Bomber Boy


In-game artwork

Manual artwork

Click to enlarge. The first two images are from Bomber Boy, while the rest is from the Atomic Punk manual.

This music was recorded using ugetab's GBS rip. The Bomberman (Mode B) tracks aren't included, as they're exact replicas of the NES soundtrack.
There are two tracks I can't identify, although I'm almost sure I heard them during gameplay. Little help?

Title screen
size: 578kb / time: 0:37
Panel Shop
size: 405kb / time: 0:27
Stage Select
size: 418kb / time: 0:30


size: 322kb / time: 0:23

Round Clear!

size: 332kb / time: 0:23

Thank You! Kid!

size: 184kb / time: 0:14

Time is short

size: 395kb / time: 0:21


size: 32kb / time: 0:02

Lost A Kid!

size: 298kb / time: 0:16


size: 645kb / time: 0:45


size: 794kb / time: 0:50


size: 1.6mb / time: 1:00


size: 624kb / time: 0:45


size: 649kb / time: 0:47


size: 811kb / time: 0:55


size: 1.9mb / time: 1:04


size: 644kb / time: 0:45

Staff Roll

size: 1mb / time: 1:39

Vs. Mode Ready

size: 69kb / time: 0:03

Vs. Mode Match

size: 439kb / time: 0:34

Vs. Mode Draw!!

size: 83kb / time: 0:05

Vs. Mode Win

size: 281kb / time: 0:24

Vs. Mode Lose

size: 38kb / time: 0:03

[unknown track 1]

size: 603kb / time: 0:42

[unknown track 2]

size: 444kb / time: 0:18

The box art for Atomic Punk was illustrated by Greg Martin, who also produced the American box art for Bomberman II and Super Bomberman. [src]

Japanese - European - American
All versions of the game use different title screen graphics. The English versions rename the modes to "GAME A" and "GAME B". The European version changes "licensed by Nintendo" to "licensed to Nintendo". Don't ask me why.

Japanese - European - American
The English versions even replaced the Bomber Man (GAME B) title in favour of just a caption. Fiends!

Japanese - English
As was common for the era, vowels were removed from the English password screens so the youth could no longer amuse themselves by entering obscenities. Amusingly, the Japanese version is missing "I" and "V", but the latter letter is added back in for the Western releases at the expense of "Y".
Despite the change, the passwords remain the same and are interchangable between versions if you follow the same motions (TK88QDQC in Bomber Boy will be XM88TFTD in the English releases).

Japanese - English
The same holds true for Bomber Man / Game B, though the vowels were replaced with numbers rather than symbols.

Japanese - European - American
Naturally, this snippet of text was changed to match whatever funny title the game was renamed in that region.

Unused location?

Curiously, there are two text strings in the game for Bomber Boy's locations. The first set (found at 00000F79 in hex) is identical to what's in-game. The second (found 00003642) changes "MY TOWN" to "TYUUSUU". Tyuusuu (ちゅうすう) can mean a bunch of things from "centre" to "backbone" to "pillar." Some kind of integral structural entity either way.
I can only theorise that this string was supposed to have been used for the Japanese version of the game and the other string (used in-game) for international releases, but who knows. The "TYUUSUU" string remains untouched in the other regional ROMs.

Unused item?

At 00003033 is the text string for the item panels in the shop. At the end of the list is one called "HATISUKE". An unused item, or a developer doing some namedropping? You decide!

Screenshots can be found on this page!
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