Famicom Manga: Bomber King

Title (Japanese)

ファミコンまんが ボンバーキング
Famicom Manga: Bomber King

Famicom Manga was a semi-regular feature in the Shogaku Gakushu Zasshi (小学館の学習雑誌) range of magazines for school-age children, running strips primarily in Shogaku Ninensei for second-graders, with occasional strips in Shogaku Ichinensei and Shogaku Sannensei.
The manga, packaged as a pocket-sized insert in the magazine, depicted basic dramatisations of the game with hints and tips as part of the action, some posed as as multi-choice questions, asking which exit to take or how to attack the enemy. See Scans & Bits for more info.

Two separate manga for Bomber King ran in the October 1987 issues of Shogaku Ichinensei and Shogaku Ninensei.

Illustrated by Michiaki Tanaka (田中道明). No other info!

[if anyone has scans of this, please contact me!]

Illustrated by Daisuke Inoue (井上 大助). Some nondescript child dons Night's armour and learns all about power-ups, secret passages, and the games' general eccentricities.

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