Pocket Bomberman


Pocket Bomberman is a 2D platform game. The game is viewed from a horizontal perspective, and Bomberman can now jump across platforms and obstacles. Much of the game's levels focus on travelling upwards, and using anything you can to progress upwards is vital - including floating platforms, jets of water or even using your own floating bombs as temporary stepping stones.

The goal is to destroy all enemies on the map (measured by the number next to the "T" on the HUD) to open the exit door, which will take you to the next area. Items can be found inside soft blocks, though traps (such as spikes) may be hidden inside instead.

Bomberman jumps 4 tiles high by default, but holding Down and pressing the B Button will perform a 2-tile short hop.

You are given 4 minutes to complete each stage. Should the timer expire, you will lose a life and have to restart. All items except Bomb Ups, Fire Ups and Speed Ups are lost upon losing a life. If you get a Game Over, all items are lost.

There are five worlds with five areas in each; four regular levels and a boss fight at the end of each world. Defeating the boss will reward Bomberman with a Power Stone, and allow you to progress to the next world.

Jump Game

Details on the Jump Game can be found here.


BUTTON ACTION (Normal Game) ACTION (Jump Game) ACTION (menu)
Direction Pad Move Bomberman. Move Bomberman. Move cursor.
A Button Lay a bomb. Lay a bomb. Accept.
B Button Jump. Detonate a remote-controlled bomb. Cancel.
START Button Pause game. Pause game. Accept.
SELECT Button Detonate a remote-controlled bomb. n/a n/a

Bomb Ups, Fire Ups and Speed Ups are permanent, and will last until you get a Game Over. All other items are lost once you lose a life.

Bomb Up / ボムアップ

Increases the number of bombs that can be set by 1. Maximum of 4.

Fire Up / ファイアーアップ

Increases bomb blast radius by 1 tile. Maximum of 4.

Speed Up / スピードアップ

Increases Bomberman's walking speed slightly. Maximum of 4.

Remocon / リモコン (Remote Controller)

Bombs no longer detonate on their own, and can now be detonated at any time you want.

Invincible Suit / 無敵スーツ (Armored Jacket)

Renders Bomberman invincible to all damage for around 17 seconds.

Geta / ゲタ (Clogs)

Slows Bomberman down (removes one Speed Up item, basically).

Penetration Bomb / 貫通爆弾

Bomb blasts will now penetrate through soft blocks. Be careful of where you stand!

Full Fire / フルファイアー

Increases bomb blast radius to maximum.

Heart / ハート

Allows Bomberman to survive one attack without losing a life.

Timer / タイム

Freezes the timer and all enemies in place for roughly 8 seconds.

Wings / ウィング

Bomberman can now jump in mid-air infinitely - just tap the B Button! This reduces his jump height to 3 tiles and he cannot perform the short hop with it. Its effects only last until the stage is completed.

For level data, enemy data, maps and boss hints, see the following pages:

Forest World

Ocean World

Wind World

Cloud World

Evil World

The Jump Game is an odd little bonus game in addition to the main Normal Game. Bomberman is always jumping and nothing will stop him (outside of wedging him between two blocks); he'll immediately bounce off any horizontal surface he lands on. Bomberman's jumping physics are a bit more 'floaty' than they are in the Normal Game.

The goal is to reach the stop of the stage with the highest score. Each stage is split into four sectors, and at the end of each sector is a boss - they will float from side to side and can only harm Bomberman by colliding with him. Each requires 2 hits to defeat.

Your score is graded by the following criteria:

Mind you, there's no battery function to save your high scores, so you'll need to write it down if you want to impress your friends. And, preferrably, have friends who would be impressed by your Jump Game high scores.


Maps of the Jump Game stages. There's not much helpful commentary I can add - just be wary of jumping too far into the unknown, and get the Remote Control bombs as quick as you can.

Area passwords

Forest World Ocean World Cloud World Wind World Evil World
7693Area 1-1 2805Area 2-1 0238Area 3-1 9156Area 4-1 3725Area 5-1
3905Area 1-2 9271Area 2-2 5943Area 3-2 2715Area 4-2 0157Area 5-2
2438Area 1-3 1354Area 2-3 6045Area 3-3 4707Area 4-3 5826Area 5-3
8261Area 1-4 4915Area 2-4 2850Area 3-4 7046Area 4-4 9587Area 5-4
1893Area 1-5 8649Area 2-5 8146Area 3-5 0687Area 4-5 3752Area 5-5



Warps you straight to the ending sequence.

Powered up

PASSWORD: 5656 (World 1)
PASSWORD: 4622 (World 2)
PASSWORD: 3790 (World 3)
PASSWORD: 5294 (World 4)
PASSWORD: 8906 (World 5)

Begins the game at the selected world with maximum Bomb Ups, maximum Fire Ups, maximum Speed Ups, remote-controlled bombs and Penetration Bombs.

Boss rush


Pits the player against the five bosses in a row. Defeating one will warp you straight to the next fight, and defeating the final boss will play the ending sequence.

All of the items from the "powered up" codes are also included.

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