Bomberman Story

Beach Zone

ToPlain introduces us to a faster breed of Drop. Aside from that, the only objective in this screen is to visit the building in the lower left corner.

Sharkun is imprisoned in a cell, and you must destroy a field of soft blocks so it looks like the soft blocks on the other side of the screen. The blocks you need to destroy have been highlighted red in the screenshot.

Gamma has very little to offer; if you want to visit a Karabon Coliseum, trek downwards to HarshMt.. Visit the man in the upper left house, and with Sharkun's help, the cave to Delta will be uncovered.

The only item of note in HarshMt. is the Karabon Coliseum. The cave only bears some useless information; there's no point risking your neck to hear it.

Delta is home to a Shop and a Bomb Shop. The house surrounded by the moat houses a girl who will refill your health every time you visit.
The water in this zone is unclean. After Pretty Bomber is defeated, the water will purify, and you can hitch a speed boat to the Snow Zone.

Plenty of Gwails can be found here; if you're short of cash, blast the frogs, leave, return and repeat until you're satisfied. Push the green block to unearth an underground room with a woman who will add an extra heart to your metre.

HighMt. has not one but two Karabon to collect, but both require a bit of exploration first. TwinDrag is on an inaccessible platform, but if you get blown into the sky by the whale in Beluga, you can get it.
In the left house is a sick Kai-man. Return once you have the disinfect and AquaBomb and it will join you. Even though only the disinfect is required to cure Kai-man, the event won't be triggered until you have both items, as far as I am aware.

In LiteCave, use Sharkun to find the entrance, then push the blocks out of your way, and you'll find what is mapped here. The chest contains the disinfect for Kai-man, and the hole with light coming through features two rooms of block destroying, which lead to another cave.

This cave is in pitch black darkness at first; you need Dorako to light it up. Th.Liger lurks in the top left, and will join you without hesitation.

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S.Forest is home to a lot of enemies - a good money making opportunity. If you push the green block, you will unearth an arcade with a base score of 40 - top that to get a Large Medicine.

Only the underwater part of Beluga is mapped. Above water, meet Sampei and get the RainDrop from him; if you return with the fishhook, you can win a Large Medicine from him.
In underwater Beluga, hit the switch to give you access to the whale, and then use it to be propelled over to HighMt. and receive TwinDrag.

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Only the underwater part of BigOcean is mapped. Above water, the only function of this area is to enter the sea using Kai-man.
It's a large map underwater, filled with annoying enemies and various water currents that will push you around. That top left hole contains a Shop, which is handy.

When you arrive outside PttyBase, take a left and collect the fishhook from the school of fish. Beyond them is , who you can recruit. Behind it is a cave with a fairy to replenish your life. To enter PttyBase, press the switch at the left to lower the wall.

PttyBase (interior)

[F8] The entrance. If you wish, you can just head straight to the next room.

[E8] The switches in here activate and deactivate the spike tiles. The left switch applies to the top spike, the right switch toggles the bottom spike, and the top and bottom switches flip the middle spike tile.

[D8] Destroy the five Basuta to open the door.

[D7] Nothing in here. Keep walking.

[D6] Three Subaki and two bomb switches; the left opens the door to D7, the right lets you enter D5.

[D5] More spike toggling, except they're bomb switches now. The bottom switch toggles the right spikes, top toggles left, and left and right toggle middle. Blast the left wall.

[C5] If you can tolerate trying to destroy blocks while on a conveyor belt, you'll reach the Red Crystal.

[D4] You have to destroy the Skeletons and Gorga before you can continue.

[E4] Middle switch toggles bottom spikes, bottom toggles top, top toggles right, and right toggles a big bunch of them at the right. Blow away the top to reach E3.

[F4] Get P.Nucklz off Bibidi.

[E3] Move the blocks out of the way and blast that wall open.

[F3] Kick a bomb to blast away that soft block, move the block below it, and get the Silver Armour in the chest.

[D3] Kick a bomb through the pipe to open the door.

[D2] Then kick bombs through the pipe to turn off the spikes.

[D1] Find your way to the switches, and press them to turn off the spikes.

[D0] Kick bombs through the pipe until all those Gorga are toast. Sadly, you can't collect the items they drop.

[C0] More conveyor belts. Time your bomb placements correctly to destroy the blocks.

[B0] Now, this is dastardly. These blocks extend spikes when Bomberman gets close, dealing a wallop of damage and blocking your way. Work a way around them to get a BombUp.

[C4] Move the blocks and a kick a bomb down that pipe to open the door; of course, you'll need P.Nucklz before you can do that.

[B4] If you've got the RCBomb, then you can disable the spikes easily. Or you can just run through them and lose a ton of health.

[A4] Bibidi may suggest using TwinDrag to hit the switch, but just use the RCBomb if you've got it.

[A5] Dispose of those Subaki and Basuta to open the doors, and blast open that right wall.

[B5] The right involves more spikes and more spike blocks. Turn the spikes off and get the Large Medicine in the chest.

[A6] At the bottom, turn off the switches (while being careful of that one spike block), and go down the stairs to get P.Sea.

[G4] Use P.Sea to open the door.

[G3] Pretty Bomber! Turn her octopus ass into a platter and the door ahead will open.

[G2] Max left another hologram, as well as the Medal of Justice and another heart to your metre. Rock on.

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