Bomberman Quest


Bomberman Quest is an adventure game; rather than self-contained grid-based maps, the game is set in an overworld where you must explore and fight monsters to acquire items that grant Bomberman new abilities. Bomberman has a health bar (or HP), allowing him to survive multiple attacks; begins the game with 3HP, but his maximum health gauge is increased by 1 for every boss defeated.

Items are an important part of the game: some items are essential to defeating certain enemies or exploring new areas, while some merely offer unique ways of playing (or mix up the metagame in Battle Game). Pressing the START Button will open a menu where Bomberman can access his inventory, where you can assign Weapons to the A or B Button, or wear Equipment that offer passive effects; see Items for details.

Rather than scrolling maps, Bomberman Quest has static screens that you scroll between. This means only one monster is fought at a time, often with a unique arena. Defeating a monster will award Bomberman with an item; defeating it a second time will award a Heart item. Leaving the arena before the monster is defeated will refill its health; monsters stay defeated until you return to Peace Town. The ultimate goal of the game is to capture all monsters; you can track how many you've defeated by pausing the game and viewing the Monster List.

There are four Zones, the goal of each is to find the Commander's lair and defeat them, opening up the next Zone. Once all Zones are complete the game is over, though you must capture all monsters to unlock the final challenge and true ending.


Details on the Battle Mode can be found here


BUTTON ACTION (gameplay) ACTION (menu)
Control Pad Move Bomberman. Move cursor.
A Button Use assigned item. Talk/read signs. Accept.
B Button Use assigned item. Cancel.
START Button Pause / open menu. n/a
SELECT Button Pause / open map. Display # of monsters defeated.

The Items page (for item data, location and information) can be found here!

The Monsters page (for enemy data, dialogue and battle strategies) can be found here!

For zone data, maps and enemy/item locations, see the following pages:
Field Zone Forest Zone Beach Zone Desert Zone
Peace Town Final Battle

The Battle Game can be played by connecting two Game Boys using the Game Link Cable. 2 players can participate, using the items and equipment from the save file on their Bomberman Quest cartridge.

Games (or matches) can be set from 1 to 5. The Time ranges from 1 to 5 minutes, or can be disabled. If the Item Change option is enabled, players can change their leadout between matches; otherwise they use the same equipment until a victor is decided.

Normal Stage

Field Stage

Forest Stage

Beach Stage

Desert Stage

Obstacle Stage

Bomb Fighter
5 wins →

← 3 losses

Bomb Soldier
10 wins →

← 1 loss

Bomb Experor
↑ 3 wins

↓ 5 losses

Your Bomberman will transform depending on how many times you win or lose. This is purely cosmetic and has no bearing on gameplay.

↑ 5 wins

↓ 3 losses

Chibi Bomb
(Bomb Junior)
← 3 wins

5 losses →

Centipede Bomb
← 1 win

10 losses →

Slime Bomb
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