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Bomberman GB

 face-to-masked-face with a terrifying mummy Light the fuse on fun with Bomberman GB! This hand-held pak combines a single-player game that's strong on puzzle elements with a fast-and-furious four-player fragfest.

Bomberman GB's one-player Story game has two ways to play. The object in Mode A is to destroy all the enemies in a level and reach the exit door before time expires. Mode B is tougher, requiring you to destroy the enemies in a certain order before the clock clicks down. In both modes, you'll have to blast your way through seven areas -- nearly 50 levels in all!

The four bomberpersons
You can duke it out in one of six different arenas, each of which offers special power-ups. When a round begins, come out of your corner fightin'!
As many as four players can hook up and play a Bomberman GB multiplayer match using the Super Game Boy and a four-player adapter on a Super NES. If you don't have four players, select the Options menu and let the CPU control as many as three bomb-bearing rivals.

Bomberman GB comes packed with numerous power-ups. At the start of a game, Bomberman can only drop one bomb at a time. The Bomb Count gives him a more explosive personality, allowing him to lay down as many as four bombs at once. The Bomb Power boosts your bomb's destructive range to as many as four squares.

The four bomberpersons
You'll soon learn that there's more to Bomberman GB than scattering ordinance about the landscape. In Area 4, you'll need to destroy the magic gems that make the monsters invincible!
Unique power-ups can be found in Bomberman GB's different areas. In Area 2: Hideout Swamp, the Whip lets you push payloads into your enemies. Escaping the fast monsters in Area 3: Switch Ruins is a bit easier if you can find a Dash power-up. The Tackle power-up can stun some -- but not all -- of the troublemakers dwelling in the desert of Area 4: Monster's Tongue.

The incendiary action ranges from the ghoulish castle of Area 1: Monster Trial, through swamps, ancient ruins, caves and other eerie enclaves before reaching the sweltering forests of Area 7: Jungle Warp.

Sometimes you want a white-knuckle puzzler, and other times you just want to lay Da Bomb on your pals. Whenever you're in the mood for a cup of freshly brewed TNT, you'll want to check out Bomberman GB!

  Bomberman GB
   1-4 simultaneous


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