The objective is to destroy all enemies; once all enemies are defeated, you will automatically progress to the next round. In every sixth round is a boss battle against a foe that boasts more advanced tactics, and requires more hits to defeat. After the boss is defeated, you will progress to the next world.
There are six worlds with six rounds in each. All levels consist of a single screen - there is no horizontal or vertical scrolling.

Should the player die, they will immediately respawn at their starting point and the level keeps going. The only item lost upon dying is the Remote Control - all Bomb Ups, Speed Ups and Fire Ups are kept intact. Upon completing a round, however, all items are lost.
You are given 2 minutes to clear each stage (mind you, I have screenshots showing levels starting at 3 minutes - anyone have idea what determines that?). When that time expires, all players lose a life and the round is restarted. Losing a life by any other means or a new player joining the game will reset the timer.

The game can be played with up to four players (depending on the region, see regional changes); the core gameplay remains the same. Just don't blow each other up... unless you mean it!

Vs. Game

Vs. Game is a four-man battle royale, where the objective is to be the last Bomberman standing. It can be played with 1 or 2 players, the remaining slots filled by computer-controlled players. Although in theory a free-for-all, the computers will quite consistently team up on the human player(s).

The Vs. Game is endless, and the difficulty of the computer players will rise with each match. A special victory screen is achieved after three victories. The player has three lives, and if those are lost, it's either continue or Game Over.


BUTTON ACTION (gameplay) ACTION (menu)
Control stick Move the player. Move the cursor.
Button 1 Lay a bomb. Select option.
Button 2 Detonate bomb (Remote Control only) n/a
START Button Join game. Select option.

Japanese names are sourced from the arcade flyer.

Bomb Up / 爆弾数UP

Increases bomb stock by 1.

Fire Up / 火カUP

Increases bomb blast radius by 1 tile.

Speed Up / スピードUP

Slightly increases walking speed.

Remote Control / リモコン

Bombs can now be detonated at any time by pressing the secondary button.


Grants the player an extra life.

Invincibility / 無敵

Renders the player invincible for 16 seconds.

Points items

Match /  マッチ
5000 points

Juice can / 缶ジュース 
10000 points

Lighter / ライター
30000 points

Battery / 乾電池
40000 points

Dragonfly / トンボ
50000 points

Bee / ハチ
77000 points

Skull / どくろ

Vs. Game only. Curses the collector with a random curse. Curses can be spread to other players by touching them, though it will wear off within 15 seconds.

The Stages page (for level and enemy info) can be found on this page!
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