Bomberman Story


A list of all the enemies encountered in the Normal Game, with a brief description of their behaviour and, if necessary, a recommended method of defeating them. Names are taken from Shogakukan's Official Guide Book; names in brackets are unofficial (they go unnamed in all official reference, as far as I can tell), and names exclusive to the English manual are prefaced with "Activision name".

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Ballom / バロム

A balloon creature. It floats around aimlessly and slowly, and can be defeated with just about anything.

Drop / ドロップ

A blob of slime. They are common overworld enemies, but have no means of attack other than colliding with you. They come in different colours and speeds; slowest to fastest is blue, red, yellow, green.

Trent / トレント

Activision name: Dryad
These malicious trees start off looking like the Field Zone's regular trees, but can be identified by their lack of shadows. Get too close and they begin roaming around aimlessly. Dangerous!

Mad Flower / マッドフラワー

A pink fanged flower. They always travel in groups of three, and act as a spinning circle. That only makes it easier to bomb all three with one blast.

Combatant #11 / 戦闘員11号

The iconic grunts of the Hige Hige Bandits. They roam around dungeons, and occasionally stop to salute, making them ripe pickings for a bomb. Landmines work good, too.

Pakupaku / パクパク

A snake. They tend to follow you, but upon seeing a bomb will zoom over to swallow it, slowing them down temporarily. They just turn away when they encounter landmines, though.
"Pakuri" (ぱくり) is onomatopoeia for biting or opening your mouth.

(bullet statue)

More of an environmental hazard than an enemy. These statues are motionless, invincible, and fire bullets at you every few seconds. They can be blocked with Ceedrun's shield.

Zombie / ゾンビ

Zombies aren't visible at first, but will rise from the ground once you step near their spawning position. They roam around slowly and aimlessly, but will turn away from bombs. Require 2 hits to defeat.

Nezuraa / ネズラー

A large bipedal creature with hedgehog-esque spines. They hop around aimlessly, but once Bomberman is in their sights, they'll curl up into a ball and roll at him. A good opportunity to lay a few landmines, if your timing is right. Require 2 hits to defeat.
"Nezu" (ねず) is Japanese for both "mouse" and "grey", the colour.

Orkman / オークマン

A pig-like beast in armour, carrying a trident. It will wander aimlessly, sometimes in circles, but once you share their X/Y axis, they'll start jabbing that trident at you. Tricky in tight spaces, and difficult to attack when you lack means of moving your bomb.

Gwail / グェール

A frog with fangs and a horn. It will hop two spaces at a time, stopping after every few jumps. Try and take them out before they group up and cause hassle.


These octopi pop up from the water and shoot bullets at you before submerging again. They can't be killed, so just avoid or shield yourself from their attacks.

Kani Bubbler / カニバブラー

The crabs are essentially Gwail remixes; they'll only hop vertically. Horizontally, they'll just scuttle along slowly. Again, try and dispose of them before they group up.
Kani means "crab". Hurf.

Fishman / フィッシュマン

A fish hominid. These bizarre creatures walk around aimlessly, but when you're in their sights, they'll throw a spear at you. They shouldn't be much hassle.

Basuta / バースター

A blob of slime with a fireball inside. Despite having flames inside of them, they have identically to regular Drops. Their idle animation of shooting a flame into the air isn't an attack.
I'm not sure what its name is meant to be. A corruption of "burst", perhaps?

Subaki / スバーキー

A tentacled creature - a squid? A jellyfish? It will float after Bomberman, and will coat themselves in electricity occasionally, boosting its speed and rendering it invincible while it lasts. Use landmines against them.

Skeleton / スケルトン

A human skeleton in knight's armour. They slowly pursue Bomberman, and after a few seconds will disappear, reappearing in a different location a few seconds later. Aside from the whole not-being-visible-for-how-many-seconds, they're easy to dispose of. Require 2 hits to defeat.

Gorga / ゴーガ

These crustaceans will chase after you at the speed of a snail, but have the ability to dive under the ground for a few seconds, preventing you for bombing them during that period. Landmines work decently.

Snowman / スノーマン

A yeti. They wander around slowly, and if you share the same X/Y axis, they'll throw a snowball at you.

Pigumin / ピグミン

These small hooded characters wield hooks, that they will extend at you if you share the same line as them. They can also somersault out of range of bomb blasts, but they take a while before they can do another, leaving them open to another bomb blast.

Todora / トドラ

A walrus. They will go about their merry way until they see Bomberman or a bomb, and will proceed to slide up to it; if Bomberman, they'll ram into him for collision damage. If a bomb, it will lift the bomb and throw it elsewhere. If you're given enough space, use landmines.

Ice Tower / アイスタワー

A tower of ice with a frightening fanged face. They roam underground and will pop up occasionally; if Bomberman is in their sights, they'll spit freeze breath at him, hurting you and freezing any bombs in the way.
Bombing it (the RCBombs are good, since they don't spit if you aren't in their sights) will split it into four smaller pieces, which roam around aimlessly. Try and trap them before they cause hassle.

Shadow / シャドー

They look downright creepy, but these wraiths have no tactics at all. They wander aimlessly. That's it. Requires 2 hits to defeat.

Bogan / ボーガン

An armoured archer. They will slowly chase after you, firing an arrow if they see you. Requires 2 hits to defeat.

Peran / ペラン

A strange card-shaped ccrreature. Perans will roam slowly around, and will pick up any bomb they see, sliding around with it on their back before throwing it elsewhere. Dispose of them from a distance. Requires 2 hits to defeat.

Gargoyle / ガーゴイル

A demon carrying a spear. They fly along and periodically jab their spears down at the ground, which is your opportunity to bomb them.

Bado / バドー

A purple bipedal bat. They shuffle around a bit before flying into the air, shooting a bullet at you before landing a few seconds later. Bomb them when they're ground-bound.

Rock'n / ロックン

These evil rocks look like regular rocks, but once you get close they open their evil eyes, and barrel after you. Try and trap them with bombs before they can start running, or maybe a landmine.

Doguma / ドグマ

Sand bugs pop up in random locations and shoot bullets at you before disappearing. Use Firekong's remote detonation to dispose of them.


Fireballs leap out randomly from lava and fire bullets at you. You can't defeat them, so just avoid them or shield yourself.

Fara / ファラー

Activision name: Faroh
An evil pharaoh. They walk around, and periodically spray a line of fire from their mouth while walking. Stand diagonal to them to avoid damage.

(fire spitter)

Fire spurters come in various shapes and looks, but always fire at the same time and at the same length. Indestructible.

Mummy / マミー

Mummies walk aimlessly and slowly. Require 2 hits to defeat.

Cloud / クラウド

These creepy cloud things hop around two blocks at a time, and will split into two when exploded. Take them out and they're gone for good, and you may get two items and not just one!

Sande / サンディ

These hands slither around the place, but upon having a bomb placed near them will either stamp it, protecting themselves, or throw it away. They'll walk straight into landmines, and two of them will put them out.

Saspider / サスパイダー

This spider will shoot a string of web out of it's ass at you once it sees you, which will spread out at it's maximum length. Otherwise, it just scuttles along after you (as such, landmines aren't too recommended). Requires 2 hits to defeat.

Combatant / 戦闘員

A grunt of the Hige Hige Bandits... with a gun! It behaves identically to the regular one (see Field Zone), except it will shoot an incredibly slow-moving bullet upon seeing Bomberman.

Nuu / ヌウ

Generators will spawn these squirming yellow things that shuffle around and occasionally hop onto spaces (not over, onto. Hopping doesn't seem to be any different than their normal walking). Both are destroyed in one hit, so you can either be quick before they bother you, or just wait for them to keep spawning so you can get lots of items from them.

Crystal Demon / クリスタルデーモン

A floating green cape with eyes, appendages and a red crystal ball. They fly around, can teleport, and throw little boomerang scythes at you. Despite that, they're slow and can be defeated with just one bomb.

Search Robo / サーチロボ

Robots will not harrass you intentionally, but if they see a bomb, they'll scuttle over, pick it up and throw it away.

Golem / ゴーレム

These blocky monsters look like regular hard blocks at first, but get close to them and they form limbs, a head, and the ability to roam slowly around. They can also stick their arms out which can destroy soft blocks, but other than collision, they're harmless. They may retreat back to their indestructible block forms if there's a bomb nearby, so surprise them. Require 2 hits to defeat.

Gashin / ガッシーン

A boulder with a mouth. They will leap upon bombs and gobble them up, making bombing them difficult - either detonate your bombs early using Firekong or simply swarm them with more bombs than they can swallow.

Crawler / クローラ

A snake composed of spheres. They can leap and roll all over the place, and like to team up on you, so try and wipe them out as quickly as you can. Requires 2 hits to defeat.

Mechadom / メカドン

A sentient bomb with eyes. They can hop two spaces at a time, and do so quickly, as well as detonate themselves and survive. You need to take them by surprise to defeat them.

MagnetDragon / マグネットドラゴン

The fusion of Magnet Bomber and P.Fangs, creating a robotic dragon. He slithers around the arena, spraying fire at you when he sees you, using up one of his orbs, but will gain more if he eats one of your bombs; when he's out of orbs, he'll be defenceless for a while until he spawns some more.
You have to bomb his head when he isn't spraying fire, which will disconnect it from his body (and turn the orbs into bombs), and you need to bomb the roaming head. Landmines work like a charm if placed wisely. Requires 3 hits to the disconnected head to defeat.

PrettyBalloon / プリティバルーン

The fusion of Pretty Bomber and P.Sea, creating a grotesque octopus monster. She begins as a huge octopus, which slowly slithers around the arena, shooting bullets at you. Bombing it will turn her into a bubble with a bomb inside, which will continue to move slowly; after a short while, it becomes an H shape, shooting a slime in the directions the bits were taken off.
In this shape it is vulnerable to bombs, but it will revert back to an octopus if you wait too long. Bombing it will split it into many slimes, which then bundle together to reform again. RCBombs work very well. Requires 4 hits to her bubble form to defeat.

PlasmaRock / プラズマロック

The fusion of Plasma Bomber and P.Dragon, creating a rotund winged monster. It flies around the arena, shooting five feathers at you periodically, and then lands for roughly three seconds before taking off again.
Your bombs take too long to detonate in that time, and he likes to change landing locations, so the trick is to lay a bomb, wait a moment and pick it up, then throw it at him when he lands. After being hit, he will fly off, drop four bomb eggs, and flap his wings, causing a gust of wind to blow everything downwards. Requires 4 hits to defeat.

GolemGhost / ゴーレムゴースト

The fusion of Golem Bomber and SeaWing, creating a ghostly bomber. He is always there on the ground and you can walk through him with no damage, and he only has three attacks, but all are rather dangerous. He can summon zombie Bombermen from the ground to fumble around after you, which then sit on the sidelines after being killed and throw bombs in; when GolemGhost is hit, he will shoot lightning into the zombies and make them explode at maximum blast radius.
After summoning them, he will continuously shoot small fireballs at you, which can easily be avoided if you're on your toes. I recommend using Firekong's remote detonation against him. Requires 11 hits to defeat.

Max / マックス

Max is fairly simple. He essentially acts like a computer controlled Bomberman in the multi-player mode, except more cautious. He's fairly slow to react to things, and thus the RCBombs, Firekong, or a combination of the two can easily sort him out; even just trapping him in a corner will work. Requires 5 hits to defeat.

Brain Bomber / ブレインボンバー

Brain Bomber will fly into the air and send lightning bolts into the ground which scatter in four directions, and he'll make one to three passes before landing. After walking for a while, he'll stop, become invincible, and throw some rubber bombs around the place with maximum flame length, and repeat.
Max will assist you, but don't expect anything helpful from him. Lay landmines around where Brain Bomber lands, and have Firekong set if he doesn't step in all of them. Requires 13 hits to defeat.

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