Bomberman GB


Bomberman GB is a permanent battle mode: your sole objective is to destroy the other Bombermen on the map. Each battle is fought best 2 out of 3. You are given 99 seconds for each round (though it takes 2 seconds for 1 in-game second to count down); running out of time counts as a loss, and a draw does not count towards the score.
Should you lose, you will get a Game Over - you can continue from the beginning of the match without penalty. Victory will move you to the next round, where another enemy Bomberman is added to the arena.

After the third round, you will fight a boss. They cannot lay bombs, but will kill you upon collision and have their own unique abilities and traits. Four Bomb Panels and four Flame Panels are strewn around the arena at the start of each fight; bosses can pick these up, though have no use for them. After a boss is defeated, you will gain a Special Item that grants you a new permanent ability, and progress to the next world.

Each world will introduce some manner of environmental gimmick, be it shortened fuses or slippery floors. See the Rounds page for details on individual worlds. There are eight worlds with four stages each, making for a total of 32 levels.

Battle Mode

Details on the Battle Mode can be found here.


BUTTON ACTION (gameplay) ACTION (menu)
Control Pad Move the player. Move cursor.
A Button Lay a bomb. Double-tap to use the Line Bomb (see Techniques). Accept.
B Button Stop a kicked bomb. Hold to Dash (see Techniques). Cancel.
START Button Pause game. Accept.
SELECT Button n/a Move cursor.

enemy behaviour

The enemy AI is especially poor in this game, and ripe with odd quirks to be abused. For instance, they often forget how many Flame Panels each player has, and will happily stay inside the blast radius.

Bosses can pick up items. Probably a "no duh" suggestion, but you should try your best to grab them before the boss does. What use has a sentient tea cup monster got for a bomb-up?

item usage

Enemies will gain access to the Bomb Kick ability once you acquire it. They never intentionally kick bombs as an offensive tactic, though they will kick bombs out of the way if trapped between them.

The Dash ability should be utilised whenever possible. Enemies always move at the default speed, so why should you? Laying a chain of bombs is a lot safer when you can get out of their blast radius quicker.

The Trouncer / Tackle ability can mess foes up so hard it isn't funny. Nothing says "game breaker" like being able to push dudes into explosions, or simply keep them stunned until a bomb goes off. Push them into their own bombs! Herd opponents into narrow paths and then bomb them! If it's safe to use, you've no reason not to exploit it.

The Liner ability is not the most useful in the game, let's be honest. It can trap a boss's projectiles if you lay them while it's nearby, though that accomplishes little.

Hunting down opponents before the soft blocks are cleared is a lot easier with the Motobomber. Just be cautious of leaping over blocks when bombs are going off; Bomberman is still very vulnerable to them in mid-jump.

Items can be found inside of soft blocks. Any items obtained are effective only on that stage - should you die or advance to the next level, all items are lost (or scattered across the arena, if other combatants are still alive).
Names are sourced from the Japanese manual. Names in brackets are from Wario Blast.

Flame Panel / 炎パネル (Explosion Expander);

Increases bomb blast range by 1 tile. Maximum of 4.

Bomb Panel / 爆弾パネル (Extra Bomb)

Increases bomb stock by 1. Maximum of 4.

Skull Panel / ドクロパネル (Skull)

Inflicts a random curse upon whoever collects it. The curse can be spread to other players by touching them. Curses will expire after 5 in-game seconds. The ailments include:

At the end of each round is a boss, which will reward you with a permanent ability power-up upon defeat. You will not receive any more abilities after the fifth round. Names are taken from Bomberman GB, while names in brackets are from Wario Blast.

Bomb Kick / ボムキック (Kicks)

Obtained after Round 1. Walk into a bomb to kick it; it will only stop upon hitting a wall, another player, or if you press the B Button. A kicked bomb will 'erase' any item it rolls over. Enemies have access to this power.

Dash / ダッシュ (Dashin)

Obtained after Zone 2. Hold the B Button to dash; this will double your movement speed.

Tackle / タックル (The Trouncer)

Obtained after Zone 3. Use the Dash ability and move into an enemy to thrust them in the direction you're facing - they won't stop until they hit a solid object. The enemy will then be stunned for 1in-game second.

Line Bomb / ラインボム (Liner)

Obtained after Zone 4. Double-tap the A Button to lay all your bombs forward in a row. Will only work if you have more than one bomb, naturally.

Motobomber / モトボンバー (Moto)

Obtained after Zone 5. Move into a hard block to jump over it; does not work with soft blocks. Exclusive to Normal Game.

The Rounds page (for strategies and maps for each world) can be found here!

When connected to a Super Game Boy, a Battle Mode becomes accessible after selecting Start (on a regular Game Boy, selecting Start will take you straight into the Normal Mode).

2 to 4 players can participate (if your Super Nintendo has a Multitap to support players 3 and 4, of course!), and you can toggle whether or not Techniques are used (this includes all of the Special Items except the Motobomber). Combat is simple - eliminate all the other players. The first player to get three victories is the winner.

There are eight available arenas based off the eight rounds from the Normal Mode. Each round's respective gimmick is also carried over - see the Rounds page for more detailed information about each gimmick.

1) No gimmick.

2) Warp pads teleport counterclockwise.

3) Arrows will redirect kicked bombs.

4) Bombs explode faster. Warp pads teleport clockwise.

5) Vents will spew stunning gas when bombed.

6) Floor is slippery. Some soft blocks reform.

7) Bombs explode faster. Arrows redirect kicked bombs.

8) All players have 4 bombs/fire ups. No items in soft blocks.

Bomberman GB's passwords will work in Wario Blast, and will warp you to that level as Bomberman. Wario Blast's passwords will make Wario the player character. Bomberman's passwords are the reverse of Wario's, and vice versa.

Level passwords

level Bomberman GB Wario Blast
Round 1-1 4696 6964
Round 1-2 7006 6007
Round 1-3 8774 4778
Round 1 Boss 5141 1415
Round 2-1 9185 5819
Round 2-2 4610 0164
Round 2-3 2630 0362
Round 2 Boss 3569 9653
Round 3-1 8401 1048
Round 3-2 8264 4628
Round 3-3 0173 3710
Round 3 Boss 2828 8282
Round 4-1 4152 2514
Round 4-2 3451 1543
Round 4-3 4312 2134
Round 4 Boss 0874 4780
Round 5-1 1909 9091
Round 5-2 5010 0105
Round 5-3 2904 4092
Round 5 Boss 1726 6271
Round 6-1 3614 4163
Round 6-2 0610 0160
Round 6-3 9867 7689
Round 6 Boss 9618 8169
Round 7-1 1884 4881
Round 7-2 7702 2077
Round 7-3 6925 5296
Round 7 Boss 7110 0117
Round 8-1 5814 4185
Round 8-2 8136 6318
Round 8-3 0390 0930
Round 8 Boss 3158 8513

Round 1-1 with all Techniques/all Items

Bomberman GB Wario Blast
4622 2264

This code will start you at the beginning of the game with all Techniques/Special Items, as well as 4 Bomb Panels and 4 Flame Panels. These items will always stay active; they aren't removed after a death or a Game Over.

Great Battle (The Battle)

Bomberman GB Wario Blast
5656 6565

This code warps you to a unique mode where your goal is to continuously eliminate enemies until you die.
The player is armed with all Special Items and maximum Bomb and Flame Panels. Enemies are fought one at a time; when the enemy is defeated, a new one will spawn in the bottom left corner.

After the player is defeated, how many opponents were defeated is shown, captioned with a four-letter code. The significance of this code is unknown.

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