Explosive Multiplayer Blastfests!
Get ready for the ultimate in 4-player action, courtesy of the Game Boy® Advance Game Link® cable! Battle it out against up to 4 human or computer rivals on any of 8 dynamic levels...all with only ONE Game Pak!

Eight Amazing Levels!
Explore eight interactive battlefield mazes, each with its own unique features. Choose from levels with warp holes, conveyor belts, igloos, tunnel pipes, naturally occurring landmines, and one-way signs to direct moving bombs! Or, you can even do battle on an empty maze with everyone at FULL POWER!

Action and Adventure!
Looking for a good adventure? Then set out to rescue Bomberman Max in the Quest Mode. Travel through 4 huge environments, each filled with characters to interact with, puzzles to solve, items to collect, clues to help you progress and special power ups that will supercharge your arsenal. Take on enemies and mega bosses with up to 10 different battlefield weapons and special power ups, while collecting and raising the 25 Karabons you can acquire on your journey.

Click here to download an action-packed Bomberman Tournament game play movie!


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