Bomber Boy


Bomber Boy (GAME A)

The "hub" of Bomber Boy is a map screen where there are 9 locations.
There are 8 stages with a varying number of rounds within. Seven of the stages can be entered in any order, but the eighth stage, Faria, cannot be entered until the rest are completed. Once you enter a stage, you cannot exit until it is fully completed. A stage cannot be re-entered after it is completed. There are 60 rounds in total.

Your goal in each stage is to destroy all the enemies and locate the exit door, which is hidden beneath a random soft block. Each stage has a unique environmental gimmick; see the Stages page for details on individual rounds. You have 200 seconds to complete each round (though every in-game second takes 2 seconds to count down); running out of time will make you lose a life.
Before each round you can select which item panels to take with you. Most items will only last until the next round, while some are permanent (see Items for details). All items (permanent or otherwise) in use are lost if Bomberman dies or the entire stage is completed. You can carry up to 30 item panels.

In addition to the stages, there is a Panel Shop (accessed by selecting "My Town"). You can buy new item panels or sell items in your possession. Over half of the shop's stock is inaccessible at first; completing a stage will unlock its respective item for purchasing.

You start the game with 100 Gold, and you can accumlate more Gold by completing stages: After every round you are awarded 1 Gold for every soft block destroyed and for every second remaining on the clock. You can also sell your item panels at the Panel Shop - items will sell for half their buying price.

Bomber Man (GAME B)

A handheld port of the original NES game. All the features are retained including the enemy behaviour, obscure tricks, obscenely long passwords, and so on.

Vs. Mode

Details on the Battle Mode can be found here.


BUTTON ACTION (gameplay) ACTION (menu)
Control Pad Move Bomberman. Move cursor.
A Button Lay a bomb. Accept.
B Button Detonate a remote-controlled bomb. Cancel.
START Button Pause game. Display item panels.
SELECT Button n/a Move cursor.

Items be bought in the Panel Shop or found during rounds. Items will only take effect if you select them before a round (except for items that can only be found during rounds, of course).
Selling your items will only get you half of the buying price (e.g. selling a Bomb Up will get you 25 Gold).
Whatever permanent items are used during a world are lost after it is completed.
Item names are sourced from the Japanese manual and the Bomber Boy: Game Boy Complete Capture Book.

Elixer [sic] / エリクサー

These serve as extra lives; if Bomberman has no more Elixers, it's Game Over. If equipped, it will respawn Bomberman immediately after he dies with a brief period of invincibility.
Active for one stage.
Price: 100 Gold

Bomb Up / ボムアップ

Increases the number of bombs you can lay by one.
After completing Wather, each Bomb Up will grant you two bombs () instead of just one.
Active until death.
Price: 50 Gold

Fire Up / ファイアーアップ

Increases the blast radius of your bomb explosions by one tile.
Active until death.
Price: 50 Gold

Speed Up / スピードアップ

Increases Bomberman's walking speed slightly.
Active until death.
Price: 20 Gold

Remote Control / リモコン

Grants you remote-controlled bombs. Bombs will only detonate upon pressing the B Button.
Active for one stage.
Price: 30 Gold

Wall Pass / ウォールパス

Allows Bomberman to walk through soft blocks.
Active for one stage.
Price: 50 Gold

Bomb Pass / ボムパス

Allows Bomberman to walk through bombs.
Active for one stage.
Price: 40 Gold

Timer / タイマー

Grants you twice as much time to complete a stage (one second will take twice as long to count down).
Active for one stage.
Price: 50 Gold

Fire Pass / ファイアーパス

Allows Bomberman to survive his own bomb blasts.
Active for one stage.
Price: 100 Gold

Invincibility / 無敵パネル

Makes Bomberman invincible for 16 seconds.
Can only be found during stages.
Price: n/a

Exit Panel / 脱出パネル

Allows you to complete the current stage regardless of how many enemies have been defeated.
Can only be found during stages.
Price: n/a


Points item. 5000 points.
Can only be found during stages.
Price: n/a

Game Boy

Points item. 5000 points.
Can only be found during stages.
Price: n/a

Enemy names are sourced from the Bomber Boy: Game Boy Complete Capture Book.


Fuzzy / ファジー

Atomic Punk name: Flipi
A flat rotating square. It won't change direction until it hits a solid object, such as a wall or a bomb.
Points: 50

Bunai / ブナイ

Atomic Punk name: Rocky
An animate block that blends in with the soft blocks on Hevol. They will stop and move erratically periodically.
Points: 100

Kyaa / キャー

Atomic Punk name: Klay
A simplistic hominid creature. They can dig through soft blocks.
Points: 80

Visor / バイザー

A flying saucer (or UFO). They can travel through soft blocks.
Points: 250

Ginii / ギニー

Atomic Punk name: Spid
A creature with a rock-like shell. They will pursue Bomberman, but move to a safe distance if he drops a bomb.
Points: 80

Koroggu / コロッグ

A boulder with legs. Moves aimlessly and pauses at junctions.
Points: ??

Tragi / トラジー

Atomic Punk name: Spoli
A twirling, rotating tetrapod. It won't change direction until it hits a solid object, such as a wall or a bomb.
Points: 30

Ponkotto / ポンコット

Atomic Punk name: Robbi
A generic robot. They move slowly and pursue Bomberman, but move to a safe distance if he drops a bomb.
Points: 50

Black Bomberman / ブラックボンバーマン

Atomic Punk name: Bad Bomber
A black Bomberman (you don't say!). They will either move in the same direction you are or the opposite; otherwise they pursue Bomberman.
Points: 100

Checker / チェッカー

A black armoured hominid, possibly a robot. They actively pursue Bomberman, but retreat to a safe distance if a bomb is dropped.
Points: 100

Perumo / ペルモ

Atomic Punk name: Tuxey
A penguin. They move fast and won't change direction until they hit a solid object. Any bomb they touch will turn into a soft block.
Points: 100

Mora / モーラ

A fireball with legs and the jolliest friggin' face in world. They actively pursue Bomberman and can move through soft blocks.
Points: 100

The Stages page (for enemy and item data for each round) can be found here!

Connecting two Game Boys together via link cable with a Bomber Boy cartridge in each will grant access to the Vs. Mode. There are two options: Panel Mode and Powerful Mode.

Players start at opposite ends of the map, and the goal is to destroy the other player. Whoever reaches the specified number of victories is the winner (you can set the number of victories needed, from 1 to 5). Players move faster than in the Bomber Boy mode.

Both modes play fundamentally the same. Players start with one bomb and the weakest blast radius in Panel Mode, and can find Bomb Ups and Fire Ups hidden in soft blocks.
In Powerful Mode, players are equipped with maximum Bomb Ups and Fire Ups, and there are no items to be found in soft blocks.

Ending (Bomber Boy)

JP: QQ88Q8Q7 US/EU: TT88T8T7

Sound Test

On the Bomber Boy stage select screen, quickly hold Right, Select and the B Button, and press the A Button. It's tricky to pull off, but from my experience there's a better chance of it working by highlighting Hevol first.
If successful, you can listen to music from both games, plus the battle-exclusive tracks.

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