Pocket Bomberman

Cloud World

After Bomberman starts climbing through the fog clouds, he catches his first glimpse of the top of Evil Mountain. His target seems to be close, but the last leg of his journey is full of nasty villains and dangerous traps!


Springchicken / スプリングチキン: A literal chicken with a spring. Springs along, one tile at a time, and is ultimately very harmless. You can even run under it when it springs.

Parabomb / パラボン: A bomb with eyes and a parachute. Behaves identically to Puruparoon.


Floating platforms run in twos, but they're pretty useless, since you can usually just jump to where they lead to without their assistance.

Boosters rocket you into the air when you jump into them.

Cloud springs bounce Bomberman into the air when jumped upon.

Stretch clouds serve as extending platforms by stretching and squashing around their horizontal axis.

These fellows fly along slowly on a horizontal axis, and if you're beneath them, they let loose some lightning. They look like enemies and they're arguably more dangerous than the regular enemies, but they don't count on the enemy counter. Odd.

Area 1

The Wings let exploring this area simple, but be wary of running those Parabombs and Storm Rider at the left, there.
ITEMS: Bomb Up, Fire Up x 2, Speed Up, Clogs, Timer x 2, Wings
ENEMIES: Springchicken x 3, Parabomb x 3

Area 2

Since you're given a Remote Controller and the monsters are in spacious areas, I have nothing to say.
ITEMS: Bomb Up x 2, Fire Up x 2, Speed Up x 2, Remote Controller, Penetration Bomb, Full Fire
ENEMIES: Springchicken x 3, Parabomb x 2

Area 3

The tightly packed Parabombs may cause trouble, and the fact you can't plant bombs on the grid the Floating Platforms cycle on can be annoying. At least it gives you a hearty selection of items.
ITEMS: Bomb Up, Fire Up, Speed Up x 2, Remote Controller, Heart, Wings
ENEMIES: Springchicken x 3, Parabomb x 3

Area 4

There are a number of tight spots here, so be careful. The Wings will come in handy.
ITEMS: Bomb Up x 2, Fire Up, Heart x 2, Wings
ENEMIES: Springchicken x 3, Parabomb x 3

Area 5

Close to the top, Bomberman is attacked by a giant spider that crawls down from Evil Mountain. Without warning, it spits out little spiders at the surprised hero. Only with quick jumps can Bomberman make his way through the living projectiles.

Deathspider / デスパイダー is another boss with erratic movements, and attacks by using Kani Bubbler's bubble attack (but with webs), Pterastone's skulls (this time with smaller spiders), and the typical diagonal bullets. Deathspider does not return to the centre after being hit, but does scuttle to the top quickly. He seems to be fairly easier than the last couple of bosses, with the most panic being those little spiders. Requires 7 hits to defeat.
ITEMS: Bomb Up, Fire Up, Speed Up
page last modified: 29/10/2011