Bomberman Story

Snow Zone

Jetty introduces us to yet another faster breed of Drop. Outside of the speedboat back to Delta, there's nothing of note here.

In the corner of Arctic is Karabon ToughGuy... but you can't just blow up those enemies and rescue him. No, that would make too much sense.

The Hige Hige Bandits walk back in forth of front of the cannons, and your job is to blast them with cannonballs. Light a cannon's fuse by laying a bomb right up against it, and time it so the cannonball hits. As usual, there's no consequence for failing, so you can retry as many times as you need. Complete it and ToughGuy is yours.

Nothing of note to be found in SnowFld, unless you're looking to strength your Karabon - the plethora of soft blocks are bound to hold lots of Karabon Panels.

When you first arrive in Blizzard from SnowFld, you will be a gap between you and the other ground. Throw a bomb at the three Hige Hige Bandits on the other side, and an avalanche will fill in the gap, allowing you to cross.

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I.Valley is a large area, though approaching it from Epsilon or Blizzard will be just a small path; the icy size is accessed from PlzmBase. The cave on the icy side houses a Shop, and one of the many soft blocks will contain the IceFlwrs - collecting this will make Karabon Pteradon join forces with you.

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Epsilon is the largest town so far, containing seven buildings. There is a Shop and a Bomb Shop, and one house has a side quest that's vital to your progress.
The house on the far top-right belongs to Kin, who wants you to deliver flour to his sister, Ghin, in Upsilon. Bring back Ghin's bread and you will receive an egg. Take that egg to HtSpring.
The house to the right of the Bomb Shop has a girl who will refill your health.

Once you have P.Beast, use it at the broken bridge at the top of the screen to access F.Palace.
Outside of town, there are a lot of enemies and soft blocks. The platform at the far right can be stopped by bombing one of the switches nearby.

The titular hot spring of HtSpring can be accessed behind the outer wall of Epsilon. If you got the egg from Kin, drop it in the spring to hatch P.Beast.

SleetSt. leads you towards Upsilon. That's about it.

Entering Upsilon can be tricky at first; the blue snowmen regenerate approximately 4 seconds after they are bombed. You have to bomb a way through before they regenerate, without trapping yourself. Stick to the right and throw bombs ahead of yourself to keep wasted time to a minimum.
Once you're through, there's not much to see. There's an arcade with a base score of 50, a Karabon coliseum, and Ghin's house. Give her the flour, get the bread, and bring it back to Kin.
That outlined wall on the far right will lead to the Desert Zone after you talk to Queen Emeralda in F.Palace.

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For all its size, F.Palace has little to offer. The titular Fairy Palace is frozen over and cannot be accessed until Plasma Bomber is defeated.
Inside, the center-top room is Queen Emeralda's - she will give you Karabon Youno and open up the path to the Desert Zone in Upsilon.
The top-left room houses a knight who will give you the balloon.

PlzmBase is, naturally, where Plasma Bomber's base is. Walking down will take you to the icy side of I.Valley, and walking up from there will let you access the left side of this screen. That cave has a fairy inside that will refill your health.

The Plasma Base is spread across three floors; the first in the game to contain multiple floors.

PlzmBase (interior, floor 1)

[A2] The entrance. These yellow switches activate when stepped upon - leave a bomb on top to make the effect last longer. In this case, weigh the switch down to open the door.

[A1] Dispose of the three enemies. Be careful of the cracked floor tiles, they become holes when trod upon twice.

[B1] Push the blocks out of the way to move on.

[C1] A bridge to the next tower; a short movie scene. Not included in the detailed map.

[D1] That chest contains a Large Medicine.

[D0] Boo gives you Dorako.

[D2] Use Dorako to light up our lives and push that block to open the door.

[E2] Kill the three enemies to open the doors.

[F2] Lots of cracked tiles here.

[F1] Throw a bomb to the red switch to open the left door. Bomb the top wall to reveal a doorway.

[F0] Press the green switch to open the door and move the blocks to reach it.

[E0] The green switch disables the bottom row of spikes, and the red one disables the top. Get the Green Crystal in the chest.

[E1] That staircase leads to the second floor.

PlzmBase (interior, floor 2)

[F1] Move that block to open the door.

[E1] Take out those four enemies to open the door.

[D1] Just another running scene. Not included on the detailed map.

[C1] Throw a bomb onto the bottom switch to open the door to D1, whilst the top will open up C0. Blast that bottom wall.

[C2] Push aside those blocks and get the FireUp in the chest.

[C0] Throw a bomb on that switch and rush to the door.

[B0] That very top switch opens the door to C0, while the lower will open up A0.

[A0] Dispose of those three baddies to progress.

[A1] The top switch opens the bottom door, and vice versa.

[A2] Push those blocks and throw a bomb at the switch.

[B2] Simply move the blocks and reach the exit.

[B1] Use Sharkun to reveal the staircase to the third floor.

PlzmBase (interior, floor 3)

[A1] Move that block to open the door.

[B1] Kill the wraiths and archers to open the door.

[C1] Another tower intermission. Not included on the detailed map.

[D1] The blocks' positions correspond to what doors they open when moved.

[D0] Bomb the higher switch to return to D1, while the lower opens E0.

[E0] You'll get P.Dragon down that staircase. Blast open the bottom wall.

[E1] Disable the spikes and get the Gold Shoes in the chest.

[D2] Ignore the blocks, just throw three bombs from the top right to hit the switch.

[E2] Wipe out the enemies to open the door.

[F2] Use P.Dragon to open the door.

[F1] Plasma Bomber! Fry him good to head onwards.

[F0] Tradition continues with Max's hologram leaving you a Medal of Love and an additional heart to your metre.

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