(LV20) | Speed Up: 5
BP Up: +2% per Level | Barrier: +2.5% per Level

未来の世界かちやってきたボンバー兵器。 「スベテノ ボムヲ バクハ スル!」
A Bomber weapon from the far-flung future. "ALL-BOMBS-MUST-BOOM!"

Unlocked by reaching 1st in the Rankings 100 times.

Dress Bon / ドレスボン

Bomb Up: 7 / 8(LV10) | Fire Up: 6 / 7(LV20) | Speed Up: 6
BP Up: +2% per Level | Coin Up: +1.2% per Level

ボンバー界のセレブなお嬢さま 「ボムがなけれは、ケーキでバトればイイんじゃない?」
A woman mad about Bomber celebrities. "If there are no bombs, shouldn't they eat cake?"

Miniskirt Bon / ミニス力ボン

Bomb Up: 6 | Fire Up: 7 / 8(LV20) | Speed Up: 6 / 7(LV10)
BP Up: +3% per Level

ボンバーポリスで働く婦警さん。 悪い事をするコは、オネーさんがバクハしちゃうそっ♪
A female officer who works in the Bomber Police. If someone's up to no good, she'll blast them!

Zombie Bon / ゾンビボン

Bomb Up: 7 / 8(LV10) | Fire Up: 7 / 8(LV20) | Speed Up: 5
BP Up: +2% per Level | Skull: +2.5% per Level

ボムの墓かち蘇ったボンバーマン。 闇夜に舞うゾンビグンスが、 バトる相手を恐怖におとしいれる。
A Bomberman awoken from its bomber tomb. It goes to midnight zombie dances; at any other time of day it'd just frighten its dance partner.

Fry Bon / フライボン

Bomb Up: 5 | Fire Up: 7 | Speed Up: 7 / 8(LV10) / 9(LV20)
BP Up: +2% per Level | Skull: +2.5% per Level

ボムボム海に住む、 フィッシュなボンバーマン。 仕上げは、 ボンバー油でボムッとカラッと★ A fish Bomberman who lives in the Bom Bom Sea. A little bomber oil seasoning adds the finishing touch.

Unlocked by coming 1st in Group Rankings 50 times.

Russian Bon / ロシアンボン

Bomb Up: 7 / 8(LV10) / 9(LV20) | Fire Up: 5 | Speed Up: 6
BP Up: +2% per Level | Coin Up: +1.2% per Level

ロシア土産のボンバーマン。 開けても開けてもボンバーマン。
A Russian souvenir Bomberman that keeps opening and opening.

Unlocked by coming 1st in Group Rankings 10 times.

Captain Bomb / キャプテン・ボム

Bomb Up: 7 / 8(LV10) / 9(LV20) | Fire Up: 6 | Speed Up: 6
BP Up: +2% per Level | Coin Up: +1.2% per Level

海賊団「ボムボムパイレーツ」の船長。 7つのボンバー海を浪り歩き、伝説のボム秘宝を集めたと噂される。
Captain of the Bom Bom Pirates. It's rumoured he sailed the seven Bomber Seas and has legendary treasure in his hoard.

Unlocked by reaching 1st Rank.


Bomb Up: 6 / 9(LV20) | Fire Up: 7 / 9(LV20) | Speed Up: 6 / 9(LV20)
BP Up: +2% per Level

[does anyone have his profile description?]

Unlocked by reaching 1st in the Rankings 200 times.

Musketeer Bon / 銃士ボン

Bomb Up: 7 | Fire Up: 7 / 8(LV10) / 9(LV20) | Speed Up: 5
BP Up: +2% per Level | Coin Up: +1.2% per Level

剣に誇りをかけた高貴なボンバーマン。 すべてはボムのために!

A Bomberman of high class who takes pride in his blade. All for one, and one for bomb!

Only unlockable during the Spring Coin Festival event.

Ninja Bon / ニンジャボン

Bomb Up: 7 | Fire Up: 5 | Speed Up: 7 / 8(LV10) / 9(LV20)
BP Up: +2% per Level | Skull: +2.5% per Level

ジパングからやってきた、オリエンタルなボンバーマン。 ボンバー忍法 バクカゼの術!
A Bomber Ninja who hails from the Oriental Zipangu. Skilled in the art of Bakukaze!

Only unlockable during the PUMA IGNITE DISC Event.

Goebon / ゴエボン

Bomb Up: 6 | Fire Up: 6 | Speed Up: 7 / 8(LV10) / 9(LV20)
BP Up: +2% per Level | Coin Up: +1.2% per Level

ボンバー界の夜を騒がせる、天下御免の江戸っ子義賊。 この世で盗めないモノは、全てボムで爆破でいっ!
A chivalrous thief and true Edoite who's always making a ruckus in the nights of Bomber Kingdom. If it can't be stolen, blow it up!

Only unlockable during the NicoNico Live Broadcast Debut Event.

Pastel Bon / パステルボン

Bomb Up: 5 | Fire Up: 7 / 8(LV10) / 9(LV20) | Speed Up: 7
BP Up: +2.5% per Level | Skull: 1.5% per Level

ドンブリ星からやってきた、 アイドルパイロット。 合言葉は、 ボムの「B」~!
An idol pilot who originates from Planet Donburi. The motto is Bomb-Bee!

Only unlockable by clearing the Missions associated with Practise Battle.

Light Bon / ライトボン

Bomb Up: 7 / 8(LV10) / 9(LV20) | Fire Up: 5 | Speed Up: 7
BP Up: +2.5% per Level | Skull: 1.5% per Level

戦闘機ツインビーのエースパイロット。 ボムのように熱くて元気なパワーで、ドッカ~ン!
Ace pilot of the TwinBee aircraft. As hot-blooded and powerful as a bomb! Fwoosh!

Only unlockable by clearing the Missions associated with Practise Battle.

Missions (ミッション) are personal challenges that award you Presents (プレゼント) upon completion. Presents can range from currency (Coins, Diamonds and Tickets) to Items, to even exclusive Characters. Most Missions feature multiple "Levels", increasing the milestone required to win the next prize.

[i've yet to see all the prizes and milestones for the missions!]

(# days consecutive logins)

Level 0: 3 days / 200 Coins
Level 1: 4 days / ?
Level 2: 5 days / ?
Level 3: 6 days / ?
Level 4: 7 days / ?
Level 5: 8 days / ?

(total # daily logins)

Level 0: 2 days / 5 Diamonds
Level 1: 3 days / 10 Diamonds
Level 2: [?]
Level 3: [?]
Level 4: [?]
Level 5: 30 days / 30 Diamonds

(lay # bombs)

Level 0: 1000 bombs / Barrier x 1
Level 1: 2000 bombs / Barrier x 2
Level 2: 3000 bombs / Barrier x 3
Level 3: 4000 bombs / Barrier x 4

(destroy # soft blocks)

Level 0: 1000 soft blocks / Kokoni Item! x 1
Level 1: 2000 soft blocks / Kokoni Item! x 2
Level 3: 4000 soft blocks / Kokoni Item! x 3

バトルでアイテムを #個入手
(collect # Battle Items)

Level 0: 50 items / Power-Up! x 1
Level 1: 100 items / Power-Up! x 2
Level 2: 200 items / Power-Up! x 3
Level 3: 300 items / Power-Up! x 4
Level 4: 400 items / Power-Up! x 5
Level 5: 500 items / Power-Up! x 6
Level 6: 600 items / Power-Up! x 7
Level 7: 700 items / Power-Up! x 8
Level 8: 800 items / Power-Up! x 9
Level 9: 900 items / Power-Up! x 10
Level 10: COMPLETE

(clear Single Battle stage #)

Level 0: Stage 4 / 50 Coins
Level 1: Stage 10 / 100 Coins
Level 2: Stage 20 / 150 Coins
Level 3: Stage 30 / 200 Coins
Level 4: Stage 40 / 250 Coins
Level 5: Stage 50 / 300 Coins
Level 6: Stage 100 / 350 Coins
Level 7: Stage 200 / 400 coins

(unlock # Characters)

Level 0: 2 Characters / 5 Diamonds
Level 1: 5 Characters / 10 Diamonds
Level 2: 10 Characters / 15 Diamonds

(win # matches of Online Battle)

Level 0: 10 matches / Battle Ticket x 1
Level 1: 20 matches / Battle Ticket x 2
Level 2: 50 matches / Battle Ticket x 3

(win # matches of Friend Battle)

Level 0: 10 matches / Friend Battle Ticket x 1

(top the Rankings # times)

Level 0: 10 times / Character x 1

(#-win streak in Online Battle)

Level 0: 2-win streak / Character x 1
Level 1: 3-win streak / 10 Diamonds
Level 2: 4-win streak / 15 Diamonds
Level 3: 5-win streak / [?]
Level 4: 6-win streak / [?]
Level 5: 7-win streak / [?]
Level 6: 8-win streak / [?]
Level 7: 9-win streak / [?]
Level 8: 10-win streak / 50 Diamonds

初段 に昇格する
(rise to 1st Rank)

Level 0: 11 ranks / Character x 1

(reach # Rank in Group Ranking)

Level 0: 10th rank / Battle Ticket x 1
Level 1: 9th rank / Battle Ticket x 2
Level 2: 8th rank / Battle Ticket x 3
Level 3: 7th rank / Battle Ticket x 4
Level 4: 6th rank / Battle Ticket x 5
Level 5: 5th rank / Battle Ticket x 6
Level 6: 4th rank / Battle Ticket x 7
Level 7: 3rd rank / Battle Ticket x 8
Level 8: 2nd rank / Battle Ticket x 9
Level 9: 1st rank / Battle Ticket x 710
Level 10: COMPLETE

総合ランキングで #位以上
(rise to # Rank in Mixed Ranking)

Level 0: 10th rank / 50 Coins
Level 1: 9th rank / 100 Coins
Level 2: 8th rank / 150 Coins
Level 3: 6th rank / 200 Coins

(get # score in Practise Battle)

Level 0: 8 enemies / Character x 1
Level 1: 12 enemies / Character x 1
Level 2: 16 enemies / Character x 1
Level 3: 20 enemies / Character x 1
Level 4: 24 enemies / Character x 1
Level 5: 28 enemies / Character x 1
Level 6: 32 enemies / Character x 1
Level 7: 36 enemies / Character x 1
Level 8: 40 enemies / Character x 1

(defeat # cumulative enemies in Practise Battle)

Level 0: 100 enemies / Character x 1
Level 1: 250 enemies / Character x 1
Level 2: 500 enemies / Character x 1

In the game's first few months it featured several time-limited events, awarding prizes to players who participated in its challenges

NicoNico Live Broadcast Debut Event / ニコニコ生放送公開記念イベント

Ran from March 3rd 2016 to March 7th. Introduced the Goebon character, and offered prizes for amassing BP during the event's run.

250BP: Battle Ticket x 1
500BP: Kokoni Item! x 3
1000BP: Hit Slot! x 3
2000BP: Handy Barrier! x 3
3000BP: Goebon
6000BP: Coin x 800
12000BP: Diamond x 10 2
4000BP: Goebon Level Up

Spring Coin Festival / 春のコインフェステバル

Ran from March 24th 2016 to March 30th. Introduced the Musketeer Bon character, and prizes were awarded for collecting Coins in Single Battle. The effects of all Special Skill effects were doubled as well.

100 Coins: Diamond x 1
150 Coins: Online Battle Ticket x 1
250 Coins: Musketeer Bon
500 Coins: Musketeer Bon Level Up
1500 Coins: Diamond x 3
2000 Coins: Musketeer Bon Level Up
4000 Coins: Musketeer Bon Level Up
5000 Coins: Diamond x 10

PUMA IGNITE DISC x Bomberman Collaboration Event

Ran from April 27th 2016 to May 9th. Introduced the Ninja Bon character, and apparently the only event with an exclusive stage and game rules. Amassing BP in the exclusive PUMA game mode would offer prizes, and players could also use an exclusive Puma logo Stamp during the event.

Similar to Bomberman Live Battlefest's Capture The Crown mode, a "PUMA IGNITE DISC" item sits in the centre of the arena, and whoever is carrying it will have their Speed Up stat maxed to 9 (ignoring the Character's item limits). Whoever touches the player with the PUMA IGNITE DISC will steal it, and the goal is to be the player holding the item once the 75-second timer reaches zero.
Players cannot permanently die in this mode, they will revive in the same position with a Barrier, but will drop the PUMA IGNITE DISC if they are carrying it. The PUMA IGNITE DISC cannot be destroyed, and will bounce away like a Skull if bombed.

(image source: magical2)

1000BP: Ninja Bon
2000BP: Ninja Bon Level Up
3000BP: Ninja Bon Level Up
4000BP: Diamond x 10
5000BP: Ninja Bon Level Up
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