Bomberman GB 2


The goal is to defeat all enemies to open the exit door. Uniquely, you can choose from one of two modes in each area, Mode A and Mode B, that offer unique stages with different gimmicks or objectives.
You are given a variable amount of time to complete each stage, and you will lose a life if time runs out. You are free to continue from a Game Over on the

After every fifth stae you will encounter a boss, a large foe with more dangerous attacks and stronger defence. Defeating it will progress you to the next Area and (usually) award you with a Special Item.

Each area introduces some manner of environmental gimmick; see the Areas page for details. There are eight areas with five stages in all but one, making for 35 stages (50 if you count all boss battles).

Lesson Mode

Lesson Mode gives you a sampling of each world's objective, allowing you to try the first stage of either mode in each Area. You do not have access to Special Items and begin with no power-ups.

Battle Mode

Details on the Battle Mode can be found here.


BUTTON ACTION (gameplay) ACTION (menu)
Control Pad Move the player. Move cursor.
A Button Lay a bomb. Double-tap to use the Line Bomb. Accept.
B Button Stop a kicked bomb. Hold to Dash. Use Remote Control. Cancel.
START Button Pause game. Accept.
SELECT Button n/a Move cursor.

All power-ups are removed if you get a Game Over or once you progress to the next world.
Names are sourced from the Japanese manual. Names in brackets are from the English manual.

Bomb Panel / 爆弾パネル (Extra Bomb)

Allows you to lay an extra bomb. Maximum of 4.

Flame Panel / 炎パネル (Extra Fire Power)

Extends bomb blasts. Maximum of 4.


Awards you an extra life.

Skull Panel / ドクロパネル (Skull)

Battle only. Blights whoever collects it with a curse for 6 seconds. Curses can be transferred to foes on contact.

Whip / ムチ

Obtained after Area 1. Walk into a bomb to kick it; it will only stop upon hitting a wall, another player, or if you press the B Button. A kicked bomb will 'erase' any item it rolls over. Represented by the "K" icon () in Battle Mode.

Dash / ダッシュ

Obtained after Area 2. Hold the B Button to dash.

Linebomb / ラインボム

Obtained after Area 3. Double-tap the A Button to lay all bombs forward in a row. Will only work if you have more than one bomb, naturally.

Tackle / タックル

Obtained after Area 4. Colliding with a monster while using the Dash will stun it, rendering it harmless and immobile for 4 seconds. In Battle Mode, tackling an opponent will stun and push them in one direction for 2 seconds, even bouncing them off of walls.

Moto-Bomber / モトボンバー

Obtained after Area 5. Move into a hard block to jump over it. It serves as an extra hit; the Moto will only return when you lose a life or enter a new world.

Full Power / フルパワー

Obtained after Area 7. The player begins with maximum Bomb Up and Fire Up stock.

The Areas page (for maps and level data) can be found here!

When connected to a Super Game Boy, Battle Mode is available as the bottom option on the main menu. (on a regular Game Boy, you must enter the password 5656 to access it - there is no link-up play)

1 to 4 players can participate, either human or computer-controlled (though you'll need a Multi-Tap to get more than two human players!). Whoever's left standing is the winner, and whoever wins the most is the victor!
You can set the timer to 2, 3 or 5 minutes, or disable it entirely. The number of wins required for victory can be set from 1 to 5. If time runs out, it's an automatic draw.

There are six arenas, each with their own environmental gimmick and loadout of Special Items.

Stage 1

Special Items: n/a
A barebones battle arena.

Stage 2

Special Items: Kick
Arrow tiles will redirect kicked bombs; clockwise in the inner ring, counter-clockwise in the outer ring.

Stage 3

Special Items: Kick, Dash
Warp shrines will transport players between them when entered; the same shrine will always lead to the same exit. The positions of the shrines vary depending on which players are participating.

Stage 4

Special Items: Kick, Dash, Tackle
Skull items are rarely found in soft blocks; instead bombing a crack will spew gas from it that inflicts the slowed-movement curse if touched. The gas disappears after 4 seconds.

Stage 5

Special Items: Kick, Dash, Tackle, Line Bomb,
The arena is cast into darkness after 8 seconds and can only be lit up by bombing the oil can in the centre.

Stage 6

Special Items: Kick, Dash, Tackle, Line Bomb, Full Power
The only items found in soft blocks are Skulls.

Level passwords

Passwords will only take you to the beginning of each world.

Area 1 8566
Area 2 9634
Area 3 1637
Area 4 0320
Area 5 6524
Area 6 3260
Area 7 4783
Area 8 5472

Full power

Entering 4622 on the password screen will begin the Normal Game with all Special Items.

Sound Test

Entering 2145 on the password screen will grant access to a sound test.

Battle Mode

Entering 5656 on the password screen will grant access to Battle Mode, without the need for a Super Game Boy.

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