Pocket Bomberman

Ocean World

After crawling through the thick undergrowth, Bomberman finds himself in front of a deep, blue ocean, which surrounds the Evil Mountain. The only way to the top leads through the depth of the ocean. Beware of the killer fish.


Gain / ガイン: A little clam that takes short leaps across the platform it's on, going two tiles at a time. Unless he falls off somehow, he'll just keep repeating his movements. An easy target.

Puyan / プーヤン: A fish that swims around the place. Since Bomberman can't swim, this enemy can be tricky to attack. Is also rather nasty when fought in tight corners.


Floating platforms run in twos, but they're pretty useless, since you can usually just jump to where they lead to without their assistance.

Icicles, if you stand underneath them for too long, will fall and can damage you. Don't stand under them, dingus.

Water jets shoot pillars of water up or down, allowing you to jump up them to higher places. Enemies aren't effected by it - they'll either bounce off it or just get trapped for its duration.

Area 1

Those jet things shoot pillars of water, allowing you to jump up them.
ITEMS: Bomb Up, Fire Up, Speed Up, Remote Controller, Full Fire, Penetration Bomb
ENEMIES: Gain x 3, Puyan x 2

Area 2

This one can be awkward to navigate, and the Puyan swimming around everywhere doesn't help matters; try and take advantage of the Timers. Also, watch out for that right Gain, as it can go off it's platform and down below, which can be nasty if you're unprepared.
ITEMS: Bomb Up, Fire Up, Speed Up, Remote Controller, Full Fire, Timer x 3
ENEMIES: Gain x 2, Puyan x 2

Area 3

Another one that can be hard to navigate, but thankfully, there's some Wings there for you to use. The two Hearts can be handy if you accidentally lose one to a Puyan.
ITEMS: Bomb Up, Fire Up, Speed Up, Remote Controller, Heart x 2, Wings
ENEMIES: Gain x 2, Puyan x 3

Area 4

This one isn't quite so difficult, but they've given you two more Hearts and another pair of Wings. Those Puyan in tight corners can be nasty.
ITEMS: Bomb Up, Fire Up, Speed Up, Armored Jacket, Heart x 2, Wings
ENEMIES: Gain x 2, Puyan x 3

Area 5

The giant crab awaits Bomberman in the depths of the ocean. Watch out for his quick sidestep!

Kani Bubbler / カニバブラー moves erratically, changing his speed and whether he's walking along the top, middle or bottom. He can attack by shooting the usual diagonal bullets, by shooting bubbles that arc into the air and into the ground, or deploying two stars from the top of the room that go around the walls and ground.
Due to his unpredictable movements, he can be tricky without the Remote Controller, with some careful evasion and placing of bombs, you can trap him in the top centre of the room. Requires 7 hits to defeat.
ITEMS: Bomb Up, Fire Up, Speed Up
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