Bomberman Story:
An Omen of Conflict!

Title (Japanese)

ボンバーマンストーリー 熱血コミック&攻略ガイドブック!

Title (translation)

Bomberman Story Hot-Blooded Comic & Capture Guide Book!

A pack-in booklet with Monthly CoroCoro Comic (月刊コロコロコミック) No. 277, dated May 2001. This is a small double-sided book ("W別冊ブック") featuring gameplay information and an exclusive manga; on one side is Bomberman Story, and on the other is Rockman.EXE (known in English regions as Mega Man Battle Network; the manga by Ryo Takamisaki was published in English as Mega Man NT Warrior). The Bomberman side is 34 pages long, the Rockman side is 33 pages long.

Title (Japanese)

ボンバーマンストーリー 新たなる激闘の予感!!

Title (translation)

Bomberman Story: An Omen of Conflict!!

A one-off promotional comic for Bomberman Story by Inuki Eiji (犬木栄治).

The sixteen-page story depicts the first encounter between Shirobon and Max: a dramatic, all-out battle with copious amounts of shouting attack names. It's notable for being one of the only Bomberman stories to treat itself entirely seriously, with a shonen art style quite unexpected from the franchise's otherwise cuddly appearance.

Another curiosity is the final page's glimpse of Bagura, Mujoe and Mechadoc plotting an evil scheme. Not only are none of these villains in the game, it seems a strange time for them to be reappearing. Bagura had not made a game appearance since 1998 in Bomberman Fantasy Race, and the latter two had only appeared in Saturn Bomberman at this point; all three would make a cross-media comeback in Bomberman Jetters the following year, though.

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