Bomberman Story


Bomberman Story presents itself like an overhead-view adventure game. Your ultimate goal is to find the Base and defeat the boss, which will allow you to progress to the next Zone. Finding the Base requires you to follow typical RPG tradition - exploring, talking to people, solving puzzles, collecting items and Karabons, and other such activities. There are 4 Zones and a final dungeon.

A unique feature are the inclusion of Karabons. These colourful creatures all have a unique ability that can be used on the overworld to aid in Bomberman's progress. In addition, Karabons can be battled in the Karabon Coliseum or at certain points during the game's plot.
Further details on Karabons and the battle system can be found here.

There are various places and people that are encountered multiple times throughout the quest - Shops will sell you items. Bomb Shops will grant you a new bomb should you have a bomb crafting item on hand.
Arcades house a mini-game where your goal is to destroy as many Balloms under a time limit; beating the high score will win you a Large Medicine. And lastly, there are fairies that will refill your health, and random people who will extend your maximum life metre by one heart.

Battle Game

Details on the Battle Mode can be found here.


BUTTON ACTION (gameplay) ACTION (menu)
Control Pad Move Bomberman. Move cursor, toggle item menu.
A Button Lay a bomb; pick up bomb, double-tap to Line Bomb. Accept.
B Button Use Karabom ability. Cancel.
L Button Display map. Return to game.
R Button Display inventory. Return to game.
START Button Pause game. n/a
SELECT Button Display save menu. n/a

For zone data, maps and enemy/item locations, see the following pages:
Field Zone Beach Zone Snow Zone Desert Zone Sky Castle

The Items page (for item data, location and information) can be found here!

The Karabon page (for battle stats, location and ability information) can be found here!

The Enemies page (for enemy data and battle tactics) can be found here!

The Battle Game can be played alone or with up to 4 players. Only one game cartridge is required.
The goal is to defeat all other players; the player with the most victories (can be set from 1 to 5) is declared the winner (and can optionally play a Fishing mini-game if the option is set to "Yes" - see below).
Items are found in soft blocks. If a player is defeated, all items they held will be scattered across the arena. Throwing a bomb on a player's head will knock one random item out of them.

The Timer can be set to 1, 2, 3 or 5 minutes long, or be disabled entirely. Sudden Death when 1 minute is left on the clock (40 seconds if the Timer is only 1 minute) - hard blocks will rain down from the upper-left in a clockwise formation and won't stop until the entire arena is filled. Players will be fatally crushed if a hard block lands on them.

Shuffle will randomise the starting positions of each player at the start of each round.
Skull changes the properties of the Skull items: If set to "Stay", they will only bounce away if bombed; if set to "Burn", they can be destroyed like any other item. See the Skull item below for further ramifications.


Revenge is a setting where defeated players will remain in the game until Sudden Death begins. Defeated players can float on the left or right side of the screen and throw one bomb on-screen at a time (with a three-tile blast radius). Bombs are thrown five tiles in, but if an opponent is within that range the bomb will land at where they are currently positioned. Players can swap sides of the screen by pressing left or right.
If the option is set to "Super", when a sidelined player defeats an 'active' Bomberman, they will be revived and re-enter the match.


If this option is set on, whoever wins the match will take part in a Fishing mini-game - cast your lure and try to pick up an attractive item panel! The red gauge determines how far the cast is thrown (and in turn, give you a better range of control). Press Right to slow the lure down and move it closer to the boat, and press Down to make it speed up and sink straight downwards. Watch out for the Clogs!

Names in brackets are new names from the English manual.

Bomb Up

Allows 1 extra bomb to be laid on-screen at a time.

Fire Up

Extends blast radius by 1 tile.

Speed Up

Movement speed is incrementally increased.

Clog (Slow Down)

Movement speed is decreased. Only found in Fishing game.

Bomb Kick (Kick Bomb)

Move into a bomb to kick it; press the B Button to stop it.


Press the B Button to punch a bomb out of the way - bomb will move 3 tiles forward.

Power Glove

Press the A Button twice to pick up a bomb,

Full Fire (Hellfire)

Extends blast radius to maximum range.

Line Bomb

Double-tap the A Button to drop all bombs forward in a row.


The Bomberman who picks this up is cursed with a random ailment. How to remove the curse depends on whether the "Skull" option is set to "Burn" or "Stay".
If "Stay": the Skull panel is ejected once another item is picked up.
If "Burn": the curse will expire after approximately 15 seconds.


No gimmick.

Hi Power

No soft blocks. All players begin with 3 bombs, a 9-tile blast radius, and Bomb Kick, Punch and Line Bomb panels.


A conveyor belt circles the inside of the arena, and will move any bomb or Bomberman that sits upon it.
The speed of the conveyor can be toggled by stepping on the pink "S" button, and the direction can be reversed with the purple button.


Placing a bomb in the centre of an igloo will extend the blast radius. Certain parts of the map will crack if walked on; walking on them a second time will create an impassable hole.


There are landmines on designated spots. Stepping on one will cause it to detonate after three seconds, creating a five-tile blast in only two directions (compared to a bomb's 4-direction blast). Exploded landmines will respawn after five seconds.

Pipe Bomb

Players, bombs and explosions can travel through pipes, hidden from view.


Arrows on the ground will redirect kicked bombs. The two centre arrows change direction every two seconds; the left one turns clockwise, the right one counterclockwise.

Moon Warp

There are five warp holes on the floor. The outer warps will warp the player in a clockwise motion, while the centre warp takes you out of a random warp hole.

Pass through soft blocks in Battle Game (bug)

In the Normal Game, have Elekong selected as your Karabon, and die by any means. Choose "quit" and begin a Battle Game match - Bomberman can still walk through soft blocks!
This does not work with any other Karabons. I don't yet know if this works when playing a link-up game.

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